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anthropology question
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Question 1
The best way to sex a skeleton is to look at the ___________
a. the skull
b. the pelvis
c. the overall size of a skeleton
d. all of the above
Question 2
All of the following is accurate regarding dating techniques, EXCEPT
a. multiple dating techniques are always used to date fossil remains
b. absolute dating techniques give specific time frames as to the dates of fossil remains
c. relative dating techniques state whether or not a fossil is relatively older or younger than
other fossil remains
d. all absolute dating techniques (i.e. carbon 14, argon/argon) can be used on all types of
fossils and for all time frames
Question 3
All of the following can be determined from fossil remains, EXCEPT
a. whether or not an individual had a happy, fun filled life
b. whether or not an individual had good nutrition throughout their life
c. whether or not an individual engaged in repetitive labor of some sort
d. whether or not an individual suffered from a serious illness
Question 4
Aging a skeleton (the age an individual was when they died)
a. is as simple as sexing a skeleton, the pelvis is the best indicator
b. requires looking at multiple aspects of fossil remains, from the teeth to the pelvis to the
c. always involves the use of absolute dating techniques such as argon/argon
d. none of the above
Question 5
Fossil remains
a. must always be marked as to the specific spot they were found to be scientifically useful
b. must always be marked in relationship to both the vertical and horizontal placement of
the fossil
c. are very common and it is believed that all species have left at least one fossil remain
d. a and b only
Question 6
a. is the study of what happens to remains after death
b. has led to a reassessment of early hominins in South Africa, we now believe they were the predators, not
the prey
c. has led to a reassessment of early hominins in South Africa, we now believe they were the prey, not the
d. a and b only
e. a and c only
Question 7
a. involves cutting a hole in the skull
b. is a clear example of how we can know exactly why people in the past did what they did,
this practice was always done to relieve headaches
c. is a clear example of how we can know exactly why people in the past did what they did,
this practice was always done to open up the third eye for psychic development
d. is an old practice that is never practiced by any humans today, we are way to intelligent
to do something this silly
Question 8
The development of absolute dating techniques
a. allowed researchers to come up with absolute time-frames as to when fossil remains
b. includes carbon 14 dating methods
c. is of tremendous importance in studying the fossil record
d. all of the above
Question 9
a. the study of the past
b. the study of old bones
c. the study of skeletal anatomy and function
d. the study of old primates
Question 10
a. are very common, almost any environment can lead to fossilization
b. are very rare, only select environments can lead to fossilization
c. at least one of every species that has ever lived has been fossilized
d. are irrelevant to the study of the human past
Question 11
Primates evolved in relationship adaptation to a __________ environment.
a. terrestrial
b. nocturnal
c. arboreal
d. aquatic
Question 12
Which genus best fits the description “small-brained, robust, hominin with a mixed
grassland, plant foods”
a. Australopithecus
b. Paranthropus
c. Sivapithecus
d. Homo
e. Grassiopithecus
Question 13
What is the most likely reason as to why there were so many hominin species?
a. dramatic and rapid environmental changes
b. the devastating scarcity of raw materials for stone tools
c. trial and error experimentation, Homo sapiens are the result of a selection process
towards perfection
d. all of the above
Question 14
Regarding the evolution of New World Monkey’s
a. the rafting hypothesis states that monkey’s in Africa built rafts and made their way to South America
millions of years ago
b. the migration hypothesis states that New World monkey’s migrated down from North America millions of
years ago
c. New World Monkey’s are specialized to live only in Africa and Asia
d. all of the above
Question 15
The first key trait that separates hominin’s from apes is
a. a physical make up dedicated to bipedalism
b. the development of a large brain
c. the making and using of sophisticated stone tools
d. the name, Dudepithecus is clearly a cool name
Question 16
Australopithecus have been described as “bipedal apes,” what’s the KEY feature that is apelike about them
a. their long legs and short arms
b. their small brain size
c. their flat faces
d. their huge, extended canine teeth
Question 17
The best evidence so far indicates that hominins and chimps shared a common ancestor
a. 5 to 7 billion years ago
b. 12 to 15 million years ago
c. 5 to 7 million years ago
d. 3 million years ago
e. never, they do not share a common ancesto
Question 18
One of the most intense debates regarding the early Australopithicines is over
a. their form of locomotion; were they bipeds or quadropeds?
b. how they scavenged for meat; did they use their stone tools or their bare hands?
c. the size of their molars; were their molars smaller than Paranthropus because they
cooked their food or because they used stone tools to cut their food into really small
d. none of the above
Question 19
Which genus best fits the following description “small-brained, gracile, hominin with a
mixed vegetable/fruit diet.”
a. Australopithecus
b. Paranthropus
c. Sivapithecus
d. Homo
e. Grassiopithecus
Question 20
All of the following is accurate regarding bipedalism and hominids, EXCEPT
a. bipedalism was selected for when the environment changed to a desert
b. bipedalism freed up the hands and allowed for things to be carried
c. bipedalism allowed hominids to walk longer distance more efficiently
d. bipedalism, with its upright posture, minimized the impact of direct sun on hominids

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