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Sadiq 1
John Sadiq
Professor’s Name:
How Coca-Cola Manipulates Our Kids and is a Downfall to America
The recent years have been characterized by new marketing trends, whereby food and beverage
industries have been perceiving children as a significant market power for their goods. Thus,
children have become the major target groups for advertising and marketing initiatives. A
relevant example is the Coca-Cola Company that specializes in the production of soft drinks. The
company has depicted a significant interest in the youth since they have high spending power,
their potential as future customers and the influence they hold over purchases. Thus, Coca-Cola
has deployed vast techniques to reach out and manipulate adolescents since their childhood in the
bid to create a substantial impact on the consumption of their commodities (Aaron and Michael
20). Notably, the significant manipulative power possessed by Coca-Cola is facilitated by the
social media, televisions and internet channels. Thus, they influence the young consumers
through channels like commercials, their low prices and convenience incorporated with brand
Loyalty. This paper is a presentation of Coca-Cola as a manipulative firm to kids and how it is a
downfall of the United States.
The target of children as a significant market force was unusual in the past. However,
with the advancement in technology, many families have procured television sets. There has
been an addition to the number of subscribers for the TV and firms such as Coca-Cola have
grabbed the opportunity to their benefits. Channels that deliver unique children programming
Sadiq 2
such as the “Cartoon Network” have been used as a significant tool for delivering adverts to the
kids (Aaron and Michael 22). According to studies, TV commercials for soft drinks and other
junk foods are the major victims of advertisements directed to children. For instance over 50% of
all the publicity programs in the children programmed stations are in foods and soft drinks. Such
channels do not broadcast crucial adverts on vegetables and other healthy beverages
(Mozaffarian 2192). Notably, when Coca-Cola adverts are aired, they mainly deploy the use of
taste to make their products more attractive. Moreover, it is common for the drinks to be
associated with fun and they also emphasize on the health gains reaped from the consumption of
their drinks. In fact, they outline that the drinks have “Vital Nutrients.”
On the other hand, the internet being a significant part of the modern day to day activities
has also created forums where these firms can focus on the youth. However, internet marketing
is quite different from that of the TV as it has a broad range of methodologies that can be used to
draw the attention of the target groups. The Coca-Cola Company uses advertorials, video links,
Adver-Games, competitions and product games. Adver-Games entail the production of video
games that are sponsored by a particular market and are mainly embedded with a specific
message through adventurous series of events. Moreover, advertising as a way of reaching out to
the youth has expanded catering for diverse activities. With the current availability of more
disposable income for families unlike the past, guardians are more willing to procure gifts and
soft drinks for their children unlike the case of the recent years (Aaron and Michael 25). The
state may be as a result of various elements such as reduced family numbers and the presence of
dual income homes. Thus, children are a significant demographic for ventures like the Coca-Cola
to focus on. Strikingly, the firm underpins that the kids are not only essential for the immediate
consumption of their drinks but also because they are the potential market force of the drinks as
Sadiq 3
tomorrow’s generation. Moreover, the kids are known to have a strong influence on the spending
habits of their parents. The various manipulative factors are discussed below;
Coca-Cola has a strong brand loyalty. As a matter of fact, irrespective of the frequent
changes in their cans, their customers remain loyal. To be precise, Coca-Cola frequently plays
around with the design of its containers to suit particular occasions. For instance, it recently
joined hands with the WWF (World Wildlife Funds) to campaign for the preservation of polar
bears. Therefore, their cans were filled with polar bears decorations with the aim of seeking
attention to the initiative of the Arctic Home. Notably, in the creation of brand loyalty, coca cola
deploys a customer-oriented effort instead of a product based one to market research (Berry, et
al. N.p). Thus, by creating a close connection with its consumers particularly children, they are
kept in a position that they can produce drinks-oriented to the given desired markets. Moreover,
the conduction of market research also helps the firm to come up with the real phenomenon of
drinks that their clients want, the most favorable price and an ideal venue for product
Therefore, advertisers like the Coca-Cola Company develop a culture of drinking for fun
and pleasure with no limits or discretion instead of promoting healthy foods. Moreover, the firm
also integrates the application of additives like coloring to make their drinks eye-catching to the
children. According to a research executed in the United Kingdom, drinks such as those
produced by Coca-Cola with high amounts of sugar tend to have cosmetic additives such as color
to hike children’s hyperactivities. Thus, beverage advertisement has an undermining effect on the
initiatives laid out by doctors, parents, and teachers on fostering healthy eating habits in children.
Such ventures tend to influence kids to prefer such drinks over the healthy ones (Aaron and
Michael 28). According to a report filed by the US Agricultural Department, children have
Sadiq 4
registered a higher craving for sugar even before their enrollment to schools. Therefore, it is
beyond reasonable doubts that the company is Manipulative to kids and a real downfall to
On the other hand, Coca-Cola is a paramount Super Bowl’s advertiser. For instance, in a
few days before commencement of the NFL championship, there were reports that beverage
brands would have the opportunity to broadcast dual 30 seconds commercials within the initial
segment of the game. For instance, the Coca-Cola Company grabbed the attention of the football
fans, 30 minutes before the start of the year’s biggest game. The Super Bowl commercial created
by Coca-Cola encompasses diverse races of individuals singing the famous “America the
Beautiful” in their different languages. Irrespective of the fact that the ad is quite old, it still
manages to draw the attention of a significant portion of viewers. Moreover, the venture has a
scarce tendency to pre-release ads. For instance, the venture concealed their ad in 2015 and aired
it as a surprise during the 50th Super Bowl just as it was the case in 2016 where they never aired
the ad before the game. Such initiatives make the venture manipulative to consumers and can
trap a significant number of them to buy their drinks (Berry, et al. N.p).
On another instance, during the 2016 Rio Olympics, the Coca-Cola Company aired an
old commercial “It’s Beautiful,” where it had already broadcasted it during the 2014 Super Bowl.
The commercial still featured the different lingual versions of “America the Beautiful.” Such ads
tend to have a significant impact on crowds that speak different languages. Therefore it is a
strategic marketing technique that can be used to secure important markets. In the rear, CocaCola was also known to have exploited “The Big Game” as a forum to advertise its auspicious
drink “Sprite.” Through the forum, Sprite became a prominent drink after Le Bron James; a
famous basketball player aired the “Wanna Sprite” advert. It is evident that such initiatives are a
Sadiq 5
stronghold utilized by the Coca-Cola venture to market its soft drinks to its desired target group.
Thus, it is one of Coca Cola’s manipulative tricks (Berry, et al. N.p).
The company is said to touch more people with each dawning of a new day. Coca-Cola
creates incomparable flashes and different occasions in the daily lives of individuals. Therefore,
it is beyond reasonable doubts that their drinks have become an inseparable aspect of people’s
lives. What is more intriguing is that most of the victims are kids who depict an exceptional
craving for the commodities. Its convenience was fostered by its original 1886 initiative of
carrying the brand ahead of all competitors. As a means of countering the bold risk-taking the
effort by marketers in the introduction of new products, the venture came up with new flavors,
new advertisement techniques and went global far before other competing companies (Flynn and
Sam 25). Intriguingly, their contract keeps on enhancing their products while at the same time
focusing on the improvement of the consumer experience. That way, it gains a persuasive power
to kids who seem to be “obsessed” with their drinks. Moreover, Coca-Cola also wins a
convenience power through popular collectibles, partnering with new contracts and animated
commercials. All those initiatives have a catapulting effect on the venture consequently making
it the leading soft drinks’ producer.
Besides, its other attractive feature is the affordable price. It went ahead to make a more
affordable 7.5 ounce can in the bid to widen their consumer’s options. The initiative is meant to
entice more children into drinking their soda since it is easily affordable even without asking
their parents to buy for them (Flynn and Sam 25). Furthermore, the presence of the mini cans
makes it easier to afford a coke during instances that bring about mini thirsts. Furthermore, a
report indicates that their mini cans take the first position within the industry due to their
uniqueness and low price. As a matter of fact, Coca-Cola was the first company ever to introduce
Sadiq 6
the can to the market in the year 2009. In 2011, the venture further lowered the can’s price, an
initiative that seems to have almost crippled their competitors. All these efforts are meant to
capture a wider market consequently facilitating the firm to reap greater benefits.
Therefore, with its brilliant initiative, the brand places its consumers in a position that
they can conveniently equip their customers with the ability to go for their choice depending on
the need, occasion, affordability and the lifestyle. As a newer initiative, the company has also
embarked on the initiative of equipping a force of can calorie sticker on the beverages with the
aim of making sure that the consumers make informed choices. Well, the provision may be
wrong, but it seems to be working as many tend to justify its consumption on the basis that it is
fit for one’s health. Woe unto our children who seem to have embarked on a hazardous journey
(Piernas, et al. 608).
Individuals with the habit of daily soda drinking are exposed to a higher risk of
contracting type 2 diabetes as compared to those who rarely consume the product. Studies reveal
that such individuals have a significant 26% probability of developing diabetes. What is more
intriguing is that Asians and younger adults who indulge in daily soda drinking are the greater
victims of contracting diabetes (Piernas, et al. 606). However, the connection behind soda
drinking and diabetes has a biologic explanation; the intake of excess sugars in the form of soft
drinks results in an excessive energy storage by the body in fats form. The fats manifest
themselves by gaining excess weight. Thus, a child who indulges into excessive soda drinking is
more likely to be a victim of obesity. Studies postulate that obesity is the causative or rather risk
factors for diabetes type 2. However, irrespective of the fact that this article and other studies are
a clear illustration of the connection between soda intake and diabetes, some scientists still
express their unsurely on its common reasons.
Sadiq 7
Supernumerary, a report prepared in the year 2015 acted as a confirmation of the
connection between soda intake and diabetes but still failed to give precise biological
connections. On another occasion, Sakurai, et al. (255) conducted an investigation on the links
between health and the diet. The research entailed monitoring the health of 91, 200 nurses within
a span of 8 years and the results were indicative of a strong connection between type 2 Diabetes
and an inclined glycemic index. What is more intriguing is that those foods that contain a
substantial glycemic index tend to be digested quickly by the body unlike those containing a
lower proportion of the same. The resultant impact is that the body experiences greater and a
more responsive spike in blood sugar levels. Notably, those foods that contain a high glycemic
index are those with high sugar levels such as soft drinks. The diabetes contraction probability
was even higher after the consideration of the other hazards and diets that are connected to
There are higher risks of contracting diabetes in the instance of high energy intake as
compared with the ingestion of Trans fatty acid or even the proportion of polyunsaturated to the
saturated fats (Sakurai, et al. 252). Thus, the numerous viable ways in which excessive sugar
intake is connected to diabetes include; high levels of glucose concentration in blood obtained
from the high ingestion of fast digestible carbohydrates results in a responsive increased demand
for insulin in the body. Insulin is a hormone generated by the liver to standardize the sugars. The
continued high demand for insulin in the body leads to a pancreatic exhaustion that contributes to
intolerance in glucose levels. In the rear, an inclined glycemic index has a tendency to raise
insulin resistance directly.
The impacts of excessive sugar intake are tremendous on an individual’s health. For
instance, it can overload the victim’s liver leading to its damage. The impacts of excessive sugar
Sadiq 8
or rather fructose are similar to those of alcohol. The fructose ingested shuttles to the liver which
has its only conveying means. As a result, the liver gets overloaded, and there are high chances
of damage occurrence (Sakurai, et al. 256). That said, excessive sugars also have the tendency to
trick the hosts’ body into gaining excess weight consequently altering the leptin and insulin
signaling. Fructose can manipulate the body’s metabolism through disconnecting its control for
appetite. Such is achieved by its failure to stimulate insulin, and hence ghrelin is not suppressed.
As a result, it becomes impossible to trigger leptin leading to excess food intake and hence an
insulin resistance.
Excess sugar also impacts the body by introducing a metabolic dysfunction. Where an
individual ingests too much sugar, they develop a bombardment of indications. The symptoms
are in other words known as the “Classic Metabolic Syndrome.” Therefore, the signs in the
bracket encompass abdominal obesity, hiked levels of blood sugar, elevated LDL, high blood
pressure, lowered HDL and inclined triglycerides (Sakurai, et al. 255). To sum up, excessive
soda intake and other sugary foods hike the levels of Uric Acid that are hazardous to the kidney
and heart. Thus, the relationship between uric acid, metabolic syndrome and fructose becomes so
obvious that it can even be used for marking the toxicity of fructose.
With the health risks discussed above, soda becomes a questionable drink. To make
matters worse, it is an addictive drink that can adversely harm the body. In addition to other
flavors and carbonated water, cola also contains caffeine, a highly addictive substance.
According to studies, caffeine is a very popular psychoactive drug that crosses the paths of over
80% of America’s population. After the direct ingestion of coke or any other drink that contains
caffeine, it immediately gets absorbed into the bloodstream through the small intestines. What is
more intriguing is that caffeine has a high solubility index in both fat and water and thus can
Sadiq 9
easily bypass the blood-brain obstacle directly into the brain cells. Caffeine resembles the brain’s
Adenosine which is a molecule that has the task of lowering the nerve cells’ activities along the
pathways of the neural. When Caffeine gets into the body, then it brings about a blockage effect
on the Adenosine receptors (Center, Global and Global Center N.p).
As a result, the victim becomes more alert the presence of Adenosine in the brain
excessively catalyzes the adrenal glands into the production of the old flight adrenaline. The
effect is experienced in diverse ways among different individuals. It may feel like anxiety or
even energy. However, it is inappropriate for the body to experience the flight mode consistently.
Therefore, after the elapse of the effects brought by the Caffeine, the subject feels exhausted. The
state is accompanied by relative brain attempts to develop more adenosine receptors while at the
same time lowering those of norepinephrine as a compensatory initiative (What Is in Soda N.p).
Norepinephrine is a stimulant hormone and thus providing a rationale for why those addicted to
Caffeine keep ingesting it and get exhausted when they do not.
Following previous reports, researchers postulate that artificial sweeteners tend to trigger
their brain receptors leading to the body’s preparation for excessive calories. The failure of the
calories’ arrival results in a craving for them. As a result, the host ingests more calories, a factor
that subjects them to weight gain (How Drinking Diet Soda Could Increase Belly Fat N.p).
Notably, the food ingested has a significant impact on the brain and the body as well. Therefore,
it is essential to eat food as directed by a nutritionist as a remedy for enhancing both physical and
mental wellbeing. Thus, the avoidance of artificial sugar and fructose becomes a crucial aspect in
the treatment and prevention of depression. The two lead to a lingering inflammation that can
consequently inflict the brain with a disorder hence altering its normal functioning.
Sadiq 10
The manner in which the sugars from soda intake affect mental wellness varies
depending on numerous factors. The soda sugar introduces leptin and insulin resistance
consequently impairing body signaling that commands a substantial part in defining mental
health. From another perspective, the sugar kills the process of BDNF hormone, which is a
growth hormone that facilitates the presence of healthy neurons in the brain (Sugary Drinks and
Obesity Fact Sheet N.p). During the cases of Schizophrenia and Depression, the BDNF levels are
usually below the optimum levels thus affirming the statement above. The ingestion of soda
sugars tends to catalyze various chemical responses in the body, thus introducing a lingering
inflammation. The result is that the swelling alters with the regular operation of the body’s
immune system that is associated with long depression.
Coca-Cola deploys the technique of manipulating kids into buying their commodities.
The youth exhibit high spending power and thus making them a significant market force for cola.
As a matter of fact, the kids also influence their parents’ spending habits thus providing a
rationale for why they are Coca Cola’s target group. Factors that facilitate the consumption of the
drink include brand loyalty, the presence of promoting commercials as well as the affordability
and the convenience of the soda. However, the soda intake has a direct connection with the
contraction of diabetes. Moreover, its sugars affect the body in diverse and negative ways. The
consumers get addicted and consequently become victims of depression and overweight.
Therefore, it is beyo …
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