Capstone Wrap-up – Starbucks Meeting Rooms

I need help putting together my capstone and I need an executive summary written and conclusion too please. I have taken care of the audiovisual powerpoint so you can ignore that part of the rubric.You can use content from the other papers I have attached. I also attached the requirements…but to summarize:Your business implementation plan must include the following sections: I. Executive Summary. Provide a brief overview of your concept and its key features, including cost, time frame, and anticipated benefits. II. Justification. Lay out the rationale for the concept, including the problem or opportunity it addresses, the market for the product or service, and the key
features that set it apart from the competition. You should also discuss how the concept fits with the mission, vision, and priorities of the company
implementing it and how or why it is innovative.III. Implementation Plan. Propose a clear and comprehensive plan for implementing and managing the concept from inception to completion. Although the
details of your plan will necessarily depend upon your concept, at a minimum your plan should consider: ? Physical and technological resources needed for the concept, including where these will come from and how they will be used to reduce cost or
improve operations. Be sure to discuss why one resource option is better than another where appropriate. ? A detailed implementation schedule covering what needs to be done, by when, and by whom. The schedule should identify the critical path to
success and outline the dependencies between tasks. ? Project review processes and indicators of success to ensure that the project stays on target ? An explanation of how intrapreneurship or entrepreneurship factors in to the implementation of your plan and how you will protect intangible
assets, such as intellectual property or brand IV. Company and Key Personnel. Explain why your organization is well positioned to carry out the project, including how the concept fits with your
organization’s core competencies and the type of corporate culture that will offer the best possibility for successful implementation. In addition, define
the key roles, responsibilities, and qualifications of the cross-functional team that will be responsible for implementing the project. Although you may
not always be able to provide the names of the specific individuals who will occupy those roles, you should explain the specific skills and experience
required for each and the contributions each member will make, including what your own role will be in the process and contingency plans should the
team composition you propose need to be modified. V. Financial Analysis and Funding. Analyze the projected costs, revenue streams, and net present value for the concept from launch until two years after
the breakeven point. Be sure to include a budget, an assessment of assets and liabilities, your anticipated sources of funding, and the associated costs of
attaining that capital as part of your analysis. Support your analysis with relevant primary and secondary data in an appendix, specifying any relevant
assumptions and limitations. You should include, among other support, sales forecasts, cash flow statements, income projections, and any other
relevant calculations or financial reports. VI. Assumptions and Contingency Planning. Clearly explain the assumptions you have made in creating your business implementation plan, any factors that
may affect those assumptions or the success of the project, and how you have planned for those contingencies. At a minimum, you should discuss any
cross-cultural, economic, and geopolitical factors that may impact the business environment and concept; how you will ensure that the project operates
in a legally and ethically compliant environment, including relevant laws, regulations, or patents or permits that may need to be obtained; plans for
incorporating stakeholder and customer diversity into planning and implementation of the concept; and the role corporate social responsibility will play
in the implementation of your concept. Guidelines for Submission: Your business implementation plan should be approximately 25 pages long (not including appendices, references, etc.), using 12-
point Times New Roman font, with one-inch margins. You should use appropriate section headers to divide the text and cite references using the most recent
APA conventions. You may include summary pictures, charts, graphs, or other explanatory diagrams as needed to successfully explain the concept and
implementation, but should use appendices for detailed supporting documentation.


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Capstone Wrap-up – Starbucks Meeting Rooms
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Running Head: MBA 705 Milestone One
MBA 705 Capstone
MBA 705 Milestone One
Executive Summary
Starbucks has built its brand to provide not only coffee and other food items but also an ambient
environment where the customers can get to enjoy their time. Introducing private lounges gets to
improve the ambiance provided by providing a private space for customers looking for a more
private area for them to hang around.
Starbucks also prides itself in providing a unique interaction for each of its customers. This often
happens when customers get their drinks from the baristas and move onto the tables. However,
having a private lounge will allow customers to get a private area where they can share private
time with the company they are with. Having private lounges will be beneficial to Starbucks as it
increases then niche clientele that is that will be available to Starbucks. It is mainly targeted at
people looking to hold business meetings at a casual place as well as people getting together to
enjoy quiet time while also enjoying the ambiance provided at Starbucks. The lounges are a good
marketing concept for Starbucks as they help in bringing in large groups of people at the same
time thus enhancing the number of sales.
Problem Addressed
Too many people and noise – Starbucks has grown over the years attracting more and more
clients as a leader in the coffee cafe industry. The company has however been able to maintain
their ambiance and provide the customers with a good environment to have the coffee. However,
one setback that the company faces is their nosiness in the cafes due to having many clients at
one time. Other than that there is also a lot of movement as other clients get to pick their coffee
or drinks and snacks to-go which may present a distraction for other clients. This is often not a
problem for many clients however there are those who are looking for a quiet time or a space to
MBA 705 Milestone One
do some of their work or hold meetings without interruptions. The private lounges help deal with
this problem ensuring that clients can enjoy the services offered by Starbucks in an environment
that is conducive to their needs.
Customer service- Private lounges offer a chance for customers to get direct customer service
from the staff. This is a good opportunity for the company to increase customer loyalty as
according to Jahanshahi, Gashti, Mirdamadi, Nawaser, and Khaksar (Jahanshahi, Gashti,
Mirdamadi, Nawaser, & Khaksar, 2011), customer service is directly related to customer loyalty.
As such it is more likely that Clients who get to enjoy the premium services offered at private
lounges are more likely to become loyal to Starbucks. The loyalty is gained not only from the
products provided but also from the satisfaction with the services offered. Starbucks already
offers good customer service o clients. This is however detached as a point of contact is mainly
through the baristas as one gets their order. The lounges thus provide a better chance for direct
customer interaction.
Premium clients – private lounges offer Starbucks an opportunity to take advantage of premium
clients as different people look for areas where they can be able to enjoy delicacies and
beverages that are used to without having to give up the brand. This is also an opportunity for the
company as having private lunges will involve getting clients to pay more for the premium
services which will eventually increase the sales made. As explained by Gustaffsson, Johnson,
and Roos (Gustaffsson, Johnson, & Roos, 2006), companies should move from customer
satisfaction to relationship development with the client, and the private lounges offer Starbucks a
chance to engage in relationship development.
MBA 705 Milestone One
The niche market targeted by private lounges is premium clients. This includes clients who are
willing to pay extra to be able to access the private lounges as well as clients who are looking for
additional services from Starbucks aside from those normally provided with one’s order. It also
targets business people who are not willing to operate from offices or official premises and
people looking to have meetings and other consultations in a casual area. The lounges also target
people looking for privacy and time alone from all the noise from other clients. It also mainly
targets high-end clients who can be able to make Starbucks a meeting point and a place to spend
time. The article on ‘Delivering value to customers’ expounds on the idea that to get clients to
move from one service to another, the producer needs to provide them with surplus value (Golub
et al., 2000). This is provided through the private lounges. The market target is clientele who
need the surplus value provided.
The key features that set the service apart include;
Privacy – the lounges provide a casual area that is also private which allows different people to
enjoy the ambiance of Starbucks without the distractions of all the clients.
More serene environment – the lounges are designed to provide a most serene environment for
clients who further promotes the Starbucks brand. This includes a more cozy setting that allows
for relaxation for people looking to spend more time at the Starbucks café.
MBA 705 Milestone One
Complementary options for loyal customers – customers who frequent the private lounge will
get to be able to get complimentary options as a reward for their loyalty. This is aimed at further
increasing their loyalty as well as fostering a better relationship with them in future.
Premium service – the private lounges will allow customers to be able to enjoy premium services
such as personalized customer service where rather than getting their orders from the baristas
they can get waiters who can personally serve them to the satisfaction. Other premium services
will include faster Wi-Fi as opposed to Wi-Fi normally used which may slow down due to
having many users at a time. Such improved offers are aimed to further the experience that is
normally offered at Starbucks cafes for regular clients.
Starbucks aims to provide the best quality coffee. The company is passionate about ethically
sourcing the finest coffee beans as well as using great care in roasting them and in improving the
lives of the people who grow them. The company also aims to engage, connect with fully and
uplift the lives of its customers even if it is only for a few moments (Starbucks, 2018). Private
lounges thus aim to increase the moments that are available between the client and the company
representatives, i.e., the stuff to ensure that the company can further engage with the clients thus
increasing the level of customer service offered.
The company also uses its tools to provide customers with a sense of belonging and a haven
where the customers can be able to break away from life worries. It aims to provide enjoyment
for the different speeds of life and to provide a feeling of humanity. The private lounges will
serve to further this purpose by ensuring that clients can enjoy their time spent at the store to the
maximum due to the different premium services offered at the private lounges.
MBA 705 Milestone One
Private lunges are innovative for Starbucks as they provide a chance for the chain store to
provide premium services to high-end clients as well as other clients who are willing to pay for
it. Most chain companies often focus on providing services to the regular customer. This
normally allows the company to grow as this is a wide niche market. Private lounges are
however innovative as they allow such companies to further expand their market reach to people
who wouldn’t otherwise go to the stores or cafes without them. This can be used as a marketing
tool for the company to be able to garner a larger percentage of the market.
The café industry has also been affected by online retailing. Starbucks has been able to take
advantage of this by introducing an online ordering and delivery service. The Starbucks app is
mainly used and accounts for about a quarter of the company’s orders (Bhagwandin, 2017). This
sector is growing, but it also means that fewer clients are frequenting the cafes than before.
Private lounges for Starbucks are innovative in addressing this issue as they have provided a
solution to attract more clients to the cafes.
MBA 705 Milestone One
Bhagwandin, S. (2017, November 19). Starbucks App UX Analysis: Coffee, Lattes, & Loyalty.
Retrieved from Business 2 Community:
Golub, H., Henry, J., Forbis, J. L., Mehta, N. T., Lanning, M. J., Michaels, E. G., & Ohmae, K.
(2000, June). Delivering Value to Customers. McKinsey Quarterly.
Gustaffsson, A., Johnson, M. D., & Roos, I. (2006). The effects of customer satisfaction,
relationship commitment dimensions, and triggers on customer retention. Journal of
Marketing, 210-218.
Jahanshahi, A. A., Gashti, M. A., Mirdamadi, S. A., Nawaser, K., & Khaksar, S. M. (2011).
Study the Effect of Customer Service and Product Quality on Customer Satisfaction and
Loyalty. International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 253-260.
Starbucks. (2018, January 20). Our Starbucks Mission Statement. Retrieved from Starbucks:
Running Head: MBA 705 Milestone Two
MBA 705 Milestone Two
MBA 705 Milestone Two
Physical and technological resources
The physical resources required include;
Lounge space – the space should be in a secluded area in the cafe where users can be able to get
privacy away from the noise of the other customers. However, individual stores should ensure
that space used to create private lounges does not leave the regular customers in spaces that are
congested as this will diminish the company’s brand name. The aim is to promote the company’s
brand name by improving the good ambiance and cool environment already provided at
Lounge furniture – the furniture should be cozy and should help in creating a serene environment
where clients can be able to relax and interact with each other. Lounge chairs with long back
support are preferable as they help in creating a barrier between different customers hence
ensuring privacy. The furniture should also be arranged in a manner that allows the different
clients to be able to gain privacy from each other. This differs from the regular furniture as the
regular setting is an open plan setting which has minimal privacy
Environment – This concept is based on the basis of providing clients with a quiet place that has
privacy where a person can unwind while having their order. The environment created needs to
be quiet and not visible to prying eyes to present a feeling of serenity and tranquility. This can be
promoted further through the use of different decorations and designs.
The technological resources include;
Wi-Fi setup – this concept involves setting up a Wi-Fi that differs from that used by the regular
clients. There are no extra charges incurred with this regard as the Wi-Fi used is similar to that
MBA 705 Milestone Two
used in the regular mode only that the private lounge gets a separate username to ensure that the
clients can access faster Wi-Fi as there are few. This strategy is aimed at people looking to
conduct official business at Starbucks as the Wi-Fi will be reliable regardless of traffic at the café
at that time. The speed of Wi-Fi available is also a crucial factor as it clients prefer a place
whether they are able to access online sources easily. This strategy can also be used as a
marketing tool to get more people to be interested in the product.
App resources – Starbucks has developed an app that allows customers to place their orders as
well as to make their payments online. This has allowed for efficiency in order processing as the
mode of payment is included in the app. The app is intuitive and easy-to-use with customizable
customer options that allow the user to save orders that they like to favorites. It also has a
reward system that is used to reward loyal customers (Hospitality Technology, 2016). All these
features can also be customized to apply to private lounge uses to enable them to take advantage
of the rewards system as well as the efficient ordering and payment system thus allowing them to
enjoy the full service offered by Starbucks. Using the pre-existing app will be cost-effective for
the company as opposed to creating a different app for the private lounge uses. Featuring the
private lounges in the Starbucks app will also be beneficial as a marketing tool for clients who
have not had a chance to visit the stores and see the private lounges available. They will also be
able to see all the services offered at the private lounges from the apps which may increase the
chances of visiting the cafes to be able to enjoy the new services. The number of app users has
increased in general from previous years. There has also been a significant increase in the
number of people using the Starbucks app thus increasing its efficiency as a marketing tool and
operating tool for the new concept. This is shown in image I and II
MBA 705 Milestone Two
Image I
Source: (Meola, 2016)
Image II
Source: (Meola, 2016)
MBA 705 Milestone Two
Implementation schedule
Identification of private lounge services to be offered – The different cafes that will be offering
private lounge services will participate in the identifications of the services to offer depending on
the region located to ensure that services offered cater to the needs of that region. This will
ensure that the different options chosen can be marketable to the clientele available in that area.
Setup of private lounge booths – The individual cafes will be responsible for the setup of the
private lounges. Starbucks cafes offer a feeling of ambiance to the clients. Different factors are
normally considered with regard to the creation of ambiance in each cafe. Research in each cafe
will be responsible for the creation of the private lounges to ensure that they are able to
Customize the lounges such that the environment is serene based on client needs in the area.
Wi-Fi setup – Each cafe has a different Wi-Fi setup which needs to be customized in order to
include the new clients that’ll be visiting the cafes. As such, each cafe will analyze to determine
whether their Wi-Fi currently in use is sufficient to also cater for the private lounge or whether
they require an increase or a revision of the wifi provisions to accommodate the private lounges.
This will be based on their projections with regard to the number of new clients to be acquired
through the private lodges.
App setup – The app setup will be done through the Starbucks it department. The details to be
included are; the cafe locations offering private lounges; the services offered in the respective
cafe lounges; and the charges and modes of payment in the different private lounges. The overall
Starbucks IT department is preferable as the app is used by people from different regions. The
shared platform reduces costs for the company with regard to advertisement and marketing.
MBA 705 Milestone Two
Project review process
The estimated project setup time is three months where all the four processes; identification of
private lounge services to be offered; setup of private lounge booths; Wi-Fi setup; and app set
up, should be completed before the start of the use of the lounges. Individual cafes are to cater
for the setup in their cafes.
Indicators of success include a 20% increase in the number of clients who visit the different
coffee cafes that have private lounges. Other than that there should also be a 15% increase in the
total sales in the cafes within the first 3 months. The profit margin is projected to increase after
the first three months by 10% in the cafes. The lounges aim to help increase the number of
people visiting the cafes. As such the measure of success will be to look at the rate of traffic in
the cafes to determine if there is an increase that is due to the lounges.
Businesses often engage intrapreneurship ideas as it is an efficient way to deal with a bottom
line. It is often aimed at increasing the market share and profits for the company, to assist in the
recruitment and retainment of the best employees as well as the development of new products
and services to increase sales for the company (Klemchuk, 2014). The development of private
lounges at Starbucks cafe thus fits into this description as it helps in increasing the market share
for the company which transforms into profits. It is also a development of a new product and
service for the Starbucks company and in essence, helps in increasing sales for the company thus
contributing to the bottom line.
The concept of a Starbucks private lounge can be protected through the establishment of a wide
internet presence. E-commerce is a large part of advertising and sales for the Starbucks Company
MBA 705 Milestone Two
establishing an internet presence will be extremely valuable for the company as it will help in
marketing the new service offered at the cafes. This will include the registration of a domain
name, search engine optimization, and frequent monitoring for infringement. By establishing an
internet presence, we will be able to establish or enhance the Starbucks brand name to include
the service of private lounges and the serene environment that is offered as an accompaniment to
the lounges.
MBA 705 Milestone Two
Hospitality Technology. (2016, April 15). Starbucks Redesigned Mobile App Features More
Interaction and Personalization. Retrieved from Hospitality Technology:
Klemchuk, D. (2014, July 15). Why Protecting Intellectual Property Is Crucial to Business
Success on 5 Counts. Retrieved from Entrepreneur:
Meola, A. (2016, June 13). Starbucks’ loyalty program now holds more money than some banks.
Retrieved from Business Insider:
Meola, A. (2016, April 4). Starbucks plans to spend even more to improve its mobile app.
Retrieved from Business Insider:
Starbucks. (2018, January 20). Our Starbucks Mission Statement. Retrieved from Starbucks:
Running Head: MBA 705 Milestone Three
MBA 705 Milestone Three
MBA 705 Milestone Three
The introduction of private lounges at Starbucks is in line with the company’s competences as it
avails the company with an opportunity to offer more premium services to its clients. Starbucks
has always aimed to provide clients with the best products and services, and the private lounges
will ensure this commitment is met.
Starbucks Core Competencies
The core competence of Starbucks has been in its ability to offer a premium mix of high-quality
products in particular snacks and beverages. This has enabled the company to leverage its
different product differentiation strategies effectively. The brand name Starbucks is built on
various factors; selling the best quality coffee and other products; ensuring each customer enjoys
the unique Starbucks experience; providing clean and well-maintained stores that embody the
culture of the community they are operating in; and providing supreme customer service. All
these strategies are implemented to ensure customer satisfaction and customer loyalty (Geereddy,
2014). Other core competencies that are crucial to the Starbucks brand include the …
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