Brainstorming Editorial

Hi, based in my previous work that I’ll attach I want you to brainstorm an opining for my editorial about kidnapping for adoption. and make sure it is in MLA format.Brainstorming for Paper 5: EditorialWhile Paper 5 is one of our shorter essays at three pages (or about 750 words), it requires quite a bit of strategizing and planning to persuade your audience to a). recognize that the problem you are focusing on needs to be solved and b). the solution you propose in the editorial is the best way to do so.1. Go to the op-ed page of a major newspaper or news outline like the NYT, CNN, WaPo, etc. and take a few minutes to read through some of the titles.What can you potentially title your editorial? Brainstorm 1-2 possibilities here.2. Like the title, your editorial’s opening must work to catch the attention of casual readers. When thinking about the most effective way to open, you will first need to consider what type of rhetorical appeal (ie logical or emotional) would work most effectively with your issue/problem to grab your audience’s attention. Remember that logical appeals consist of facts, statistics, analogies, definitions. You could emotionally appeal to your audience by opening with a story/example or a hypothetical scenario about the negative effects caused by the problem.Brainstorm a potential opener or hook here.3. After opening with an attention grabber, your first paragraph should transition into an overview of the specific problem within the issue that your editorial will attempt to solve. In about 4-5 sentences or so, give an overview of the issue and define the problem for the audience; anticipate readers who may not know much about the issue here.4. The second paragraph of your editorial will present your main argument and potential solution. In a few sentences, articulate and explain your solution to the problem and why it will work.5. Paragraphs 3 through 5 will focus on providing reasons that your solution will work. It’s ok if you don’t have three reasons, but you definitely should provide at least two here. Look at Part III of your Paper 4 draft: what reasons do you give to prove that your solution will work? What evidence from your research supports these reasons?- What is one reason you provide in paper 4 that this solution has the potential to work? What facts, evidence, etc from your research shows this?- What is a second and what research supports it?- if you have an additional reason, give here and tell what research supports it.6. The next paragraph should address any counterarguments or concerns with your proposed solution. Write a short paragraph that answers the following questions: Who – ie what stakeholders or stakeholder groups – would take issue with your proposed solution? Why? What is their argument against your solution? Do they have a valid point? Why/why not? Why is your solution the best option overall?7. The final paragraph of your editorial must end with an effective appeal to the readers. In a short paragraph, first tell what you specifically want them or officials to do to help solve the problem: Where can readers go online to learn more about the problem? How can readers act to help solve the problem? Provide specifics. Finally, end with an effective emotional or logical appeal that will persuade readers to act.


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Abualsaud 1
March 12, 2018
English 102 052
Adoption from Foreign Countries
Topic: The topic I have chosen to focus on this project is the adoption from foreign countries.
Bearing the fact that nowadays people have decided to pick an adoption choice from foreign
countries, The United Sstate need to have a better look at the same. It has also been clear that this
move has been on the rise even to the point that some celebrities have also managed to have a
significant influence on the same thing. Nowadays, there has also been the continuous interaction
between the foreign countries, and this has also given the people an opportunity to interact
(Compton, 2016). It is why people can see the situation of adoption from foreign countries.
Furthermore, they can note that because of the vast cultural interactions, it is now possible for the
same to be put into practice. Currently, there has been a lot of the same being seen ranging from
the adoption of children from China to the children from Africa. A lot of these practices are
being shared from person to person every day.
Preliminary Research: I began my research from various written journals and periodicals
together with a vast internet search. First, I went to the UNDP, Child Adoption Trends and
Policies Report where I was able to read through the same and get the prospects of how the same
has been happening over time. It helped me find some journals noted down over the same. They
all looked at the way this is happening at the moment and how it would be of an impact either
positively or negatively.
Compton, R. J. (2016). Adoption beyond borders: How international adoption benefits
children. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Abualsaud 2
After intense research using the journal, I then went ahead to look at the work of two ladies who
also had their point of view towards the same
Lammerant, I. (2007). Adoption: at what cost?: For an ethical responsibility of receiving
countries in intercountry adoption. Lausanne: Terre des hommes.
Defining the problem: Over the recent past, there has been an increase in the adoption cases
from foreign countries. To some, they do feel as though this is a modernized form of child
trafficking because these children who are adopted are made to be sole owners of their foster
parents. In fact, just over the recent past, we have heard numerous complaints by various
countries over the same (Lammerant,). They believe that the adopted children are being taken
away from their original home and go off to lose their home culture and become new people
The main people who have been able to bring in the entire problem are the foreigners
who go to other countries such as China and the African nations then there, they engage the law
and lawfully adopt a child. However, many locals tend to believe that this is just but a polite way
of participating in child trafficking because keeping track of these children once taken is so hard.
This, however, varies mainly with the law of these countries because some countries do not
allow international adoption (Lammerant, 2007). The main problem comes out because a lot of
these countries are now crying foul even as we see some states going into protests over the same.
Potential Solutions: Recent findings have been able to show a decline in the same because there
has been an outcry over a large number of orphaned children being adopted. Therefore, there has
to be that move by the lawmakers to ensure that the rate at which these children are being
adopted is minimized. Furthermore, we also have to ensure that the safety of these children once
Abualsaud 3
passed, is taken care of so that people can become comfortable when engaging in such. It is
because most people tend to believe that whenever a child is adopted, there is a risk of them
falling into the hands of the child traffickers.
Research Plan: Whenever I bring this out, I always tend to refer to the Russian protests over the
alarming increase of child adoption. It is because the move enabled a lot of concerned parties to
have an in-depth look at the same bearing the fact that a lot of children had been adopted before
the same. I am genuinely interested to find out how the Russians got their issues sorted and even
engage a follow up on the same so that I can be able to see whether what was highly
controversial got a chance to be looked at. Furthermore, most of the journals and blogs about the
same will also highlight that the issue on child adoption also came to their attention bearing the
fact that the rate at which this was happening was very alarming.
Questions that I still need to be answered include;
What is the US government’s take on this issue?
If there has been a reduction in the rate of adoption, can we safely say that it has now
been reduced or controlled?
Looking at the 13million adopted children, how can we confirm that they are safe from
the fangs of child trafficking?
What are we looking at in the future looking at the current trends in the child adoption
What do we have to say when we look at the entire cycle of adoption and even as it has
finally gotten to reduce?
English 102
Adoption from Foreign Countries
Adoption of children from foreign lands can be seen as a noble act by some
people. However, this act does not always equate to nobility. Adoption has been noted
to be increasing in a rampant rate especially from the first world countries trying to
make a positive impact on less developed regions of the world by adopting some of
their younger ones in the quest of ‘providing a better future’ for them. The rampant
increase in adoption has also seen the increase of extortionists. This is the main problem
facing adoption from foreign countries. Some people have seen this as a chance to
increase slave trade where the only thing that they ought to do is sign the adoption
papers. Most locals have become skeptical about the practice from reports done on how
these orphans are taken to foreign lands to be treated as slaves and sold to other markets
This problem has occurred mainly due to the lack of follow-up processes after
adoption and the distance created between origin countries and foreign countries after
the process of adoption. It is true that there is usually minimum follow-up by the
adoption firms after the adoption process has been completed. Not many of them keep
tabs on how the adopted children fair along in their new homes. Also, with the increased
distance from their mother-lands to the foreign lands, the knowledge of how the
children might be fairing along becomes difficult. The adoption firms, the governments
and the people adopting these orphans are to be held responsible for the problem. If the
problem persists, then there will be more children being handed to strangers with
unknown intentions. These children also grow up not understanding their origins which
might cause trauma. Psychological effects on the children also are part of the problem.
Adoption from foreign countries can cause very big problems. People with bad
intentions use this practice to encourage slave trade. Without proper evaluation and
strategies in place, this problem might grow larger.
Stakeholders/ Audience
There are a few main stakeholders affecting and being affected in return by the
problem of adoption from foreign countries. They include the adoption organizations,
the governments of both the origin country and the foreign country, the children being
adopted, and the groups of people that adopt these children. Out of all the stakeholders,
the governments involved have the most power to be able to solve this problem once
and for all. With the intervention of both governments, wrong use of adopted children
can be curbed. If say a person interested in adoption resides in the US and wants to
adopt a child from Vietnam, a vetting process should be taken upon this party by the
adoption organization and the government (Marre).
The government can be able to help strongly in looking at the background of
the interested party in order to be able to understand the motives of the action of
adoption. Collaboration between the US and the Vietnamese government will ensure
that the child does not fall into the wrong hands. However, the people who are willing
to adopt might not be able to support the idea mainly because most might think that the
adoption might be a good gesture from them and should not be judged in such a manner.
It is true that most do it from a clean heart but most might overlook the concept of
protection of the children. By convincing them that the precautions are set for the safety
of the children, then most will agree to the procedures.
I belong to the group of the government. I believe that these procedures should
be in place throughout the lives of the adopted. The local communities might also be
aware of this problem. I mean, they lived with the children before the adoption process
therefore they know and understand the children better. They might be able to pick up
signs or behaviors from those children who might not want to leave and speak on it. It
is very important that governments intervene in this process to avoid issues like slavery
and trafficking of children. This process should maintain regular check-ups even when
the children grow up to maintain their safety.
The Solution
In my preference, I think that the best solution to the problem would be the
intervention if the government. They say that the hand of the government is a long one.
This is usually not by accident. A vetting process for interested parties should be
thoroughly done and looked into before being handed the child. Also, after the process
is complete, there should be regular check-ups, every three months, of how the child is
being treated until the child reaches maturity. Communication methods have been tries.
However, with increased distance, this has become difficult. It is very important that
the government intervenes in the situation and does regular check-ups on the adopted
children to increase security and to be able to put tabs on the welfare of the children.
This solution is quite practical. The government can issue a board specifically
for this reason: a board like the social working board. Since there exists such a board,
implementation of the survey and check-ups will be easy. It will also be cost-effective
since the governments will only need to use what they have. Social workers are known
to do great things for the community. If they can be added this responsibility, then the
problem can be solved since the parties interested in adoption will be careful with their
intentions that are answerable to the government if they do not meet the required
standards. The solution can be implemented in an easy manner and can be able to
completely solve the problem. Lives matter.
We live in an uncertain world which happens to keep changing its events every
single minute. There are all kinds of people in the world: people with good intentions,
terrible intentions, and even others that do not care about other people. It is the world
we live in. It is very important that everyone stays alert and reports suspicious behavior
to the right authorities whenever one notices such. Adoption is a process based on love
and cares all around the world. Many parents want to give back to the world in one way
or another and they might feel that adoption can be a great manner in doing so. Some
couples might not be able to bear children; therefore, they are left with no option but to
adopt. However, some people with evil intentions tend to use the process in the wrong
manner. Some adopt children to use them as slaves or sell them to other interested
people (Simon & Altstein).
This should be stopped immediately. It is with a heavy heart that I say this
because I cannot imagine my brother or sister being sold as a slave or another person’s
child being taken into slavery and be okay with it. All lives are equal. We all have the
right to be free and live life however we want to. It is not right that someone would get
to determine another person’s life and condemn it so such misery. Some people lack
compassion or empathy. This is why it is up to all of us to stay vigilant in this case. We
ought to report any case that might not seem right. Also, we can be able to come
together and sign petitions to our governments so that they may be able to act
accordingly towards such cases. In some societies, children are believed to actually be
worth more than grown-ups. They believe that a child represents two lives: the present
and the future. We ought to view children as blessings and not tools or objects to be
sold or bought. It is very wrong for anyone to ever think that. Report any suspicious
case you might see to protect these children.
Jaffe, E. D. (1995). Intercountry Adoptions: Laws and Perspecitves of “Sending”
Countries. United States: Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.
Marre, D. (2009). International Adoption: Global Inequalities and the Circulation of
Children. New York: NYU Press.
Simon, R. J. & Altstein, H. (1991). Intercountry Adoption: A Multinational
Perspecitve. United States: Greenwood Publishing Group.

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