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There are no extra resources that are used to control criminal justice. US government
spend much money as they fight with the crime but difficult to spend it productively. In early
1960’s, the number of crimes increased from 3.3 million to 12 million. That time the government
was spending much time on police, courts and corrections were doubling as a share of GNP. A
survey shows that only one-third of crimes are said to be reported to police. To fight this, we
have to change the game. The government should reduce enormous daily waste of time. It
becomes expensive to arrest and punish the guilty. The work of government becomes weak
accountability and inefficiency, which has increased dramatically. The law enforcement has
become weak in giving justices on orders given. There are more than 2 million judges, lawyers,
criminology, prison officials and social workers. The government should have a strategy to raise
the criminal chances of arrest and conviction and increase the way of punishing. This should be
done without adding a burden to an ordinary citizen; taxpayers.
Poverty is brought about by being jobless, poorly paid in the US, young people aged 17 –
to – 25 years of old are most affected by this. That according to Equality and Human Rights
Commission (EHRC). These young people face the high rate of unemployment. A survey done
by EHRC shows that a third of 17- to -25 years old young people lived in poverty compared to
those of age 26- to -35 years old (Keogh, 2015). Due to lack of employment, these young people
engage in crimes. The household poverty acts as a critical factor leading to increasing of young
people offending. US government should put measures to reduce debt in the country. These
young people get more risk of a criminal justice system. Research shows that 70% of people
aged 18 – to – 21 years old have less income which is below the living wage. The government
should make sure every child goes to school get educated the necessary skills to reduce the rate
of crime. Prevention is better than cure. Knowledge will be held very significant in fighting
against the crimes (Keogh, 2015). Poverty is measured in different ways. The social, economic
status of the household, if at the age of 18 years the young person had no education, training and
may be unemployed, if, at age of 22 years, the young person was one year unemployed, and
lastly the neighborhood basis on census measures of poverty in an area of residence. Now the
government should come with ideas and solution to fight against these measures of poverty so as
the standard of living of young people may be better (Epstain, 2016)
Each day approxiamately13 children aged 18 years are killed by gunfire due to crimes.
The interest of family in the US is to reduce gun violence. There is always a debate concerning
those who believe they should control the guns versus those who regulate the guns. Some
advocates would like to see the US government close down the manufacturers of firearms and
sellers so that no citizens who are supposed to carry the weapons. Guns should be limited in the
country and law to be established to who should have a gun and should not have. The advocates
in the US believe guns reduce crime. When there are more guns with people, there are high rates
of crimes. When an individual owns a weapon the probability of that person being at risk to be
killed is very high. Thus, when guns are put out of hands of individuals, it will reduce crime
which will be advantageous to the country. However, some other advocates believers guns do not
lower crime rate. They base their argument that gun doesn’t kill- it is people who kill. Thus if
people carry guns whenever they go, they protect themselves, therefore, less violent crimes.
They should be a mandatory gun control rule for consumes less effort on the owners of the guns
than the laws which control guns. The attempt to outlaw the manufacture of guns failed because
there is the black-market flow of illegal guns. Where people have no guns, it is rare for guns
deaths. This is a practical and straightforward way of regulating the use of guns in the country.
Also, the war on drugs has not ended in the US. Drugs have a significant impact on
crimes in the US. It has also effect globally. Drugs don’t offend, but drugs are associated with
crime. The survey was done in 1995 by National Household Survey showed that use of
prescription had decreased, but the illegal drug use by teenagers increased from 1990 – 1995.
Most males were tested by drug use test forecasting whom most were positive for drugs. The
government has laws amendment on medication. The first law states any person dealing with
heroin and cocaine should register with the government department which deals with drugs. The
consumption of alcohol reduces inhibition which causes even more serious crimes. Nowadays,
police make more than one million arrests annually on drunk driving tests. Drug use and selling
should be eliminated entirely by the government. People who use drugs most of them are due to
poverty. The government should be strict on amending drugs laws and making sure people
understand and do what the law states (Mifflin, 2016).
Moreover, gang rate has increased. Gang involves a group of people who walk together
or even wear similar clothes. Mostly these people are aged between 15 to 24 years of age. US
government had put all measures to study the gangs in the streets. The police chief had been
appointed to bring the information of groups in cities of New York and Las Angeles. As they
study, they faced many challenges such as lack of knowledge and data involving the gangs. The
gangs have characteristics of rarely talking to outsiders or people who don’t belong to the band
(Trueman, 2015). These gangs’ members are mostly in crimes in big cities. The US government
had an idea to bring to an end of groups to the extent of giving an award to anyone who has any
information about a gang. There was growth in the US of people involved in gangs carrying
knives. This extended to other people also taking knives claiming they are protecting themselves
in case they come across a band. Police officers should put extra effort to keep law and order.
However, giving people who commit the crime a death penalty is costly and consumes
much time. It spends many years, taking time for judges, prosecutors and defense lawyers and
also the government expenses. Instead, criminals should be sentenced to life imprisonment rather
than the death penalty. In the United States one unless one has commits an extraordinary crime
to be given the death penalty. Instead, the government should use the resources use on the death
penalty and use them in maybe adding more skills on police officers and high technical powers
to fight against crimes. The number of people murdered has declined in the past three decades.
Only a half of killed are punished nowadays (Donohue, 2015). Over the past years, the state of
California spent almost $4 billion to deal with 13 individuals. This money would have been used
to hire more than 78,000 police officers who would have prevented approximately 500
murderers. This shows that death penalty is wastage of resources which would have been used to
create measures on crime-fighting known useful.
Moreover, society has failed in preventing crimes. Parents lack time for their children
who later engage themselves with immorality. I am sure if parents create much time to have talks
with children and share ideas with them these crimes cases would be low. However, they are also
some parents who commit crimes. Lack of guidance and morals from society has brought about
the rapist, child molesters and even having serial killers. Some measures should be taken to
reduce crime rates. Fight against the use of drugs. US government should amend laws on drug
usage. It should lessen the outlet for alcohol. Licensing should be given to people who have
qualified according to the rules. Alcohol offenders should be evoked from drinking. Many
people drink before they go home which later causes many car crashes. Police also should take a
role in fighting crimes. There should be hotspots policies. In many cities in the US, there is
hotspot where crimes are committed. Police should regularly visit those areas. This will reduce
crime efficiently. Community partnering with police will boost the crime-fighting effect further.
More so, education plays a prominent role in ending crimes. Research done stated that,
when children are at school, the crimes rate declines. This also reduces the number of dropouts.
US government should make laws concerning about education. Every child has a right to go to
school. Keeping children longer in school reduces crime rates (Lopez, 2016). Also at there
should be programs involving behavioral intervention. Children have rational incentives for
behaving in the way they do.
Lopen German (2016, June 19) 6 proven policies for reducing crime and violence without gun
control – Vox
Rao Sheban (2013, may 8) Five ways to reduce crime | Urban Institute
Fergussion Ross (2015, November 5) is there a link between youth poverty and crime? The
answers may surprise you
Donohue John (2015, August 8) there’s no evidence that death penalty is a deterrent against

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