5 Page Argumentative Research Essay on Eugenics and Reflective Letter

Please argue about the positive of eugenics. Please refer to instructions below for more information. Also include a reflective letter. I have also attached a criteria document.We’ve been engaging our curiosity this semester and investigating topics of personal interest. Now, we have the task of sharing our opinions and research with other academics–we are joining an ongoing conversation, and our voices matter.Using the research you’ve been reading and documenting this term, write a 5-page argumentative research paper -or- craft a equivalent researched multimedia project (audio, video, text, images, etc.) that takes a side and argues for the legitimacy of that side (your carefully considered opinion). The requirements below will help to guide you. The research project should be a culmination of everything you have learned about your topic thus far. Your research project should strive to meet all of these requirements.ENG2030 – Research Essay Requirements Author’s Note: Please include an author’s note with your final essay that makes a case for the form you chose to communicate your argument and evidence to your audience. Imagine a reader outside of this classroom. Who do you want to persuade? Why? If you created a video, tell me why you decided that this was the best way to engage your defined audience. –maximum of 150 words.Audience: Essay should address and engage a specified audience whom you wish to convince that your point of view is reasonable and worth consideration. Audience should be discussed briefly in a short author’s note at the beginning of your essay. The essay should take into consideration the values of that audience and serve to inform, persuade, and entertain.Intro/Conclusion: Your essay should have a purposeful introduction and conclusion that motivate action in your reader.Thesis/Claim: The essay should include a controversial claim/thesis, which appears in the introduction and explains clearly the scope of your argument and the purpose of the essay. It should be obvious from the claim/thesis statement which “side” of the argument you will be supporting. For the sake of this class, please italicize your claim statement when you submit your final draft of your paper so that I can be absolutely sure that we both know your central argument early on. Content: Your essay should have an engaging title. The bulk of your essay should argue for your “side” of the issue and should cover well-defined main points that are backed by reasoning and evidence. Your essay should demonstrate your own conclusions and incorporate your opinion. You should back all assumptions and/or judgments with credible reasoning and evidence from academic sources. Be sure that you do not commit argumentative fallacies when trying to persuade your audience to your point of view.Counterarguments: While the majority of the essay will be catered to your “side,” you must also show the “other side” or the counterargument throughout to demonstrate that you are educated and understand what others are saying about the issue at hand. Counterarguments allow you to build common ground with your reader.Nuts and Bolts: The final version should be fully edited for grammar, mechanical, and stylistic accuracy. This includes revising for clear and concise language use. MLA formatting is nearly perfect and shows attention to detail in regards to document formatting and MLA citations.Sources and Research Quality: You should integrate and discuss (through quoting and paraphrasing) a minimum of ten authoritative, academic sources in this essay. Each source should clearly relate to your focused research topic and thesis. It will be beneficial for you to use the sources you collected for your annotated bibliography, but you may use additional sources as needed to support your thesis. You are invited to use verbiage that you wrote for other assignments during the course within the body of the research essay.Use of Media: Your essay should purposefully utilize at least two forms of media. E.g. Images and Text. A great use of an image would be a graph that illustrates data related to your topic. Please use citations for all media that you use that was not created by you. An alternative format for this essay may be a blog that incorporates audio, video, and text. Your format you select largely depends on your intended audience. Student Sample Multimodal Essays:Lake Powell Research EssayHealth Care EssayAre you interested in an alternative assignment that is more media centric? If so, consider addressing the assignment as a digital documentary. Here are some alternative requirements: Digital Documentary Research Assignment with Author’s Note + Course Reflection. Course ReflectionThe final task of the semester is to craft a reflective letter based on these criteria.Please add your reflective letter at the end of the same document as your research project, after the works cited. Insert a page break before the letter.For video-based or non-alpha-text projects, submit a Word document with a link to your video on Dropbox, Drive, or YouTube and add your reflective letter after that link.17 hours ago


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5 Page Argumentative Research Essay on Eugenics and Reflective Letter
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Name: Minh Durbin
CSCI 1411 – Lab 13–Vectors of Objects
Understand how to build and use Classes
Understand how to use vectors of objects built with classes
Development Environment: (all students must use Clion)
Skills: Classes, Default Constructor, Constructor, member functions, vectors of objects.
Reading: Chap 13
Deliverables: 1) This lab with 2 screen shots 2)zipped folder containing lastnameFirstLab12.cpp,
Scores.h, Scores.cpp, Functions.h, Funtions.cpp
Part I – Skills Practice (10 points)
Open a new project in CLion. Call the project Lab13a.
For this project will make vectors of objects and use the built in member functions to add, and
erase records.
The following files are provided on canvas:
New->New C++ Class
Page 1 of 7
Add the name Bank. And accept the defaults Add to targets and Lab11a<-$(Source_Files) • This will create both a Bank.h file and a Bank.cpp file • Double Click on the Bank.h file. Replace the entire text with this #ifndef BANK_H #define BANK_H #include #include using namespace std; class Bank { private: string name; int number; float balance; public: Bank(); Bank(string _name, int _number, float _balance); string getName(){return name;} void setName(string _name){name=_name;} int getNumber() {return number;} void setNumber(int _number){number = _number;} float getBalance(){return balance;} void increaseBalance(float amount); }; #endif Page 2 of 7 • Now double click on the Bank.cpp. Replace the entire code with the code below: #include "Bank.h" Bank::Bank() { name = ""; number = 0; balance = 0; } Bank::Bank(string _name, int _number, float _balance) { name = _name; number = _number; balance = _balance; } void Bank::increaseBalance(float amount) { balance = balance + amount; } New->New C++ class. Call it functions
In functions.h
#include “Bank.h”
void bubbleSort(vector & acctVector);
ostream& operator << (ostream &out, Bank &tempBank); #endif • In functions.cpp • Now double click on the main.cpp. Replace the entire code with the code below: #include "functions.h" void bubbleSort(vector & acctVector) { //Bubble Sort records by name int maxElement; int index; Bank tempBank3; for (maxElement = acctVector.size() - 1; maxElement > 0;
Page 3 of 7
for (index = 0; index < maxElement; index++) { if (acctVector[index].getName() > acctVector[index +
//swap the entire record (name, number, balance)
tempBank3 = acctVector[index];
acctVector[index] = acctVector[index + 1];
acctVector[index + 1] = tempBank3;
ostream& operator << (ostream &out, Bank &tempBank) { cout << tempBank.getName() << endl; cout << tempBank.getNumber()< #include #include "Bank.h" #include "functions.h" using namespace std; int main() { string tempName; int tempNumber, size; float tempBalance; Bank tempBank; vector acctVector; cout << "How many records do you cin >> size;
for (int i=0; i> tempNumber;
cout <<"Balance for customer cin >> tempBalance;
cin.ignore(); //removes ‘/n’

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