471- Organization Development stage# 1

good day , this is our group presentation, our team leader of our group sent us this: ” Good evening team, Tonight was probably the most important class in the session. It gave more details regarding the group assignment. Below you will see more details regarding the group assignment as well as an assignment for class next week. Project: Use 3 basic approaches to OD based on a contemporary organizational issue of a fortune 500 company. Our group topic: Walmart Use critical thinking/consulting approach to come up with an overview of the organization, use SWOT analysis, consider the problems to be addressed, stakeholders, overcome resistance, and a conclusion. This assignment is a written report (20 pages). Also we need to include a power point presentation that provides an overview of the written report. Credible sources should be from the following: .edu, .gov, .edu, and peer reviewed scholarly articles. Everyone should find at least three credible sources and email them to the group no later than this Friday. Try to focus on social inequalities within the organization. Use your experiences with the CPO’s and the midterm to make use of theories and models. Once everyone finds their three sources and shares them with the team, we can then move forward with writing the report and breaking down the power point presentation “SO the note for Study pool for now “stage #1” is : – Everyone should find at least three credible sources and email them to the group no later than this Friday. Try to focus on social inequalities within the organization. Use your experiences with the CPO’s and the midterm to make use of theories and models. – Credible sources should be from the following: .edu, .gov, .edu, and peer reviewed scholarly articles.- i am attaching the Mid term word, and one of the CPO Homework , so it can give you a genera idea for stage #2 in the future Home work


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471- Organization Development stage# 1
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Moniah Amer
Process observation (TGIF case analysis)
A. Macro
1. The main problem that Quantum Software Company faces is the issue of
professional liability. The company would incur great loss or a possibility
of closure if any employee got into danger because of the beer bursts
conducted every Friday.
2. Analysis of the case study shows that employees at Quantum Software are
being overworked; only to be ‘bribed’ by the management with a stress
reliever initiative in the form of a beer burst. Working for 16 hours every
day for 6 days is no mean fete.
B. Micro
1. Work relations and professional integrity of the company can be
compromised since some of the employees can decide to engage in
inappropriate acts due to alcohol intoxication.
2. The management of Quantum Software has not set up proper structures on
how the beer burst should be conducted. Since it is an -open for allplatform some of the employees overindulge in alcohol and cause
destruction to some of the furniture.
1. The management of Quantum software overworks its employees and so they feel
that organizing an unsupervised beer burst would help in encouraging staff morale
by relieving stress and anxiety. They, therefore, come up with -Beer Burst Fridaywhich is open to all employees.
2. Lack of proper structures on how the beer burst should be conducted is also
another cause of the problems addressed. There is no staff tasked with playing the
role of moderator. Staffs engage inappropriate behavior but this is the least of
concern to the management. Their main concern is to encourage teamwork with
the aim of increasing revenues.
Systems affected
1. Job performance; some of the employees might find themselves coming to work
with a hangover because of overindulging in alcohol.
2. The company’s goals and visions; In case any employee would experience harm
due to the beer bursts, the company would face huge liability and this would
impact negatively on their investors and customers.
3. Management integrity; some of the employees would view management as weak
since they cannot come up with proper structures on how the beer burst should be
1. Management should come up with proper structures on how to best conduct the
beer burst. For example; they can regulate on the number glasses of alcohol that
one should take.
2. Do away with the beer burst and come up with other stress relieving alternatives.
For example; swimming, golf, massage etc.
3. Reduce the number of man-hours per staff to reduce anxiety and stress.
While on one hand, a person would argue that Quantum Software has grown
tremendously over the last three years, there are many alternatives that management can use as
opposed to a beer bust. These beer bursts are not only an expense on the company’s income
statement but also a cause of concern in relation to the employee’s welfare.
I would recommend the management of Quantum Software to do away with the beer
burst and introduce events that would engage all staff members. I would encourage activities like
team building or any sporting activity. However, if that is not possible, and the management
decides that beer bursts are the way to go, I would recommend that they come up with clear
guidelines and structures for the safety of all employees.
Donald Brown in his book: An experiential approach to Organizational Development
focuses on how we can better understand the organizational development process, for us to
develop success in the organization we work in. In chapter one he focuses on how an
organization can be reinvented due to good Organizational Development. Chapter two aims at
showing us how an organization can anticipate change and the challenges that come with the
change. While the last chapter in part one talks about the change in culture in an organization.
Brown (2016), focuses on a chronological order of events, aimed at introducing all the concepts
and techniques related to the Organizational development and its renewal. Through
understanding Organizational development and its origin, we can be able to apply it in the
corporate culture.
Brown, D. R. (2016). An experiential approach to Organizational Development (8th ed.).
Prentice Hall.
Moniah Amer
Mid-Term ExamHURD 741 Organizational Development
Organizational development is developed as practices that businesses undertake to expand
knowledge on how to achieve effectiveness in having successful organizational change as well
performance. The process helps in improving the change in terms of policies, leadership power,
job design, and control. The main focus on organizational development enables efficiency and
effectiveness. With the merge of airways and American airline, the main focus is on organization
design that will decrease competitiveness as well as facilitate change in pricing.
Five stage organization development
The organizational development theory has five stages involved in bringing in this efficiency and
help in problem-solving that are witnessed as change takes effect. The first stage is anticipation
on the need for change. In our case, the airlines want to seek competitiveness in the market. This
being the motivating factor for the change (Devi, 2016). The second stage involves the
development of practitioner. This stage calls for brainstorming where the main agenda is to come
up that will be able to impress customers on the first experience. The two airlines needs to
brainstorm on how to make their merge effective and have the best strategies. The third stage
calls for the diagnostic stage. At this stage, both the partners will be required to work in the sense
of trust rather than competition. The fourth stage involves action plans strategies and techniques
implementation. It is at this stage that the merging companies in our case US airways and the
American airline will be required to implement the new solution with the aim of achieving their
set goals and objectives. The last stage involves renewal, monitoring and stabilizing so as to
achieve the desired results.
Diagnostic tools
Diagnostic tools to be used in this merge will tend to mean the training needs needed to achieve
the competitive advantage as well as ensure that the merger has become a success. The tool used
may be aimed at ensuring that the business operations are efficient and that effectiveness has
been achieved at the far end. One of the diagnostic tools that can be applied in our case is the
SWOT analysis. The SWOT analysis requires that the business get to study their strengths,
weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This way it will be easy for the management to identify
what should be done at what stage and what will bring in the effectiveness and what might not be
of any help
SWOT analysis for the merger
In terms of strengths the merger represents a fast-growing company that has the potential to
reach worldwide customers, the merger of these two airlines also represent a broad and well-built
portfolio. The other strength is that the merger has a healthy operational aspect to share in the
market and achieve competitiveness (Greve, et al. 2017). The business also represents some
weaknesses which include being left behind in terms of innovativeness as compared to their
competitors in the market. They though stand opportunities which include having a strategic
alliance, use of technology as a means to grow and advertise and the fact that the merge brings in
expansion in the market where they will get to reach more people. The threat that they face is
striving competition from their competitors, slow response to market changes, the recession of
the US economy and regulations that slow down the growth of the business.
System approach to managing the change
Mergers in business are termed as one of the most difficult practice to participate in. you are
trying to bring in different ideas in coming up with one common agreement. To have a
successful merge bear fruit effective management of the change must be undertaken. Having a
structured change management tool can help handle the change effectively and it will ensure that
the desired results are achieved. This will also help in shaping the companies strategies at the
earliest stage of this particular merge.
In the case of the merger of US Airways and American airline, there are five things that they can
do to ensure that the management changes effectively. The first one ensures that they have a high
focus on change when they are merging. Since each of the airlines had its strategies that they
were putting into practice they must ensure that they effectively manage this stage at the first
stage so that the acquisition will run effectively (Devi, 2016). The second thing to do ensure that
both partners initiate the change immediately after the merger. This should be followed by
ensuring that they perform a cultural due diligence to ensure that the share the same cultural
beliefs. This way attainment of set goals and objectives will be easy. They should be able to
share a common language. This will ensure decision making is easy. Change should also be
verified although the entire process. This is will help ensure that the whole merger process has
been effectively achieved.
Plan to evaluate the effectiveness of the change process.
The effectiveness of this change process though needs to be measured. The change management
leaders will need to measure the process so that the effectiveness could be achieved. Since the
process involves a merger there are three steps that can be followed to measure the effectiveness
of the whole process.
The first step includes defining the transition. Define the level of transition and what has to be
done on a day to day undertaking. The transition can be measured individually so as to look at
even the performance. The second step involves measuring individual progress and the best
model to use at this stage is ADKAR (Greve, et al.2017). The model help in identifying blocks
and barriers that are experienced in the process and even provide possible solutions to each and
every barrier and block. The last step includes measuring the cumulative progress. This can be
done by putting in the three human factors. These factors include speed of adoption which tends
to seek how quickly people in the organization adopt the change. The second factor seeks to look
at utilization and proficiency.
To receive the organizational effectiveness one way to achieve this can be looking up at the
challenges that will come up the merger. Look at the organization developed the culture that
these organizations will need to adapt to ensure effectiveness has been achieved. The company
will also need to look on socialization that will enable the success of the business. This way the
merge of the two airlines will be a success and the whole process of change will have been
achieved effectively.
Devi, M. N. (2016). MERGER AND ACQUISITION. International Journal For Research In
Business, Management And Accounting, 2(2), 51-58.
Greve, H. R., & Man Zhang, C. (2017). Institutional logics and power sources: Merger and
acquisition decisions. Academy of Management Journal, 60(2), 671-694.
Organizational Development Techniques
Organizational development is not an overnight transformation; it is
indeed a gradual process that has to be implemented systematically and
in tandem with the external environment.
The notion is to change the attitude and behaviour of individuals
involved in the group rather than the #technical skill or #knowledge. The
term sensitivity refers to the psychological aspect of human mind that
has to be shaped to act in accordance with the expectations of the group.
One’s own weakness is exposed and members understand how others
react towards them. Stress is on Group Dynamics and tackling #interrelationship problems.The idea is to improve the behaviour of people in
order to maintain smooth inter-personal relationship without
anybody’s power or influence.
Members are encouraged to have an open, heart to heart talk to develop
mature relationship.
The Process: Sensitivity group is a small discussion group without any
leader. The trainer raises a question and allows the members to proceed
with the discussion, the focus being feelings and mutual respect. There is
no set task or agenda and members try to analyse the immediate
problem by having open discussion instead of applying logic and
rationale. Free and frank discussions lead the members through periods
of shock, anger, frustration, hostility, all for the better understanding of
one another. Feedback includes videotape of the proceedings and
guidance from the trainers. Members unlearn old things through shock
and change the present behaviour to improve their behaviour pattern.
Individual emotions and inter-relationship pattern are primarily focused
upon in sensitivity training. Sensitivity training borders on
psychotherapy where the emotions as well as body language are taken
into consideration. The expressions may be any one of the following:
1. Gestures
3.Physical contact
Here the discrepancies among a group are weeded out using
questionnaires, which identify the difference in perceptions amongst the
same working family, group or department. Th data collected is
tabulated and distributed for taking part in the deliberations. This forms
the basis for further discussions and the discrepancies if any can be
sorted out by open discussions with all concerned, defending and
opposing till a consensus is arrived at.
Here the focus is on ideas and not on persons who put up those ideas.
A firm may either seek the support of
1. ###expert from within the organisation: Though he might be knowing
the crux of the problem, his emotional involvement might block him
from seeing the problem in the right perspective. Moreover the outcome
of the result might be a ‘biased one’ due to internal politics.
2. An outside expert: This person with his vast knowledge, experience
and similar problem encounters may have the know-how of resolving the
problem but may lack the necessary insight of that particular problem.
The organisation must see to that process consultation is done through
an external expert with the needed support provided by the authorities
from within the organisation.
Team building is attempted at the group or inter-group level. The
objective is to improve co-ordination thereby improving the
performance as a group.
1. #Goal setting
2. Development of inter-personal relations
3. Role analysis to identify roles and responsibilities
4. Team process analysis
are the key features of team building.
One of the major challenges for firms involved in development is
tackling inter departmental conflicts. Such dysfunctional conflicts may
exist between
a. Line and staff
b. Production and materials
c. Finance and production
As sensitivity training tries to change the attitude and perception of
individuals on each other, inter group development attempts to change
the perceptions of groups on themselves and on other groups.
1. Each group meet independently and develop a list consisting of
perception of itself, views about other departments and own belief of
how others view on them.
2. This list is inter changed with each of the other group to identify the
“similarities” and “discrepancies” of perceptions of each other.
3. Differences are articulated and disparities are examined in length.
4. The real cause of conflicts are resolved through integration and
irritants are removed.
5. If need be sub groups are formed to remove the irritants – here
irritants refer to the difference in perceptions and impressions that
groups have on each other.
Moniah Amer
The Farm Bank
A. Micro
The problems emerged from the managers in the organizations who used the
system for the first time. The inaccuracy, difficulty to interpret the document
produced, unnecessary data production and the lack of trust of the MIS by the
managers, are noted.
The time wastage is likely to be experienced as the managers’ work to
familiarize themselves with the newly implemented system.
The organization goals to deliver quality services will not be achievable.
Consequently, the goals of the organization will not be realizable.
The loss of managers that have been long working in the organization is
likely to be lost, as the tasks seem difficult by the use of the new system.
The sticking of the managers to the old way of doing things, the writing of the reports for
most remained manual among other reported responses above, clearly locates their root-cause.
The lack of training of the managers on how to use the MIS,
expecting them to perform is one of the causes of such problems.
The assumption of the management that all the managers in the
organization are acquitted with MIS operation is another cause of the
problem of the installed MIS (Cumming and Worley, 2015).
The little-noted improvement in operation in the organization even
after the installation of the system is a clear indication of the
unpreparedness of the workers to the new change.
Systems affected
The system affects the morale of the employees and their performance in the
Bank. The employee’s inability to use the MIS in the delivery of the
expectation of the management affects the morale of the workers.
The feeling of inability to perform and lack of competence will demoralize
the managers in conducting their daily routine work. The embracement of the
system in the organization should not be mistaken with the ability of
employees to use the system.
Poor customer service delivery. The purpose of the organization to improve
its services to the customers and the internal operations, in order to achieve
the intended goal and objectives of Farm Bank will be impossible.
The management should initiate development programs (Cumming and
Worley, 2015). This program will focus on the development of the workers in
the Farm Bank by offering necessary training on the use of such system.
The management should provide solutions to the problems incurred in their
operations as they stated in their response to MIS survey conducted.
The management should also regularly involve the workers in the
organization to prepare for changes before they are implemented. The top
managers just sought the board approval and brought in the change.
In the future, I recommend, the Farm Bank should not neglect the workers in the making
changes in the organization development. Essentially, they should make the necessary
preparation first in the organization to all the employees before they bring in a change in its usual
operation (Anderson, 2013).
Consequently, the problem that comes with the unpreparedness, like poor performance as
a result of low morale of the employees will be tackled. Moreover, the involvement of the
employees before the change is brought in the organization will be important, for this will
motivate the employee to build trust in the organization in meeting the needs of workers
(Anderson, 2013).
Anderson, D. L. (2013). Organization Development: The Process of Leading Organizational
Cummings, T. G., & Worley, C. G. (2015). Organization development & change.

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