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You helped me Write the rough draft few weeks ago. about Topic: The three most significant causes of the downfall of ancient Rome are as followed:1.The arrival of the Huns and the migration of the Barbarian tribes2.Economic troubles and Government corruption3.Christianity and the loss of traditional valuesRight now invite you again to make this 3 pages draft paper to a 8 pages paper.

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The Fall of the Roman Empire
The Fall of the Roman Empire
The Roman Empire is arguably the greatest in the world history and its history and
lessons are commonly applied in modern politics to strengthen states. However, like most
ancient empires, the fall of Rome was unavoidable as time and aspects that strengthened it
changed. Most of the aspects of the Roman Empire and some notable rulers are well known in
modern history. Furthermore, it is also crucial to understand the causes of its failure as a way of
getting a holistic view of the Roman Empire from its strengths to its most significant flaws that
eventually led to its fall. The migration of Huns and arrival of Barbarian tribes, economic
troubles and government corruption, and Christianity are the three most significant causes of the
devastating fall of the Roman Empire.
The first and most direct cause of failure, especially in Western Rome was a series of
losses in battles. One of the theories of the collapse of Rome shows that the west part of the
empire fell first before the East was eventually conquered by the Ottoman Empire. The division
of the empire into a Western Region and Eastern Empire made it easy to govern in a short while.
However, the emperors such as Constantine fortified Byzantium later known as Constantinople
while leaving the West exposed. Barbarian attacks to the West allowed them to easily conquer
the people and government living there (Chitwood, 1998). Cities like Rome and Milan were
taken early on because they were left unprotected. The East was not spared either and although it
was powerful, the expansion of the Ottoman Empire Westward eventually overcame it in the
1400s. It is also notable that the Ottoman Empire was so powerful and lasting it lasted up to the
20th century.
The migration of the Huns was also a part of the weakening of the empire, which
eventually led to its defeat. The Hun people were nomads who moved to the Western empire. In
moving in from Europe between the 1st and 5th centuries, the Hun people triggered the so-called
Western Migration. This migration allowed the Germanic tribes and Barbarians to vandalize
Rome and capture it. This weakness in the division of the Roman Empire prompted the failure of
the western part of it notably Italy. As history took its course and a stronger empire in the
Ottoman East rose, the Constantinople was eventually captured after around 1000 years and the
Roman Empire was officially defeated.
Secondly, Rome failed mainly due to economic crises and the increase in corruption in its
government. As the strongest empire of the time, Rome was always at war with invaders.
However, ways of sustaining its economy were running out as the empire over-relied on slave
labor and over-taxation. The oppressive taxes increased the gap between the rich and poor and
promoted economic crises. Furthermore, the empire was spending a lot on wars and was no
longer self-sustaining (Macmullen, 1988). This eventually led to the dismemberment of the
Western Empire for governance purposes. The division was one sign of failure since the
emperors could no longer hold it together. When the expansion of Rome stopped in the second
century, it was no longer possible to rely on slave labor since its enemies had captured areas such
as North Africa and the Empire was also unable to conduct such business.
Furthermore, the ruling system in Rome is alleged to have failed over time due to the
moral decline. Macmullen, R. (1988) claims that bribery and abuses of power in the Roman
Empire were often witnessed but heading into the fourth and fifth centuries, they had become the
norm. Understanding the theory of moral decline needs one to comprehend that the Empire, since
its formation, had always operated through patronage, favors, and family ties. The mutual
obligations were strong enough to keep a supreme government in place. However, with the
declining moral state, positions within the government became a matter of bribery and were
apparently purchased with favors. The essential conditions of security, the rule of law, and
justice eventually declined in the fourth and fifth century making the empire less powerful and
even reducing the faith of the people in the governance of the empire. Essentially, this moral
decadence combined with the reducing powers of the empire due to economic crises
consequently reduced the power of the emperor and prefects. The result was a weak state that
was easy to conquer.
Finally, if historians were to point a finger to a single Roman Emperor for its failure, it
would be Constantine who would receive most of the blame. The emperor abolished all Christian
persecution and declared Christianity the official state religion at around 313 C.E (Potter, 2013).
While this abolishment led to a more fair system and ended centuries of abuse, it caused more
havoc to the empire than it benefited it. First, the polytheistic religions were no longer
recognized in the empire, which had its power and supremacy based on them. The introduction
of Christianity meant that the emperor was no longer a god and he lost most of his authority.
Furthermore, this weakened state was further divided into two by the same emperor. Essentially,
the 4th century was the time when the Roman Empire instigated its failure and set itself for the
Foreign invasions, economic crises, and Christianity are the three main reasons for the
failure of the Roman Empire. The invasions of Barbarians and the migration of the Huns
conquered the Western Empire. Furthermore, corruption in the government of Rome combined
with the declining economic status weakened the state. Constantine significantly reduced the
powers of the emperor and rid Rome of its tradition by introducing Christianity. Although the
fall of Rome may be viewed as a devastating event, it was a gradual process, which was driven
by the internal weaknesses of the government and the systems of governance.
Chitwood, M. (1998). The fall of Rome. Carolina Quarterly, 50(2), 80.
Macmullen, R. (1988). Corruption and the decline of Rome. New Haven, CT: Yale University
Potter, D. (2013). Constantine the emperor. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

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