Computer and law class research paper 2 pages

Please read attached sample papers and pick a topic of your paper for the research paper.Part 1: 1. Submit your topic of your paper (problem statement with 2 or three research questions)Part 2 : Research paper 2 PagesPart 3 : A PPT presentation document 10 slides briefly about what is in the report.You have to follow APA standards. See the attachment to choose topic Do not copy anything

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Computer and law class research paper 2 pages
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Computer forensics research papers
Computer forensics: the need for standardization and certification
free download
ABSTRACT This paper is a call for standardization and certification for
the computer forensics field. It presents an overview of some of the more serious
issues in the maturing discipline of computer forensics and explores three areas
within the legal system where computer
Policies to enhance computer and network forensics
free download
Computer forensics is the art of discovering and retrieving information about a
crime in such a way to make it admissible in court. It is after-the-fact in that the
only preventative capability of computer forensics is as a crime deterrent.
Legal methods of using computer forensics techniques for computer crime
analysis and investigation
free download
ABSTRACT Computer forensics is the scientific collection; recovery preservation,
legal analysis and presentation of data held or retrieved from computer storage
media in such a way that the information can be used as evidence in a court of
law. Forensics specialists
A common process model for incident response and computer forensics
free download
ABSTRACT Incident Response and Computer Forensics are two areas with
similar goals but distinct process models. While in both cases the goal is to
investigate computer security incidents and contain their effects, Incident
Response focusses more on restoration of
Automated diagnosis for computer forensics
free download
ABSTRACT Upon discovery, security administrators must determine how
computer system intrusions were accomplished to prevent their reoccurrence.
This paper describes an automated diagnosis system designed to focus
investigation on the evidence most likely
Incident response: computer forensics toolkit
free download
Incident Response: Computer Forensics Toolkit By Douglas Schweitzer
Paperback Link to Publisher Link to Amazon Acknowledgments Introduction
Chapter 1 Computer Forensics and Incident Response Essentials Chapter 2
Addressing Law
Electronic evidence and computer forensics
free download
ABSTRACT Information and communication systems are now breeding grounds
for electronic-evidence (e-evidence) in audits, investigations, or litigation.
Increasingly organizations are being ordered by law or lawsuit to preserve,
retrieve, and hand-over
The Trojan made me do it: A first step in statistical based computer
forensics event reconstruction
free download
ABSTRACT The current study was exploratory and represents a first attempt at a
standardized method for digital forensics event reconstruction based on
statistical significance at a given error rate (a=. 01). The study used four
scenarios to test the ability to determine whether
Computer Forensics–Past, Present And Future
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper we examine the emergence and evolution of computer
crime and computer forensics, as well as the crisis computer forensics is now
facing. We propose new directions and approaches which better reflect the
current objective of this discipline. We
The design of an undergraduate degree program in computerdigital
free download
Hacking Exposed Computer Forensics: SecretsSolutions
free download
Cracking the computer forensics mystery
free download
Only a few short years ago, the term computer forensics was a mystery to most
attorneys. In the digital age, however, attorneys are discovering that a basic
understanding of computer forensics and computer forensic protocol is crucial in
both civil and criminal lawsuits.
Multimedia forensics is not computer forensics
free download
The recent popularity of research on topics of multimedia forensics justifies
reflections on the definition of the field. This paper devises an ontology that
structures forensic disciplines by their primary domain of evidence. In this sense,
both multimedia forensics and computer
Computer forensics today
free download
Kelly J.(KJ) Kuchta hen people hear the word forensics, it often generates a
mental image of the movie series with Jack Klugman as a medical examiner
named Quincy. The fact is that there are as many as 25 separate forensic
disciplines. They run from forensic accounting
Principles, practices, and procedures: an approach to standards
in computer forensics
free download
For a number of years now, law enforcement agencies have been seizing
computers and other electronic devices. In some cases, the machines and
associated storage media have been seized as contraband or as the
instrumentality of a crime. But, in most cases, they
An overview of disk imaging tool in computer forensics
free download
1. Objective The objective of this paper is to educate users on disk imaging tool;
issues that arise in using disk imaging, recommended solutions to these issues
and examples of disk imaging tool. Eventually the goal is to guide users to
choose the right disk imaging tool in
Computer forensics: admissibility of evidence in criminal cases
free download
ABSTRACT Computers and the Internet have become a pervasive element in
modern life. This technology is also used by those who engage in crime and
other misconduct. Effective investigation of these offenses requires evidence
derived from computers,
Importance of a standard methodology in computer forensics
free download
Computer design and software implementation is very similar from one system to
the next. With this in mind, similar concepts can be applied from one system to
another. Computer evidence can exist in many forms, and often in many different
versions. The investigator
Computer forensics and the ATA interface
free download
ABSTRACT This report describes the parts of the ATA interface that are relevant
to computer forensics. Only software techniques are covered. Some tests of
forensics and disk wiping software are shown, toghether with a test of a
hardware write blocker. The results show
Computer Forensics Applied to Windows NTFS Computers
free download
ABSTRACT The interest for computer forensic has increased the last couple of
years. This is because criminals have moved to the digital world, using
computers and computer networks to commit crimes. Computer forensics is a
relative new science that is under rapid
Using computer forensics when investigating system attacks
free download
Sun Microsystems, Inc. has intellectual property rights relating to technology
embodied in the product that is described in this document. In particular, and
without limitation, these intellectual property rights may include one or more of
the US patents listed at http://www.
The case for teaching network protocols to computer forensics examiners
free download
ABSTRACT Most computer forensics experts are well-versed in basic computer
hardware technology, operating systems, common software applications,
and computer forensics tools. And while many have rudimentary knowledge
about the Internet and simple network
Building FBI Computer forensics capacity: One lab at a time
free download
The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) is on a mission: to strengthen law
enforcement’s computer forensic capabilities throughout the United States. How
are we fulfilling such a sweeping and ambitious mandate? Through an innovative
initiative entitled the Regional
Computer forensics: bringing the evidence to court
free download
ABSTRACT Today the computer has impacted almost every facet of our lives
and has become a major means of communication. One of the areas which has
seen the most impact is how we maintain and store data. This data is stored in
the form of logs, files, spreadsheets, or
Process forensics: A pilot study on the use of checkpointing technology
in computer forensics
free download
ABSTRACT The goal of this paper is to introduce a new area of computer
forensics: process forensics. Process forensics involves extracting information
from a process’s address space for the purpose of finding digital evidence
pertaining to a computer crime. The challenge
To Catch A Thief II: Computer Forensics in the Classroom
free download
ABSTRACT The subject of computer forensics is still new and both challenging
and intriguing for students. Cal Poly Pomona has offered this course since
September of 2004. The course involves both the technical and legal aspects of
investigative procedures as
Towards automating analysis in computer forensics
free download
ABSTRACT In the recent past, the number of attacks on computer systems that
are motivated by profit has increased significantly, and such cybercrime is
expected to dominate the threat landscape in the future. With criminal acts
becoming more common in computer related
Security and Privacy vs. Computer Forensics Capabilities
free download
Journal Online 2 presentability in a court of law. To assure that the evidence has
not been tampered with, one copy, along with a hash signature of the stored
data, is left with the party who owns the data. Of the other two copies, one must
be preserved in its original form for
Tools and technology for computer forensics: research and development in
Hong Kong
free download
With the increased use of Internet and information technology all over the world,
there is an increased amount of criminal activities that involve computing and
digital data. These digital crimes (e-crimes) impose new challenges on
prevention, detection, investigation, and
A recursive TCP session token protocol for use in computer forensics and
free download
Many times, attackers log on to a series of compromised hosts before they attack
their target. This technique complicates the forthcoming investigation and is
commonly called stone stepping [ZP00]. The first obvious step when
investigating an attacker’s path is to contact
The Effect of File and Disk Encryption on Computer Forensics
free download
ABSTRACT The advent of easy-to-use encryption programs like Bitlocker for
Windows and FileVault for OS X, along with increasing awareness and
knowledge of cryptography, means that forensic investigators increasingly must
deal with strongly encrypted data. Directly
A Brief History of Computer Forensics
free download
Page 1. A Brief History of Computer Forensics Mark M. Pollitt Chairman, SWGDE Page 2. The dawn of the information age • Intel 8088 • MS DOS • Winchester
drive • Hardware/software open standards Page 3. Critical mass achieved • Late
1980’s • LE hobbyist
Does computer forensics belong to computer science or forensic science?’
free download
ABSTRACT While computer forensics (or, more generally, cyber-forensics) is
now beginning to establish itself as a (usually optional) topic in UK
undergraduate and postgraduate Computer Science curricula, it has made little
(if any) impact on UK Forensic Science
The role of computer forensics in law enforcement
free download
Examples of the analysis of computer evidence are abundant today in the
popular media, particularly in television shows ranging from the LawOrder
franchise to Court TV’s Forensic Files. And, as we have come to expect from
television, there is a grain of truth in
Computer forensics as an integral component of the information security
free download
This paper provides an overview of computer forensics and addresses recent
developments as well as future trends impacting the field. Specific topics
examined include how computer forensics is making an important transition from
a black art relegated to a select few
computer forensics
free download
Erin Kenneally is a Forensic Analyst with the Pacific Institute for Computer
Security (PICS), San Diego Supercomputer Center. She is a licensed Attorney
who holds Juris Doctorate and Master of Forensic Sciences degrees. erin sdsc.
edu and PCR (polymerase chain
Hands-On Discovery Learning in Computer Security and Forensics
free download
The computer security and computer forensics courses have developed an
extensive set of hands-on experiences that enable students to discover the fields
through first-hand experience in addition to lectures, and not just through lectures
Computer forensics system based on artificial immune systems
free download
ABSTRACT The current computer forensics approaches mainly focus on the
network actions capture and analysis the evidences after attacks, which always
result in the static methods. Inspired by the theory of artificial immune systems
(AIS), a novel model of Computer
An Investigation of Computer Forensics
free download
Criminals use computers in two ways to carry out their activities. First, they may
utilize the computer as a repository, also known as a database, to house the
information they have acquired. 6 For example, if criminals are collecting credit
card or personal identification
Techniques in Computer Forensics: A Recovery Perspective
free download
ABSTRACT Computer forensics has recently gained significant popularity with
many local law enforcement agencies. It is currently employed in fraud, theft,
drug enforcement and almost every other enforcement activity. The research
paper includes the types of attempts
Analysis of B-tree data structure and its usage in computer forensics
free download
ABSTRACT. The idea behind this article is to give an overview of B-tree data
structure and show the connection between B-tree indexing technique
and computer forensics. B-tree is a fast data indexing method that organizes
indexes into a multi-level set of nodes, where each
An Introduction to Computer Forensics: Gathering Evidence in a
Computing Environment
free download
ABSTRACT Business has become increasingly dependent on the Internet and
computing to operate. It has become apparent that there are issues of evidence
gathering in a computing environment, which by their nature are technical and
different to other forms of evidence
Face Recognition Applied to Computer Forensics
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper, a historical briefing of face recognition is presented.
Some psychological aspects of the subject and models considered for face
perception are also presented. A model of automated face recognition, based on
algorithm designated
Issues in Computer Forensics
free download
ABSTRACT Computer forensics is a new and fast growing field that involves
carefully collecting and examining electronic evidence that not only assesses the
damage to a computer as a result of an electronic attack, but also to recover lost
information from such a system to
Development of a masters module in computer forensics and cybercrime’
free download
ABSTRACT In mid-2004 it was decided that the list of optional modules available
to students taking the MSc programme in Computing, Internet Law and
Management at King’s College London should be supplemented with a module
in Computer Forensics and Cybercrime. It
Computer Forensics-From Cottage Industry to Standard Practice
free download
T conduct the examination on the mirror image of the target drive without ever
altering the contents of the original. This process is essentially the only practical
means to search and analyze computer files without altering date stamps or
other information. Often, a file date
Fast Deployment of Computer Forensics with USBs
free download
ABSTRACT As popularity of the Internet continues to grow, it changes the way of
computer crime. Number of computer crime increases dramatically in recent
years and investigators have been facing the difficulty of admissibility of digital
evidence. To solve this problem,
Computer forensics experts play crucial role
free download
away costs, noting that the costs of preparing for the trial exceeded $24,000.
Buss advised the court that two-thirds of that amount were thrown away, in that
the time spent accumulating those expenses would have to be repeated to
properly prepare again for
Development of masters modules in computer forensics and cybercrime
for computer science and forensic science students
free download
In mid-2004, it was decided that the list of optional modules available to students
taking the MSc programme in Computing, Internet Law and Management at
King’s College London (KCL) should be supplemented with a module in computer
forensics (CF) and cybercrime.
Computer Forensics with Sleuth Kit and The Autopsy Forensic Browser
free download
ABSTRACT Computer invasions, with the purpose of extinguishing data, are on
the rise. To retrieve erased data system audits, a computer must recover and
identify the extinguished data content. For these types of inquiries, UNIX-like
machines can utilize The Coroner’s
Computer Forensics in the Global Enterprise
free download
ABSTRACT The increase in cyber-crime has created the need for security
technologies that are always one step ahead of the criminal. Computer
forensics and incident response solutions allow a corporation to self-regulate and
investigate their infrastructure with a significantly
free download
ABSTRACT This paper reviews the development of a set of learning resources
aiming to be diverse and transferable in order to facilitate the tuition of Computer
Forensics, an emerging, and currently popular amongst students, subject area.
As this field is new, a number of
Takedowns: legendary successes in computer forensics
free download
Takedown has had a new meaning since the publication of the book by the same
name in 1996. The story of infamous hacker Kevin Mitnick, told by the
hacker/hunter who finally found him (Tsutomu Shimomura) was a takedown
heard around the globe. Forever after,
An Evaluation of Windows-Based Computer Forensics Application
Software Running on a Macintosh
free download
ABSTRACT The two most common computer forensics applications perform
exclusively on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems, yet
contemporary computer forensics examinations frequently encounter one or
more of the three most common operating system
Computer Intrusion Forensics Research Paper
free download
After a computer system has been breached and an intrusion has been
detected, there is a need for a computer forensics investigation to
follow. Computer forensics is used to bring to justice, those responsible for
conducting attacks on computer systems throughout the world.
What judges should know about computer forensics
free download
Courts increasingly see motions by litigants seeking access to an opponent’s
computers for the purpose of conducting a computer forensic examination. The
impetus may be allegations of discovery abuse, stolen intellectual property,
spoliation, forgery, network intrusion, child
Cross-validation of file system layers for computer forensics
free download
Page 1. Cross-Validation of File System Layers for Computer Forensics Joe
Sremack North Carolina State University Page 2. Overview • What CrossValidation(CV) is and why it is used • File system layers and how they are crossvalidated • Current research results and the
Computer Based Forensics-A Case Study-US Support To The UN
free download
s Generate Potential COTS Opportunities s Improve Overall Forensics Process
Autonomic Forensics a New Frontier to Computer Crime Investigation
free download
body. These ideas are not science fic- tion, but elements of the grand challenge
to create self-managing computing systems. Is there complexity
in computer forensics? First, we need to define what complexity is in our
free download
ABSTRACT Computers and the Internet have become a pervasive element in
modern life. Those who engage in misconduct also use this technology. This
includes criminals ranging from embezzlers to international terrorists. Corporate
espionage, sexual harassment and
Development Fund Overview: Developing learning resources for the tuition
of Computer Forensics
free download
ABSTRACT This report reflects on the development of a set of transferable
learning resources aiming to facil …
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