Case study project

The project for this course is designed to allow you to utilize the knowledge and skills developed through each module to create a professional leadership change initiative to present to a struggling organization. You will utilize one of the contingency models for leading changed presented in the text to construct an effective organizational change structure. You will be presented with a struggling organization via case study. After you read the case study, you will be hired and contracted to “fix the mess.”Having won out over several other candidates in the RFP process, you will work through each week’s module to build a change initiative to introduce and be implemented at the company. Weekly efforts should also be to prove you were indeed the right change initiator selected for this task.Each week you will be presented with scenarios, traits, challenges, models as well as research opportunities to build and strategically incorporate into your final course project to be presented as a completed proposalAs organizations develop around the globe to increase their competitive edge, companies are moving further and further into e-leadership. It is becoming the norm to e-conference, conduct virtual staff meetings and even complete whole projects with a co-worker across the globe. To align with this global trend, you will further develop your marketability and leadership skills through peer on peer review of classmate project segments.Each phase of the project will be completed in a progression of steps. The project will develop from an outline, to a draft, and then to the final presentation copy to be submitted at the end of Module 05.Upon completion of your project, it will contain the following:Contain a minimum 5 – 7 pages of contentThe paper should contain a cover page, include both in text citations and a References page in APA format.Include at least 4 peer-reviewed sources, such as journal articles from the Rasmussen Library.Follow the format of your previously submitted Paper OutlineProvide an overview of the Case Study.Provide the Contingency Model you selected as the solution to the case study.Include the diagram or chart of chosen Contingency model.Provide key examples of what you have learned from this Case Study Provide a brief description of two separate Contingency Models that could be used to affect organizational change based on this case study.Project Case Study: A New Direction for Delta PacificIntroductionIn a global business environment where organizations can no longer rely on traditional factors that historically lead to a competitive advantage such as access to proprietary technology, exclusive rights to raw materials, or proximity to customers and markets, many organizations have re-structured to capitalize on new success factors. In the United States that has resulted in a shift in many cases from product or service-based businesses to knowledge-based businesses (OECD, 1996; Powell & Snellman, 2004). Powell & Snellman (2004) define the key components of a knowledge economy as. .a greater reliance on intellectual capabilities than on physical inputs or natural resources.” (p. 201). This case presents the challenges facing an organization as it transitions from its traditional business model to one that incorporates greater reliance on the knowledge of its workforce. The focus of this case is on the role of the organizational behavioral system in facilitating a successful transition to the new corporate strategy.The Case Scenariohe Delta Pacific Company (DPC) has a long history of success. The company has been at the fore front in the development of information technology since the 1970s and led the market in technology development, manufacturing and sales throughout the 1980s to the mid-1990s. DPC was a success story. They consistently met or exceeded their profit targets, successfully integrated new technology into their products, and they were considered one of the best employers in the country. With generous benefit packages, a high quality of work life, industry leading salaries, and a corporate culture that considered its employees to be part of a family, potential employees were lined up for opportunities to join DPC.However, with the advent of globalization, freer trade, and low cost overseas labor, DPC found itself slowly losing market share for its primary product: computer hardware. DPC had prided itself on producing and selling the best products and training its sales force to develop long term relationships with clients that brought them back year in and year out for DPC’s technology. Along with hardware, DPC also sold service contracts and training classes for the end users of their products. By the late 1990s it became clear to the leadership at DPC that they could no longer compete with less expensive products being produced overseas. At one time they could sell their higher priced goods on the premise that they were of higher quality, but that was no longer the case. Foreign-made products were now being produced to match or even surpass the quality standards set by DPC. However, conversations between sales representatives and their clients did indicate one thing: the clients valued the personal interaction they had with the sales reps and the personalized advice that they could provide to their clients to help them to reach their goals. DPC recognized that they needed to make a change and they believed they had a new vision for their company.As they entered the 21st century DPC moved away from hardware solutions to business challenges and shifted instead towards knowledge-based solutions. Rather than selling equipment, DPC began to market the extensive knowledge of their workforce. DPC would no longer sell the equipment; they would instead provide integrated knowledge-based solutions to information management problems. Essentially they would become a consulting firm that would assist their clients to set up systems that would facilitate information management. But now their solutions would go beyond hardware and encompass software, organizational design, data collection management, work flow and overall information management re-engineering. Sales reps underwent significant training to prepare them for their new roles. However, the redesigned jobs were not a good fit for all of the sales reps. some moved on to other types of positions within the company, but others left to pursue opportunities elsewhere.As expected, profitability declined during the initial introduction of this new organization mission as employees became accustomed to their new roles. Due to the time taken to train employees, they were spending less time in the field with their clients generating revenue and more time in the classroom being oriented to their new roles. However, the decline persisted much longer than anticipated and the company’s leadership team, board of directors and the shareholders were growing impatient with the slow returns. It became increasingly apparent that while the training, resources, and equipment were in place, significant changes in the organizational behavior system at DPC were necessary to ensure long term success.


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Case study project
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Leadership strategies
Tashara Cooper
Rasmussen College
For a person to be able to achieve the best in their position as a leader, they have to
possess a unique ability to make decisions on behalf of their subjects. Apart from the personal
leadership attributes, the leaders must have a systematic plan and implementation measures that
improve their leadership and achieve the best results (Ovretveit et al. 2012). The two most
important strategies for effectiveness is a democratic /participative leadership and knowing your
This type of strategy seeks to ensure that those being lead feel like they are part of the
projects at hand by being allowed to participate in the decision making. This strategy brings
together people from different ranks to work together towards an important objective. Just as its
name suggests, the approach welcomes the participation of the team members instead of relying
on dictatorship by the chains of command. It does not mean that the member forms their own
rules but that they are free to air their opinions on an issue.
The effectiveness of this plan results from how it is used and the impacts it has on both
parties. When the workers and leaders come together, there will always be room for clarification
and reasoning out together. The discussions are often held with the relevant respect and seniorjunior communication ethics. Democratic leadership increases cooperation and opinion shaping
by reducing perceptions based on assumptions. This creates a comfortable condition for both the
leader and the team member.
The strategy is still relevant and a compelling in present-day organizations. Workplaces
are often stressful, challenging and full of pressure to perform; the leaders can make it conducive
by promoting collaborative empowerment. The idea is not giving room for the workers to
complain but making them contribute to the suggestions hence realizing that they will be
accountable should they fail to deliver as expected. When everyone understands their role, the
projects and goals set are achieved efficiently without having to engage in the usual workplace
This strategy entails a closer look and study of the team members on an individual level.
It does not necessarily mean that leader has to go around asking people personal questions, but
he can make it his duty to find out more about them apart from what is written in their files.
There are leaders who cannot even remember the second name of their team members, this is not
mandatory, but it is part of relationship building. Being people-oriented enables one to identify
the diversity in his team. It is the main difference between a leader and a person who gives
orders from the top.
This strategy is essential as it ensures that there is a comfortable relationship between the
leader and the subjects. People always feel special when they realize that we have taken an extra
step to find out more about them. The effectiveness of this strategy is the elimination of
unnecessary rigidity hence a better performance in the project at hand. The strategy is still useful
and effective in present-day organizations. Part of employee motivation requires the management
to promote team building activities; this is one way of team building (Ziskin, 2015).
Effective management alone will not lead to achieving desired organizational change
when compared to the situation where the two strategies are applied. Management involves
ensuring that things are in order and that the plans made are implemented. Concentrating on
these tasks alone might lead to the loss of connection between the manager and his or her team.
The results of such a relationship are that it will not be easy to notice when things start falling
apart due to simple issues like personal problems and being oppressed in one way or the other.
In conclusion, leadership does not have to involve an extreme strictness schedule based
on fear. Instead of concentrating on managing the organization at a higher seat, the leaders can
make a step of providing a better outcome by using these two strategies. Establishing a
democratic /participative leadership and knowing your team will result to a more effective
leadership. These plans have always been useful in the past and are still applicable.
Ovretveit J et al. (2012). Implementing Organization and Management Innovations in
Swedish Healthcare: Lessons from a Comparison of 12 Cases: The medical
Management Center; Retrieved from
Ramesh B.R. (2017). Start-Up Enterprises and Contemporary Innovation Strategies in the
Global Marketplace: IGI Global.
Ziskin I. (2015). Three: The Human Resources Emerging Executive: John Wiley and Sons.
The Delta Pacific Company
Tashara Cooper
Rasmussen College
The Delta Pacific Company (DPC) is one of the famous companies dealing with
information technology. The company has become successful in its operations and has
contributed to its growth and expansion in other parts of the world where it delivers products and
services. The application of new technology and market integration have become the ways
through which the organization has managed to scoop a large market share thus facilitating its
success. The management of the company also sets targets that the employees should focus on
achieving which have made it possible to overcome competition in the market and retention of
loyal customers. The company has not only focused on meeting the demands of the customers
but also the needs of its employees thus making it possible for them to deliver quality through
utilization of their skills and abilities. The employees feel in the right working environment
which takes care of their safety as well as health.
Also, the company has embraced a corporate culture which facilitates growth and
development of the employees and embraces diversity. People from different parts of the world
can work in the company and become successful where they advance their skills. With its focus
on computer hardware, the company faced challenges arising from globalization where it lost a
part of its market share. The new trends in the market forced the company to move from
hardware solutions to the knowledge-based solutions and solutions to problems associated with
information management. The company has realized the need to shift its attention to serving a
different purpose in the business environment. Through the changes in the business environment,
DPC has also embraced some of the changes that have made it possible to stand firm in the
industry and still meet its goals and objectives. Fitting in the market today, the company will
have to move with the trends in the business environment as well as use innovation and creativity
as a way of improving its business operations.
Part 2: Outline
I. Introduction
Delta Company operates in the technology industry and has faced challenges in maintaining
its market share. The presence of other companies in the industry has called for the corporation
to make adjustments that have made it possible to meet the demands of the market. On the other
hand, the company has increased its application of updated technology with the aim of meeting
the customer needs and remaining highly competitive. The Delta Company has performed well
in the past and through the implementation of some changes, it will have an opportunity to
venture into other markets and broaden its customer base.
II. Overview
Technology keeps on changing with time and people want to use the updated and advanced
technology in their daily activities. Technology has ensured that companies develop products
that will meet the requirements of the customers. For instance, the software used in most of the
devices should meet the requirements of the trend in the market. The use of the right applications
has made people become loyal to some brands while foregoing those of other companies.
III. Thesis
Technology companies have a task of ensuring that they can deliver products and services
that meet the demands of the customers as portrayed by the changes made by Delta Pacific
IV. Supporting topics
The change from hardware-based production to software and information management
The Delta Company has a strategy of using improved and advanced technology that has
aided in manufacturing quality products and services
The changes taking place in the technology related field has called for the innovative and
creative skills of the employees thus facilitating the achievement of organizational goals and
V. Recommendations
Delta Pacific Company should focus on meeting the demands of the market by having
products and services that meet the quality of the customers.
The company should also train and develop its employees so that they can remain innovative
and conversant with the trends in the market.
The Delta Pacific Company should also aim at having a research and development team
which will ensure that there is an understanding of the demands of the market.
VI. Conclusion
The Delta Pacific Company has to implement long-term changes in its operations with the
aim of fitting in the current business environment.
United States Fish Commission. (2001). Bulletin of the United States Fish Commission.
Washington, D.C: G.P.O.
Wilbanks, T. J. (2014). Climate Change and Energy Supply and Use. Washington, DC: Island
Press/Center for Resource Economics.
Tashara Cooper
Module 2
Rasmussen College
There are so many challenges faced by organizations which can result in the failure or
success of the company. The determinants of whether the organization will remain on its feet are
the strategies implemented in dealing with the issue. Coca-cola and Nokia are the two
organizations that have experienced both sides of success, failure, and back to success again.
Both Coca-Cola and Nokia faced similar economic disasters involving the changes in the
market. Since both the companies operate in a very competitive environment, it was mandatory
for them to keep up the industrial changes. Nokia was the world’s top ranking mobile phones
supplier, a glory that was washed away in 2012 when Apple became more innovative. On the
other hand, Coca-Cola, a now flourishing company once faced a great challenge in the 1980’s
when the main competitor Pepsi was about to push it out of the market. The second similarity is
that both are controlled by consumer demand and reactions which was the cause of the
challenges. Thirdly, the two organizations finally managed to overcome through strategies like
introducing diverse goods. However, Nokia’s journey has been harder as it is still picking up
itself (Doz & Wilson, 2017).
First, these organizations serve different Industries. Secondly, their adjustment to change
was very different. The survival of the company depends on how it adjusts to the market
demand. These lessons are learned hard and expensive like in the case of the Nokia Company
that was slow in adapting to the new trends in the communication industry. It did try but was
slow in implementing the required changes. Thirdly, While Nokia failed for being slow in
reacting to competition, Coca-Cola failed for making the wrong decision (Petroski, 2006). CocaCola introduced a new drink that was rejected by the public. Also, unlike Nokia whose response
was rigid, Coca-Cola’s correction of its mistake was very first and it managed to correct the
The most observable changes the two organizations made were on management. While
Coca-Cola change sits strategies, Nokia sold the company to a new management that has kept is
alive to date. Coca-Cola took a dominant place in the industry while Nokia is trying to find its
feet in the communication industry. Conclusively, there are a number of similarities and
differences in how these two companies dealt with their challenges
Doz Y. Wilson K. (2017). Ringtone: Exploring the Rise and Fall of Nokia in Mobile Phones
Oxford University Press.
Petroski H. (2006). Success Through Failure: The Paradox of Design: Princeton Unversity

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