5 pages case study

CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to identify and analyze a case study from within the
hospitality industry that is focused on guest service, guest satisfaction or service improvement.
Task: You will write a five page analysis of your selected case study outlining the key elements
that assisted an organization in improving their guest service or guest satisfaction metrics. Think
outside the box and look for case studies that contain changes in technology, self-service, and
overall changes in industry trends.
You should outline the following questions in your analysis:
• Brief overview of the organization
• What was their initial challenge or problem?
• What elements assisted in improving their service or satisfaction metrics?
• How could this learning be applied to other organizations to positively impact their levels
of guest service or satisfaction?
• Your name and section number must be on each submission
• Submission should be at least five pages, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 font
• Properly cite and attach the case study with your submissionI also post the reflection paper that I wrote for the guest speakers, you can take a look, hope it will be helpful. And please make sure finish it on time and no plagiarism.


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5 pages case study
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

This week we have met a new guest speaker, who is Patrick Miller. He is the President
COO of Monte Carlo (park). In the class, He told us many of his own work experience,
step by step is how to do This job now. At the same time, he also introduced us a lot of
knowledge about the hotel, such as the functions of various positions in the hotel, and the
use. In times of progress, people’s demand for hotels has changed. Once, people only
used hotels as a place to stay when they were traveling. However, the hotel industry is
becoming more and more developed, with hotels and casinos, golf courses and luxury
shopping all closely related. Wherever there is a casino, there must be a hotel. There will
be hotels near golf courses; There will also be areas for luxury goods in many hotels. The
hotel industry is becoming more and more developed, so the competition in the hotel
industry is becoming more and more fierce. If a hotel doesn’t want to be abandoned, it
must try to make itself more attractive to customers. The tourism resources and hotel
industry of many tourist cities are inseparable. Some cities are the development of
tourism to drive the economy. However, some cities are the development of hotels to
promote economy and tourism. We are now studying in UNLV, and as a famous school
with hotel management, UNLV has surpassed the Swiss hotel management school in the
past two years to become the first in the world. UNLV hotel management professional, in
my opinion, is getting better and better, mainly because the UNLV in Las Vegas, because
many upscale hotel near the UNLV, also gave the students a better chance of UNLV
practice, thus improve the perception of hotel management, and use his knowledge
learned in school is just efforts at work. Green, environmental protection, energy
conservation, safety and health are the new direction of international hotel development,
which is the new trend of hotel industry development in the 21st century. The
development of American hotel industry is also the growth process of collectivization.
With the advent and development of the post-world war ii superhighway, the modern
hotel industry in the United States flourished, and early hotels were generally located on
either side of the highway. By the mid-1990s, most hotels were heading downhill.
Branding is an effective way of sustainable development of hotel, the brand is not only a
simple symbol, logo, more is injected with a kind of culture, imbued with a service
concept, created a way of life. Most hotels pay great attention to the pursuit of
humanization in design, operation and management. The first is the humanization of
Reflection Paper 7
This week we met our new guest speaker, who’s name is Ari Kastrati. He talked a lot of
about hotel’s food and beverage. Ari talked about the food and beverage strategy at the
MGM Resorts. Such as operational improvement and service standard, training, talent
management and development, food and beverage brand awareness and positioning, new
venue design and development. The guest speaker also mentioned something about the
food and beverage project timeline,which are research, ideation, development and pre-
opening. Research is talking about what is missing,ideation is talking about the is the
solution , development is talking about how will it look and the pre-opening is talking about
how will it feel. As a student who majored in hospitality, we all understand how important
the food and beverage is mean to the hotel industry. The income of the catering industry is
one of the main revenue sources of the hotel industry, and the catering industry is also the
department with the most frequent communication and communication with customers.
Therefore, the catering department of a hotel has greatly influenced people’s impression of
a hotel. Almost each hotel has an in room dining department, which means that the guest
can order the food from their suites, and there will be food server serve the guest food
inside of the guest suites. The in room dining is a very important part for a hotel, so that
the appeal of the in room dining menu and the quality of the in room dining service will
influence a lot about the guest’s thinking. At the same time, the income of the catering
department is also an important part of the hotel’s profit, so the lower the cost of the hotel’s
catering department, the higher the profit of the hotel will be. However, hotels cannot
reduce the quality of service for the sake of making money, so as to ignore the customers’
feelings, which will only make the hotel worse and worse. Therefore, the hotel should focus
on customers and put the needs of customers first. Because, as the saying goes, the
customer is god, so when the hotel takes care of the comfort of the customer, it will also
get good feedback. Only when the customer is satisfied with the hotel can the customer
feel the trust and influence the choice of the next hotel. There is not only competition
between hotels and hotels, but they can also learn from each other’s strengths and
supplement their own shortcomings. The restaurant industry is the same. Attractive
restaurants are one of the most important factors for customers to choose hotels.
HMD 253
Reflection Paper
This week we met our new guest speaker, who is Kelly Smith, the senior vice president
of the MGM Resort, he is also the chief digital officer of the MGM Resort. His speech
made me very impressive because he shared many of his personal experience and
interesting stories. Kelly used to work for the Star Bucks company, and he mentioned that
Star Bucks was opening a new store in China every 13 hours. This is an amazing digital,
and as a Chinese I have to say that Chinese people used to very interested in Star Bucks,
however the price is not as same as the U.S. I still remember the first time that I have Star
Bucks in China was when I attended high school, and it was cost 40?(Chinese Yuan)for
1 cups of Star Bucks coffee which is more than 5 Dollars. So that Star Bucks was not
have reasonably priced in China. During his speech I learned that people should job in
what they interested in, because that’s much helpful for the people to enjoy their work.
Many people rarely feel tired when they are doing things they are interested in, interested
of getting bored, people are enjoying what they are working on. However, sometimes I
was thinking that people should not make their hobby to the job that they make for living.
If your hobby becomes the way to make money, the meaning is different. When I was
working as a part-time food server in the restaurant at Los Angeles, some of my coworker
were working part-time at the restaurant but they have another job, such as dancer and
actor. They love dance and performance, however the things what they love has slowly
become a burden on their lives. There are so many great dancers and actors in Los
Angeles, but they are not the lucky few. Therefore, they have no way to satisfy their
living needs, but they have to face the pressure of life to fulfill their dreams. Kelly also
point out that in his opinion, college students can be divide into two part. Some of the
students already have their own plan in their mind, they know how they will be doing in
the future and be ready for all the chance and challenges; And the rest of the students
they don’t have any idea in their mind yet, they don’t even know what their future goanna
be. For me, I think I’m the first kind of student because once I decided major in
hospitality, I can see my future will be work in a hotel, and I’m working hard toward my
goal. Hopefully that I could be work as a management level in a nice hotel one day.
Reflection Paper 3
The guest speaker that we have this week is Michael Dominguez, who is the chief sales officer at
MGM Resorts International. The topic of his speaking is the biggest challenge, speed of change.
First of all, he talked about what happens in an internet minute at the year of 2017, and he pointed
out the Facebook and YouTube. Marc R. Benioff, the chairman and CEO of salesforce said that
peed is the new currency of business. He also mentions that the Charles Darwin said that “It is not
the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is
most adaptable to change.” A world of unprecedented change, the average lifespan of a company
on S&P 500. 25% of company will be ones that exist today, and 75% of companies will be ones
that are not on the index today. The guest speaker also talked something about his grow up
background, which are Kodak, Sears, Woolworth, Myspace, Borders and Compaq, etc. Mary Barra,
the CEO and chairman of general motors. She said that she believes that the auto industry will
change more in the next five to 10 years than it has in the last 50. The detrimental debt, nine of the
10 biggest retail bankruptcies by debt this year, perfumanla excluded, were backed by private
equity. John Chambers, the chairman and chief executive officer, cisco, USA. He said that “If you
don’t innovate fast, disrupt your industry, disrupt yourself, you will be left behind.” The facts of
Wholefood, amazing is buying Whole Foods Market for 13.7 billion dollars. The U.S. performance:
RevPAR growth continues shows that most of parts the result is keep growing up, such as
occupancy, ADR, RevPAR, revenue and demand. Also the resulting in record occupancy rates are
the long term average from 1987 to 2016 didn’t have too much different. However, between 2016
to 2017 it has changed a lot and rated as 65.8% at 2017. Quarterly RevPAR growth are still growth
but much slower than before, and the upper end hotels are still very busy, such as Luxury, upper
upscale, upper midscale, midscale and economy. Top 25 market that per night room sold, twelve
month moving average from 2007 to July 2016 are keep growing up, however at the year of 2009
it has the lowest rate compare to these years, which are 322.4. Also the rate of 2007 are 349.5 and
end with 423.0 at July 2016. Annual change in the components of RevPAR, the RevPAR and GDP
also changed a lot during these years. Demand growth is transient driven, the demand growth is
keep growing up these years, but the group demands are almost keep at a same level. RevPAR
growth 7 years and counting, lodging continues to gain a great share of consumer spending on
lodging real, per capita GDP and spending on lodging. The spending on lodging has increased 245%
since 1980 (real, per capita basis). The GDP has increased 78% since 1980 (real, per capita). While
the supply/demand growth balance is stabilizing, supply growth remain below normal levels. The
growth in large meetings that meeting of 1000+ attendees make up the largest major meeting
segment and are on the rise. The guest speaker showed us about the overall attendance at largest
meeting planned in last year. We forecast current cycle will extend 2+ years to become longest
recovery on record. Over borrowing/increasing rick will lead to sector downturns. The current
recovery is in the 8th year of expansion. A slowdown in 2020 assumes 2.8 more years of recovery.
Churning labor market, share of workers quitting, getting laid off or getting hired. Hotel industry
development and marketing of industry is the same, to understand the consumer’s idea, and then
to attract consumers can get a better development. The development of hotel industry in recent
years more and more good, so the hotel industry competition is becoming more and more fierce.
In order to let the hotel, get better development, the hotel must keep pace with The Times, trying
to stand out in the hotel industry. In fact, the competition between the hotel industry can better
stimulate the progress of the hotel. The sales department deals directly with the customer, and the
hotel’s customer base determines the sales work. Then, the development and maintenance of each
hotel’s customer base is different. The sales department should contact the customer and maintain
the customer relationship.
This week we met our forth guest speaker, Mark Grzankowski, the director of guest
experience, NYNY Hotel. He is an interesting man, and he also gave us an impressive
class. The topic of his talking is “CI and the Guest Experience”. First of all, he talked
about what is continuous improvement? Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to
improve products, services, or processes. During the class, He had many interesting
interactions with the students, such as playing games. The first game that he let us play is
sign out signature in 30 seconds, and see how much can we signed. At the first I was
Confused that why we are doing this such boring things, but after that he told us the
reason why he let us doing this. Many people work very hard when they just start work,
but with the passage of time, some people become more and more lazy. Work efficiency
is becoming more and more bad; people treat the job also care less compare with the
beginning of work. Because after people learned enough work skills people become lazy,
some people lost their enthusiasm of jobs, and turned out to be just to make money and
short cut the work. Most people think that hard work to make them feel tired of work,
since the salary is the same as appropriate slacking off at work. People are sometimes
glad felt it wise to do so, even laugh at those who hard work are silly. Because they didn’t
see the happiness of diligence, they only see the lazy can bring happiness; They can only
see the interests of the eyes, and see no interests in the end. For example, we all heard the
story about tortoise and the hare in childhood, many people are running fast at first, just
like the rabbit, but because they are clever and overconfidence so that sometime they
become lazy, but although congenital condition not as good as the rabbit but silent
struggle of the tortoise than the rabbit. The results are the tortoise is so incredible
becomes a champion. So people should not give up and become lazy, because in this
world there are a lot of people like the tortoise silent struggle. The second game is use the
number that the guest speaker gave us to ligature, which means organization is really
important. He also gave us a pig personality test result, which is draw a pig using the
number that he gave us. After we draw the pigs, we can get the result from the paper that
he gave us so we can understand our personality by this game. The result that I got is that
I am an optimistic person with a positive attitude. Also my generally anticipate the best
possible outcomes of actions and events.
My goal is to have a job as a hotel management level, that’s the reason why I choose to
study hospitality at University of Nevada Las Vegas. When I first came to Las Vegas, I sent
my resume to many hotel open position, however, I didn’t get any reply for almost half
year. After that, I started thinking about did I made a right decision? Is the hospitality really
be right for me? Or should I change to another job? Every time when I looking at the people
who are dressed in a suit and tie and working at the hotel, I feel very admire because they
are the people that I want become to. Luckily, at the end of last year, I got my first job at a
hotel, which is butler assistant. Even this is an entry level job, I still feel appreciate because
this is a good beginning for me. Now I have a short term which is become a butler at this
year, and my long term is still hotel management. After I work at this hotel, I understand
although a lot of people would like to work at a nice and luxury hotel, but we have to work
harder and harder to make our hotel become better. Also all the jobs at hotel are not as easy
as I thought before, and everything for me are new and pretty different with what I have
learned in my hospitality class. So that I have to spend more time to learn, and I won’t give
up until my dream come true.
This week we met our second guest speaker, who is Mark Prows. He is the senior vice
president from MGM Resorts international entertainment operations. The topic that he
talked about is “The Fun Business” entertainment operations. Mark’s scope of work are
many entertainment and sports venues, such as T-Mobile Arena, Grand garden Arena,
Mandalay Event Center and Park Theater in Las Vegas, as well as venues regionally in the
United States. Mark started work at MGM Resorts from 1993, and he also have worked at
many top venues in the U.S. Mark graduated from the University of Wyoming, and he had
35-year experience in hotel industry management. During the class, he also showed us
some video about the active shooter that happened at Las Vegas last year, and talked
something about Vegas Strong. The key moments in Las Vegas tourism. The annual visitors
to Las Vegas from the 1970s to 2015s are keeping growth, from 6,787,650 to 42,000,000.
At 1966, the Caesars Palace opens; At 1993 the MGM Grand opens; At 1998 the CES
exclusively held in Las Vegas, etc. The visitors changing by the average age was in the
mid-50s age just a few years ago, gambling less, visitors spending more time doing things
such as spa, adventure activities, and more convention attendees. As time goes by,
something from hotel industry has something changed, entertainment is a fundamental
human need. The millennial problem like many industries, resorts and gaming companies
are learning how to attract millennials. Budget conscious, want value, want to be “surprised
and delighted”, have access to massive amounts of info, and want interactive not slot
machines. Mark also talked some information about MGM Resorts, the MGM Resorts has
2,475,700 square feet of meeting space, more than 250 restaurants, more than 350 retail
outlets, and 31 entertainment venues. The way that how the hotel makes sure everyone has
fun are entertainment, additional venues/space, outdoor venues, regional entertainment
venues, cirque du soleil and other brand production shows. During this class, I learned that
one of the most important things that help the hotel industry to develop better is to find
more ways to attract visitors. Once the hotel attracts more visitors, it can drive the
development of tourism in the whole region, bring more economic income, so that they can
attract more and more tourists. The idea of having innovation is also an important factor in
the development of the hotel industry. With the development of the times, the hotel industry
also needs to keep abreast of the modern times, constantly improve and find more ways to
improve the development of the hotel.

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