A wrinkle in time

A wrinkle in time Discuss and analyze reviews on your group pages discussion board. DO NOT SIMPLY AGREE OR DISAGREE. You must hold a fully analytical discussion–really pick each other’s reviews apart. But, always be respectful. Write response to 5 reviews ( attached in file DB11 WitT) Jasmine, Newhouse, Mellisa, Allison, George) (each response 200-250words)

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A wrinkle in time
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The movie “In Wrinkle in Time” is a fantasy, adventurous family movie that fits in the Science
Fiction genre. I believe it did confirm to the norms of this genre by including three different
fairies that help a girl named Meg Murry and her younger brother to find their hopeless father
that’s a scientist. He has been missing for years and his children want to figure out a way to
save him. Since the father is a scientist he figured out a way to get to different planets by
teleporting which is called “tesseract” in the film.
The movies use a scientific fantasy by creating a planet that the fairies describe it as a place that
possesses all the evil in the world which is where their father is trapped at. So, the magical
fairies take the children through a dangerous trip to get to their missing father. The leading cast
are Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, Mindy Kaling, Michael Pena, Storm Reid, Zach
Galifianaskis, and Chris Pine. The most memorable actor would be Meg (Storm Reid), just
because she was fantastic with her performance by putting in so much effort and emotion into
her character. She has been acting in other films but hasn’t played the role she played in this
film, for being her first time I was surely impressed.
The film included plenty of graphics which made it very cool to watch if you’re interested in
animated films. The camera angles used in this film are high angles, long shots, zooms, follow
shots, also used dolly’s to get to specific directions. The camera lighting was suitable for the
film, when they visited the evil planet they presented it with less lighting to show
maliciousness. On fairy-tale scenes they used more brightness to portray happiness. Also, the
sound effects go with the following scenes, when there were hardship situations they used loud
high beats that intensifies the viewers interest for sad scenarios they use low soft beats.
The plot for this movie was fit for the genre and I believe what made the movie more
interesting and intriguing was the sounds effects, graphics, and characters. The actors did an
amazing job in playing their roles and kept the film fascinating. But the story behind the movie
didn’t really interest me because, their father is missing and is basically in a demonic area that
his children needed to find him at, in the ending of the film I had mixed emotions and wasn’t
sure how to feel about the movie.
In general, I think the movie was safe bet for the studio because there was also a novel
narrated by this film, not only that, but the actors were great in their performance. The actors
used for this film were also very known which made others really want to watch it. The movie
theater I watched this film was very large and it was also crowded with families. It was multi
plex and the families loved the movie, and the children vocally interacted with the film. Overall
the film was great, the story behind it was decent, I loved the costumes that the characters
used, it showed more of the characters personality. If I’m able to rate this film I would give it a
seven out of ten.
2. Newhouse
A Wrinkle In Time is a Fantasy Adventure film about two children, Meg and Charles Wallace, in
search of their father who was lost somewhere in the universe on a time-travel mission. They
team up with three fantastical beings and take on ‘The It’ that represents darkness in order to
save their father. This film fits into and conforms to the genre of the Family Fantasy Adventure
well because there were magical beings and events keeping it action-packed and visually
The most memorable character for me was Meg (Storm Reid). Storm did her best to convey the
internal struggled Meg was experiencing throughout their adventure. Meg went through quite
a bit of character development towards the end of the film and Storm struggled to execute the
changes in behavior. At 14 years old, has yet to have a starring role that she could shine in and
it fell a bit short in this film.
The direction and camera work reflected the genre. The angles and movement of the camera
were spot on for what they were communicating. The use of varying camera shots allowed the
audience to see both the expressions on the character’s faces but also the wider environment.
The wide-angle shot during the major destruction of the forest scene deeply impacted the
audience by allowing them to experience the kids’ fear. The use of varied lighting as well as
color choice was also essential to the environment of the film, correlating with whether the
characters were dealing with the ‘light’ or ‘darkness’.
I thought the plot was easy to watch but painfully predictable. It was absolutely formulaic and
meant to fulfill the preconceived notions people have about the genre. Because of how
predictable it was, I can see how it was a safe bet for the studio, they know the demographic
they were trying to reach and did what they knew would work. Bringing in as many big names
as they did was also a way to ensure big profits.
I had a hard time remaining interested in this film because of the predictability and my
personal disinterest in family fantasy films. I am a fan of many of the actors so it was interesting
seeing them fulfill roles different than those they usually perform. Ava DuVernay is a director I
have heard a lot of praise for so I was excited to see her film. I think an element of underlying
symbolism was that the ‘darkness’ represented the real dark things in our world such as greed
and hate.
elieve that A Wrinkle In Time fits into Young Adult Science Fiction. It conforms to this genre
because the plot is about 3 kids Charles Wallace, his sister Meg and her friend Calvin who fight
the the darkness, also known as “The It”, with the help of the light who are three magical
women named Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who, and Mrs. Which in order to find Meg and
Charles Wallace’s father.
The leading cast includes Storm Reid (Meg), Deric McCabe (Charles Wallace), Levi Miller
(Calvin), Oprah Winfrey (Mrs. Which), Reese Witherspoon (Mrs. Whatsit), and
Mindy Kaling (Mrs. Who). Meanwhile, the supporting cast roles include Chris Pine (Mr.
Murray), GuGu Mbatha-Raw (Ms. Murray), and David Oweloyo (The It). I think the most
memorable of these characters were the three Mrs. I have always loved the acting of Reese
Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling. And this film is something completely different from what I
have seen them do before, expect Reese was still the same witty person she is. Oprah Winfrey,
however, I feel this role was good for her just because her character acted the same way she
does as motivational and caring.
I also feel like the the most meaningful element the director used in order to get the meaning
was definitely the lighting. Obviously the feature was about the light fighting the dark (in
people). I believe they used high and low key lighting during different parts of the film to
further analyze the scene that is going on. Like when the kids and the Mrs. first get to the other
planet where the Mrs. live there is so much light with no shadows where as the scene where
the darkness has taken hold of Charles Wallace and is about to take him it is so dark that as
the scene gets more and more tense and the more upset that Meg gets the darker it gets.
I feel like the idea of the movie was good, it reminded of a bunch of movies that I saw as a kid
and liked, it gave kids this responsibility and it also gave kids the chance to be a hero. But in this
film, the plot of the movie didn’t give me the same satisfaction that I got from watching those
other movies. The actors I think were pretty good, the directing was ok, but the way it was
written kind of left me sitting there like “Was that it?”
I feel like it was a safe bet, just because they included big actors like Chris Pine, Oprah Winfrey,
Zach Galifianakis, Mindy Kaling, and Reese Witherspoon and because it was mostly meant for
kids, as a Disney movie. I didn’t expect to like it myself, but I bet a lot of kids dragged their
parents to the show especialy if it showed the value of family during the film. Then the place I
went to was a small place but the theater I got to doesn’t usually affect my experience of the
movie itself.
4. Allison
A Wrinkle in Time is Disney’s attempt at a heartwarming, empowering story which
follows three children’s adventure into finding our lead character Meg Murray’s (Storm Reid)
father in a dimension beyond earth that intersects space and time. The film can be labeled a
science fiction/children’s drama that speaks to finding one selves and combating adversity and
loss with love and friendship “Classic Disney”. While the film without a doubt was visually
stunning with a powerful message, losses it’s luster with over-exageratted acting and confusing
storytelling which resulted in a very underwhelming experience, especially by Disney’s
The story starts with introducing Storm Reid’s character Meg, and her little brother Charles,
mourning the disappearance of their father. Meg and Charles soon learn that their father has
disappeared into another dimension and are informed by 3 “Women” that they must rescue
him. With the help of these 3 magical women “Oprah Winfrey, Reese Witherspoon, and Mindy
Kaling” Meg, Charles and Meg’s friend Calvin are thrust into this alternate universe where they
battle dark forces in an attempt to find Meg’s father.
AWIT flaws start with the writing, understandably the film would be a difficult transition from
the book that was written 50 years prior to a sub 2-hour film, but the lack of flow and
understanding scene to scene I found made the film confusing and ultimately uniteresting. One
moment the characters are frolicking with talking flowers, next riding a dragon like creature,
then they travel to another planet, and so on and so on. Admititly each scene was visually
captivating and had suspense and drama, but the flow of the story was very choppy and never
transitioned smoothly from point A to point B.
Also one of AWIT’s downfall’s was the very “stock” acting, especially on the part’s of Winfrey
and Witherspoon. Whether they were the victim of the lack-luster writing or simply just
overdoing the role of the wise fairylike creature, the megastar’s acting in AWIT was brutal to
say the least. The producers could of hired three women off of the street that could have
delivered the same level performance as Winfrey, Witherspoon and Kaley. Clearly, the big cast
names were their to name-bate more people into seeing the film then hiring them for their
acting skills.
Overall, AWIT is a major letdown. If there is one upside if your children drag you to see it are
the film’s amazing visuals and CGI, I would dare put it on the same level as Avatar. But if you are
there as a fan of the book, or a fan of the cast, I daresay you will vastly underwhelmed, which is
a shame for Disney. Indeed every rose does have it’s thorn.
I would classify the film as a science fiction/ children’s drama. The film did indeed follow the
norm for a children’s movie with the protagonist overcoming all
The main character of the 13 year old girl the film was centered around was played by Storm
Reid, but the actors who I were most excited to see including Oprah and Reese Witherspoon
gave very underwhelming performances. They both were who I was most excited to see in the
film, but both played very stock, almost robotic performances. Both women have had parts in
other children’s movies, but both of their performances would have been better suited for an
animated movie which did not have to rely on anything other than their voices.
The film’s most obvious use of direction and camera work was integrating CG with the
characters to portray the different world, the affective pan and zoom of their locations helped
the viewer put us in the characters world. Also the mood was set with lighting changes, such as
being very bright with the scenes with the gossiping flowers, and dark and ominous with scenes
against the evil forces.
The plot was adapted from the children’s book written in the 1960s, from what I understand
the movie took some liberties from the original plot, which most Hollywood adaptations do. It
did not stretch what fits into the genre, but the overall story did have some flaws.
I’m sure that when Disney put the film into production, they expected A Wrinkle in Time to be a
big box office success, especially giving the film a $100,000,000 budget. With big names like
Winfrey and Witherspoon anchoring the film, and director Ave DuVernay coming off a very
successful movie in Selma in 2014, I’m sure they had little doubt it would not be a success. But
the film only grossed $33 million on it’s opening weekend which on a $100 Million budget, is
considered a bomb by Hollywood’s standard.
Oprah would be a perfect example of a typical Typecast character for A Wrinkle in Time. She
plays a strong woman with words of wisdom for the the young protagonist, just as what she has
made her career being a strong woman.
5. George
The film A Wrinkle In Time, fit into the genre of speculative science fiction. The film consisted of
a story line in which teleportation to other worlds can be done through “tesseract,” which is the
bending of space and time for transportation. The use of fairies and bending in space and time
make for situations that realistically do not happen further supporting the genre of it being a
speculative science fiction movie. I feel it did confirm to the norms of this genre as it included
science and fantasy with the movie being based on the study of physics in which a scientist
discovers a method to transport to different planets based on his studies. It includes the fantasy
portion as it has the three magical fairies guiding the scientist children in their search for the
missing father.
The most memorable actor in this film was Meg (Storm Reid), who was the child who lost her
father the scientist and has a hard time dealing with her father’s disappearance. I think she did
a good job in her performance, I did however find that some scenes particularly the ones in
which she is with her crush Calvin a bit inappropriate for a 14-year-old child. Storm Reid has
starred in other movies such as, 12 Year Slave, White Water and Sleight,all movies in which she
did not play any roles similar to the role she played as Meg. Storm Reid is a young actress that
I’m sure with continued work will have continued success.
The direction and camera work were appropriate for the genre as I enjoyed a lot of the graphics
in the movie. I felt the angles and movement of the camera using the 180-degree rule, allowed
the viewers to easily follow the plot and truly grasp the role the actors where portraying. I did
find the lighting to be appropriate as well as I noticed the scenes which consisted of the evil in
film was portrayed using darker low-key lighting while as happy magical scenes where all
portrayed very bright and vivid by using high key lighting. Sounds throughout the movie where
appropriate with sound effects matching the scenes and tone in each scene.
I think the writing for this movie was appropriate, formulaic to the genre, but it just did
not catch my interest. The plot of the film just seemed to far-fetched for me and a lot of the
scenes seemed like the repeated story line told over and over again about the missing father
and the children going off to locate the father. I think watching the scenes in which Megs,
classmates gave her and Charles Wallace, a hard time for their fathers disappearing was a bit
disturbing as I hope this is not something that happens in real life.
Overall, I think the film was a safe bet for the studio as it was based on a great book and
contained well-known actors such as Reese Whitherspoon, Mindy Kaling, and Oprah Winfrey.
The theater in which I saw the movie in was a big multi-plex, it is one I frequently visit as I enjoy
the seating and surround sound of the theater. Crowds at this theater are usually very small
and usually respectful of other patrons by limiting the amount of noise that occurs during the
movie. I give this film 2 stars.

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