171. Finish a 15 pages (4000words) professional mechanic engineering design. Engineering majored only.

Finish a 4000words professional mechanic engineering design. Engineering majored only.Please read all requirements very carefully. The paper must fit follow the requirements completely.After your bid is accepted. You need to pick up a topic from the listing topic immediately because I need to report it to the professor.All the work has to be very professional. Do not place bids if you cannot promise the quality.The most important, all the work has to be 100 per cent original. This will be sent to “turn it in’. Zero tolerance for any kind of plagiarism. Similarities cannot go beyond 10 per cent.Please read all above information very carefully. Thank you!!


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171. Finish a 15 pages (4000words) professional mechanic engineering design. Engineering majored only.
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Option 1 MECHATECHA Projects
For this project, you will claim a topic from the list of D school Projects. Choose a
product/project from the list for your group. You will then put yourself in the role as a
Designer for the MECATECHA Company. A fictional supplier of goods. You have been asked
by a “client” to provide them with something that will solve their problem. You will write a
narrative that includes criteria specified in the selection criteria to come up with a final product
that fits the parameters for your project.
The Narrative should include some background about the product, anything special about
the conditions specified for that product. Demonstrate through your narrative that you
understand the market, the consumer, and the location. Look at issues like shipping, taxes,
customs and the size/consumer for potentially selling more of that product, if this became
your new business to do for others.
You should then compare at least 5 Products on the Market or patents to make your
selection of a best “product to beat”. Determine if your choice meets all of the demands of
your “Client”. IF it does not, how could your product be modified/changed to fit your clients’
Your paper of roughly 15 pages will need to have the following elements1) Table of Contents, with citations, using APA or MLA formatting
2) A Problem Statement
3) Background information demonstrating sufficient understanding of the problem and
4) Product Design Specifications
5) A description of each product you are comparing, with Pros and Cons about how well it
fits your PDS
6) A comparative analysis chart of the selected potential solutions aligned with the PDS
7) A Pugh Matrix of Possible choices
8) A final selection including any reasonable costs associated with this item
9) A rationale why this product was selected
You are expected to be creative in developing a real world scenario that expands your project
description into a tangible product/business that could now supply the requested product to
the market. The project should feel it is a fundamentally sound solution to satisfy the basic
requirements of the specific product selection. The rubric will determine your overall grade
for this project.
D’School Mechanical Engineering Project for Mec 105
1) Select a topic
This project is based on the Mechanical Design process materials found in the folder. You can
select an item from the Mechatecha projects listed, or come up with a complex problem of
your own. If you use your own idea, it will need to be approved before it is acceptable to use.
You are asked to produce a paper of about 15 pages that includes research on synthesizing and
solving a problem using some of the methodology described. You will be graded on your
research of the scenario to demonstrate your understanding of the background that goes into
making decisions based on your problem statement, the demonstration of the steps of the
design process, and substantiating a reasonable solution for the problem.
This document will guide you through the 7 areas on which your work will be evaluated. A
Rubric will be provided for scoring ranges. The example project is about providing housing in
the Turkana Basin project that Stony Brook is involved with. This is just an outline here of
elements that should be included in a paper. You will have expanded each section to produce a
cohesive narrative that tells a story about the steps you took to create your paper. An
Exemplar will be listed for your to review as well.
Write your paper as a narrative following A.P.A style with footnotes and citations. Links are
provided in this sample document, but anything similar you would do should be footnoted and
annotated in your work. Also charts and lists here are not comprehensive. You should use at
least 5 categories for each comparison area
2) Develop a Problem Statement
Problem Statement: The Problem is to provide housing for 3 families in the Turkana Basin. A
budget for this housing is $400 US as a cost per month.
For your work, you can be creative in how you want to interpret how your problem statement
fits together.
3) Begin Research for Basic Information
Gather information on the Turkana Basin, Their People,
and Culture
As part of my research I found that you can build a prefab house in Kenya for about 1.5 Million
Kenyan Shillings http://www.constructionkenya.com/2733/cheap-building-technology-kenya/
Not knowing what the exchange rate was, I converted this to find it was $14,462 US Dollars to
build that house
I then looked at what it would cost to get a Mortgage for that amount and for a 30 year loan
and the current rate of 4.5% the Monthly payments would be about $72. Per month.
For the three units I was going to be supporting in this scenario, my cost would be about $216
per month. So my research developed a reasonable scenario where this could be accomplished
4) Do Deeper Research
My deeper research should be able to quantify in a chart determine different methods and
criteria for selecting a method to accomplish the task. For my scenario, the deeper research
developed this chart:
Housing Cost
Total Units
needed for 3
Prefabricated Cottage
$10,000 Each
Each U.S.
Us Currency
$30,000 Each
Us Currency
$1000 each
Us Currency
4 -Two
Kitchen and
3- Two
Common table
3- Two
Partitioned areas
shared bathroom per
unit 1 Building with
Meals are
5 miles from
the TB
Transportation? Yes
Cooked on
On site
large Dining table for
both Dormitories
On Site
1 Mile Walk
Bottled/ Desalinated
Well Water
Meals centrally
prepared and
brought to site
Meals centrally
prepared and
brought to site
Indoor bathroom
Meals centrally
prepared and
brought to site
Outdoor Latrine
5) Develop a PDS
All Costs will be covered by a charge per person for housing, with yearly “rental” exceeding
monthly costs
From the research these Product Design Specifications (P.D.S.) were developed
1) Housing:
1.1 That Housing will be provided for at least 4 individuals per unit
1.2 That the overall monthly expense will not exceed $400 U.S. per month to build and
2) Location
2.1 That the housing we within commuting range of the Turkana Institute
3) Amenities
3.1 That each unit have consistent potable water available
3.2 Food is available twice per day
3.3 That each unit have an indoor bathroom
3.31 That the bathroom has a flush toilet
6) Complete a Pugh Chart to Select your Choice
PDS Criteria

1. Housing
1.1 Individuals
per Unit
2. Location
2.1 Proximity
3. Amenities
3.1 Water
3.2 Food
3.3 Sanitary
7) Summarize why you Selected your Choice
Some of this Document can be fabricated, but try and find
real numbers to match what you have selected to write
Grading Criteria for Roll the Die and Design your Own Options
Good 7-10 points
Average 4-6 points
Poor 0-3 points
Specifically states the
problem being solved.
Who it is for, How it
Designed to be used, and
clearly identifies many of
the needs and constraints
of the project
The research is a
thorough assessment of
the product, market, and
end user. It is clear from
the documentation that
the writer has a good
understanding of the full
scope of the acquisition
of the desired project.
The research develops a
number of creative yet
feasible methods of
solving the problem
Generally states the
problem being solved.
Who it is for, How it
Designed and identifies
basic needs and
constraints of the
The research
demonstrates some
understanding of the
product, market, and
end user. It is clear from
the documentation that
the writer has a sense
of what is needed for
the project
The research has
developed possible
solutions to the
problem that are not
Parameters are not
clearly measurable, or
thorough in
determining what goes
into solving the problem
Does not convey
understanding of the
problem trying to be
solved. Major deficits in
explaining the needs
and constraints of the
The research in unclear
about the specific the
product, market, or end
user. The writer has the
writer has only a vague
idea of how to acquire
the desired project.
The competitive
products selected fit as
viable potential
solutions. There is
evidence of synthesis
of some possible
The products selected
minimally convey
possible product
solutions. Comparisons
are not always directly
related to the market or
the product selections
Parameters have been
established that are
measurable and cover
most major aspects of
desired specifications to
solve the problem
The competitive products
selected thoroughly and
clearly fit the scope of
viable potential solutions
to the problem. There is
specific synthesis of the
pros and cons of each
possible solution
The research has a
single or obscure
solution that may or
may not solve the
intended problem
Parameters are vague
and have fundamental
critical aspects missing
in order to guide the
selection process.
There is a chart
Comparison developed that is
consistent with the PDS of
all measurable values
There is a chart
developed that is has
some criteria from the
There is a lack of
alignment with PDS,
with the items selected
closer to product specs.
A Pugh chart is well
developed that
illustrates why a
product was rated the
way it was. Analysis is
minimal or weak
A Pugh chart is
inconsistent, without
credible analysis of the
product solutions
The final selection has
documentation on the
selected. There is
limited analysis to
justify any deviations
from the initial problem
The final selection has
limited analysis of why
a product was selected
There is a specific
product selected, but
the analysis of all the
factors that needed to
be present is limited
There are some
technical errors in
writing but overall
followed the required
The solution was
missing major
components that
change the final
outcome significantly
Format and sequence
hinder clear
understanding of the
technical writing
A Pugh chart is well
developed that along with
the accompanying
narrative, clearly explain
the rationale for why a
product was rated the
way it was.
The final selection is well
documented on why it
was the
selected. Analysis of any
modifications or
deviations from the
intended product is clear
and precise
The product selected was
clearly the best option,
and the solution has
specific costs that are
complete and realistic
The document is in
required formatting and
has been proofread to
ensure that the technical
writing is consistent with
established parameters
Anwar 1
Mechatecha Project
Option 5: “A mobile van for offering
vaccines in New York City”
Mec105 Summer 2017
Professor Thomas Rosati
By: Muhammad Anwar
August 18th, 2017
Anwar 2
Table of Contents
Pages 3-4………………………………………………………………………Problem Statement
Pages 4-9……………………………………………………………………Background Research
Page 9………………………………………………………..Product Design Specifications (PDS)
Pages 10-12…………….………………………….Product Comparisons, including Pros and Cons
Page 13………………………………………….…………..……….Comparative Analysis Chart
Page 14…………………………………………………………..…………….Pugh Matrix Chart
Pages 15-16………………………………………………………….Rationale for rating products
Page 17……………………………………………………………………………Final Selection
Pages 17-18……………………….…………………………………………….Specified Costs
Pages 19-20………………………….……………………………………………Works Cited
Anwar 3
Problem Statement
The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, contacted our company, the Mechatecha
company, with a project: build a van that goes around New York City, offering vaccines to
everyone who is in need of a vaccine, but has not gotten one. Bill de Blasio said that that the city
of New York is going to be able to cover the price of all of the vaccines, the van, the gas, the
employment, and all the other materials required in the van. Of course, he will work with us to
make sure we spend the cities money as efficiently as possible. This whole project should be
non-profit, benefitting people in New York City who need to be vaccinated. People will enter the
van and be vaccinated inside of it, by someone who is licensed to vaccinate. After one person
will be vaccinated, the next person will be permitted to enter the van. This tackles the important
issue of many people not receiving vaccines for themselves and for their kids, and ending up
sick, which is often a preventable outcome. If a mobile van offers vaccines to people in New
York City, these people will likely be protected from the disease they are being vaccinated
against and will prevent having to take future trips to the doctor; this in turn improves the lives of
those being vaccinated. The mayor and the company have come up with important criteria for
this van:
There should be a licensed driver for the van.
There should be someone licensed to give vaccines riding in the van at all times.
There should be a fridge and a freezer with vaccines present in it.
The van should have all the emergency supplies, documentation, paperwork, and
cleansing materials.
Anwar 4
The van should have a clean, sanitary place for the patient to sit down while receiving the
vaccine, according to patient safety standards of New York State.
The van should have writing on the outside with the company name and some details
Members at our Mechatecha company have come up with constraints for this van as well:
It will be hard to get the van around the entire 5 boroughs of the city because the van
should remain parked while the patient is receiving the vaccine.
It may be challenging to obtain all the vaccines and fit them all into a fridge and freezer
Background Research
Many people do not receive vaccines for varying reasons, such as simply forgetting to or
not prioritizing time to get vaccinated. A CDC study in 2013 showed that 49 percent of toddlers
born from 2004 to 2008 did not receive all their vaccines by their second birthday (Butler, 2013).
At a first glance, it may not seem harmful or deadly for one to forget to get vaccinated for a
disease. However, one article states that in just the year 2009, 19,000 children would have had
cases of haemophilus influenza type B, but were prevented by vaccination, which in turn saved
$1.8 billion in costs to cure haemophilus influenza type B (Naprawa, 2015). This is only one
type of influenza that can cause this type of damage without vaccinations; since there are so
many other vaccines for different diseases, it is evident how much people can benefit from
Although children receive more vaccinations than adults do, it is still important for both
children and adults to receive vaccines. “National Center for Health Statistics” points out that
when looking at children from the age of 19 months to 35 months, 92.6 percent are vaccinated
for Hepatitis B, 91.9 percent for Measles, Mumps, Rubella, and similar percentages for other
vaccines. All children in this age range are potential patients for the mobile vaccination clinic.
Anwar 5
An example of how important it is for adults to be vaccinated as well is influenza related
hospitalizations. Somewhere between 80 and 90 percent of the thousands of influenza-related
deaths are of people older than 65 (Williams, et. Al, 2017). It is evident that if these elderly
people had been vaccinated for the influenza, the number of deaths would have been lower.
Another piece of evidence for people this van can benefit is the statistics of the whooping cough
in the U.S. Estimations by the CDC show approximate that even higher than 80 percent of adults
in the U.S do not stay up to date with their whooping cough vaccination. (Tip Talk). The
customers this van plans on attracting are anyone who has forgotten to get vaccinated, or is due
for a vaccination. Based off the fact that adults and children both can benefit from vaccination
against numerous diseases, a mobile vaccination van would certainly attract many people to it.
It is first important to decide which types of vaccines we should supply. The
immunization action coalition, or IAC, is an organization dedicated to studying immunizations
and works closely with the CDC. They have supplied a list of every vaccine that an
immunization clinic should have available. The vaccines that should be refrigerated are as
Meningococcal ACWY
Meningococcal B
Kinrix, Quadracel
Influenza, injectable
(in season)
Influenza (LAIV)
Anwar 6
Diluent for ActHIB,
Hibrix, Menveo,
Hibrix, MMR, Men-
Pentacel, Rotarix
Source: “Handouts: Clinic Resources
The vaccines that should be frozen are MMRV, Varicella, Zoster, and Diluent for these
three (Handouts: Clinic Resources) The IAC states that these vaccines should be used for
patients of different ages, but for the purpose of the mobile van, all of these should be available
to our patients, who are expected to be of all ages.
The next thing to be considered is how to price these vaccines. Firstly, somewhere around
70 percent of health insurance companies have to provide patients any vaccine that is
recommended by the CDC; for example, pneumonia and hepatitis B vaccines do not require
copays (Andrews, 2012). Any vaccine that is recommended by the CDC will be sold to people
who have health insurance that covers it. If they do not have health insurance, it will be sold for
an affordable price. Many doctors have said that patients were not willing to spend more than
$29 on a vaccine for shingles (Andrews, 2012). In order to prevent losing money, the vaccines
that are not covered by the insurance companies of our customers will be sold for the same price
they were bought for. It is okay to not make a profit, since this mobile vaccination clinic is nonprofit and being funded by the state government. To get a cheap source for the vaccines that were
recommended by the IAC, our mobile van can get a contract with the CDC. The CDC has special
contract prices, which are cheaper than private sector prices, and immunization programs that
receive funds from state health departments are eligible for these cheaper prices (CDC Vaccine
Price List). One example of the cheaper CDC contract price is for the Hepatitis A vaccine, which
would normally be supplied for $66.91 to the private sector, but only costs $31.18 under the
Anwar 7
CDC contract price (CDC Vaccine Price List). This strategy is ideal for our company to relate
with its customers and ensure that they are receiving the cheapest price for a given vaccine.
Having chosen all the vaccines, where to get them, where to store them, and how to price
them, it is now important to determin …
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