250.Follow the requirement to compose a 350words essay using the given calculation.

Follow the requirement to compose a 350words essay using the given calculation.The calculation is provided below, please write a new
essay using this calculation. Which means except the calculation, every
sentences else needs to be writing on your own words.All the work has to be 100percent original.

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250.Follow the requirement to compose a 350words essay using the given calculation.
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The calculation is provided below, please write a new essay using this calculation. Which
means except the calculation, every sentences else needs to be writing on your own words.
1. Complete the essay using the information below.
Case Study
Land and Agua Insurance Company has a call center in Tempe, Arizona. The business
was originally established in Phoenix, Arizona in 1972 as a small business, and it has
grown with the population of the area. The insurance company specializes in bundling
insurance for cars, off-road vehicles, and watercraft (e.g., jet skis and boats). The
company has 150,000 clients in Arizona.
Marjorie Jones, Vice President of Operations, is concerned about customer complaints
and amount of time representatives are taking to resolve the calls. After studying the
issue, the company implemented improvements to operations, and a new data sample
was collected after three months. You are responsible for analyzing the results to
determine whether the improvements made a difference, and determining if the new
processes are meeting customer specifications. Additionally, you must review the data
and predict the customer call time if a defect occurs.
2. Answer the question below in essay format. Your essay must include an intr oduction, a
body, and a conclusion. It must address all relevant parts of each question. Your
response should be a minimum of 500 words in length, and it should include both the
appropriate statistics and support for the analysis and interpretation. Make s ure to cite
any source you use. Proper citation format for a source includes the name of the
author(s), the title of the work, the date of the publication, and the page number if you
directly quote the source.
Essay Questions: New Call Time
Using the New Call Center Data, provide a summary report for the vice president including
the following information in an essay with a minimum of 500 words:
Using the two-sample hypothesis test comparing old call time to new call time at a .05
level of significance, discuss the hypothesis test assumptions and tests used. Provide
the test statistic and p -value in your response. Evaluate the results of the hypothesis
test with the scenario. Provide recommendations for the vice president.
Using new call time and coded quality, develop a prediction equation for new call
time. Evaluate the model and discuss the coefficient of determination, signi ficance,
and use the prediction equation to predict a call time if there is a defect.
Evaluate whether the new call time meets customer specification. As stated in a
previous lesson, customers indicated they did not want a call time longer than 7.5
minutes. Assume a standard deviation of 2 min is acceptable. Is the call center now
meeting the customer specifications? If not where is the specification not being met?
Explain your answers.
In solving two-sample hypothesis test, z-test is used. Basing on this case, there are two
different assumptions listed. Considering the null hypothesis, there is similarity of both
sample average of old time and the new time. According to the alternative hypothesis,
the sample average of the old and new call is completely different. During the
calculation, there is need of sample size in the analysis. The assumption summation of
the old call is equal to 11.066.In the new calls, the same function calculation is applied,
and the sample size of the new call is assumed to be equal to 8.742.In the calculation of
the sample variance, the value of the old call (11.066) is assumed to be y while the
value of new calls (8.853) is assumed to be x. The statistical test formula is defined as
t= (mean x-mean y) or [s*sqrt (1/mean y+1/mean x), where s=sqrt (mean x*s^2x +
mean y*s^2y) (John, 2014). In calculation of the values, statistical test is given by
[(170*11.066 +170*8.853)/(11.066+8.853)=sqrt 11.02=4.04. After that, all the data is
feed to the formula,(11.066-8.853)/[4.04*(1/170+1/170)], 5.296 is the final answer of
the test statistics.
According to the analysis of the critical value at 0.05 levels of the significant are 3.985.
Given the fact that 5.296 is higher than 3.985, the alternative hypothesis is applied since
the sample average of the old call, and the new request is not identical. In accordance
to test statistics, verification for the advancement in the original call, based on the
average test and recommend to the vice president (Wargocki, 2014).
“A correlation coefficient indicated both the strength and direction of their linear
relationship between a dependent and independent variable” (John, 2014). Hypothesis
test is carried out to examine if the population association coefficient is considerably
from the zero-based correspondence coefficient. To fit a prediction equation for a new
call data with code quality, we can apply hypothesis text. Regression formula is given by
Y=a+bz where z is the coded quality where the value for z is either 0 or 1. “The
regression formula assists in approximating the dependent value given an independent
variable”(John, 2014). According to the data, the sum of z*y is 142.8, the sum of z is 16,
the sum of z^2 is 16.Through feeding the given data in the formula b=(n*sum of z*ysum of y*sum of z)/n*sum of z^2-mean of z^2=(170*142.81328*16)/[170*16(0.106)^2]=0.0698;a=sum of y/n-b*(sum of z/n)=1328/1700.0698(16/50)=7.986. Therefore, the prediction equation for the new call is
To evaluate customer’s approval, when the average call duration is 7 min with a
standard deviation of 2 min is acceptable. The z test is used to ensure customers
fulfillment by sample mean Y=7.978.A null hypothesis is assumed to be uy=7 while the
alternative theory is considered to be uy not equal to 7. In calculating the z value we use
formula (mean y-uy)/s*sqrt (ny). After feeding the data, the answer is 8.02. In
connection with 0.05 levels, if crucial, the critical p-value is 2.00. From the result it is
clear that the z observed is higher than z recorded, an alternative hypothesis is put into
consideration since the sample average of the old call is not the same (Blair, 2013).
About recommendation, it is very crucial to verify the advancement in the new request
on the bases of an average test.
Example Process Capability
Net weight specification = 9.0 oz ? 0.5 oz
Process mean = 8.80 oz
Process standard deviation = 0.12 oz
Cp= (Upper Specification-Lower Specification)/6(standard deviation)
Wargocki, P., Wyon, D. P., & Fanger, P. O. (2014). The performance and subjective
responsesof call-center operators with new and used supply air filters at two outdoor
air supplyrates. Indoor air, 14(s8), 7-16
.Blair, C. D. (2013). U.S. Patent N. 7,203,285. Washington, DC: U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office.
Jenkins, P., Olivier, M., Hodges, R., Parker, H. S., Farris, M., Mosby, K., … & Cot, A.
(2014). Preparing for Storms in Louisiana Take Home Guide, (English/Spanish)
John Walker, S. (2014). Big data: A revolution that will transform how we live, work, and

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