Consider the image of yourself walking into English 111 three and half months ago.

after reading unit 2, unit 3 and unit 4 , and following the assignment sheet to finish the essay. For this essay please be assigning myself a grade “B” for this course.Some strategies: Look back over specific assignments you’ve done, including your grades for each portfolio Reflect on challenges you’ve overcome in terms of writing Remember the importance if ‘process’ or ‘product’ in terms of Portfolios and grading Consider the impact of what you’ve learned on the rest of your college career (and life! ;D)


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Consider the image of yourself walking into English 111 three and half months ago.
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Unit V Assignment Sheet
Consider the image of yourself walking into English 111 three and half months ago. It’s the first
day of class. You’re wondering what’s in store. You have certain assumptions about what a
writing class is, and you have particular assumptions about the strengths and weakness of your
own writing. You pick a seat. Your weird teacher arrives. It all begins.
Fast forward.
You’ve just written four distinct essays. Assignments that asked you to make rhetorical
decisions about purpose, audience, topics, research, etc. You have, admit it or not, grown as a
writer. But the reward of any retrospection is not to speak broadly about having changed—rather
it is the opportunity to point to ?specific? shifts, discoveries, and breakthroughs undertaken along
the road.
For this essay, you will be ?assigning yourself a grade for this course?. You will give
yourself a letter grade (an “A” or “B+”, for example) and then explain, in detail, why you think
you have earned that grade. The more specific you are in your explanation the better–to be
persuasive, you’ll want to point to specific evidence (the essays you’ve written) and think about
how you have grown in your authority as a writer. You want to be persuasive as well; not in the
sense that you are trying to earn a “higher” grade through flattery or exaggeration, but that you
are articulating your (hopefully powerful or profound!) experiences as a writer in this class.
Do note that you ?will not? automatically be assigned this grade, however I am interested
more in your experiences and growth in the class, as opposed to strictly sticking to attendance
points, graded exercises, etc. So make a case for why you deserve the grade you deserve; this is
your chance to speak back to the course.
Some strategies:
? Look back over specific assignments you’ve done, including your grades
for each portfolio
? Reflect on challenges you’ve overcome in terms of writing
? Remember the importance of ‘process’ or ‘product’ in terms of Portfolios
and grading
? Consider the impact of what you’ve learned on the rest of your college
career (and life! :D)
? 1000-1250 words
? Initial Draft:
? Due Monday, April 30th (?Peer Review? in class)
? Final Draft:
? Due Monday, May 7th (Submit on Moodle)
XU 1
Chang Xu
Alexandra Itz
Writing 111
20 February 2018
When do we usually realize that we have differences with others? I would say, when a
conversation rise up to debate or quarrel. And indeed, this situation happens in the
article by Bharati Mukherjee, who finally found that she was on a different side of
immigration issue with her sister.
The author Bharati is from India; and she has become a citizen of America. Her sister
Mira has stayed in America for 35 years and got the green card. She works at school
system and her contribution has been acknowledged in the fields of pre-school
education. The identity difference between Bharati and Mira is one has become the
citizen and the other one only got the green card. Back to the time they just left India,
they had similar life plan.
Things changed after the Bharati’s marriage with a North Dakota birth American. She
bypassed labor-certification requirements and has her own family in America. After
Bharati put root down, Mira still wants to go back to India after she retired. They still
stayed sisterly closed by phone, talking and expecting about the profits of living and
working in America. But pities between sisters are usually potential. I have a sister
who older than me 7 years. We all clear about the existence of pity but we never
XU 2
mention it. So does Bharati and Mira. Especially after they found they cannot to
maintain the same polite discretion on the “aliens” question.
The way they use to stay close is making phone calls. After the new immigrant policy
came out, Mira raged at the phone. She condemned the new rules which she believes
are used to curtail benefits of legal immigrants should not affect those people who
arrive before the rules. They were invited to stay and work in America but they had to
receive an unfair treatment. For her, she felt betrayed since she has devoted more than
30 years on American pre-school education. As the listener, Bharati just cannot get
the point that made Mira raged. She described the relationship between Mira and
America as a long, loveless marriage. Mira has got a stable life without risks so that
she has no rights to demand and expect further. Overall, Bharati claimed that Mira
should stay on her identity but not try to transform it from Indian to American.
Then, author got an unexpected answer from her sister. Mira claimed that she would
object to the government and would fight against them in her own way. In order to
play the manipulative game with America, she would like to become a citizen then
change back to Indian. The attachment to motherland is always unexplainable. Bharati
considered the difference that appeared between Mira and her, realized that Mira is
representing the voice of a large amount of immigrants and their family members. The
only thing differentiated Mira from the millions of silenced documented immigrants is
the confidence that come from the higher education she received. Bharati recalled the
time when she was in Canada, had plenty work chances but just could not get in to the
real Canadian society. Government can easily turned to a different attitude towards
XU 3
immigrants since the vote made by a bunch of people who do not have any relations
to the immigrant issue. She finally comprehends Mira and has the same sense.
Bharati and Mira have different identities, but she knows that in front of the
immigrant issue, they both have to put efforts on. Mira has a clear cognition of her
identity, an expatriate Indian. But for Bharati, she has no route of retreat. What she
can do is trying to be adopted by the American society and make some differences
that she can.
The concrete border between in this writing could be the border between citizen and
immigrant, or the difference between sisters. It is hard to verify which one is more
appropriate. Bharati and Mira is the difference of sisters. With different identities,
they have different cognizance of America and the sense of belonging. It takes times
for Bharati to understand Mira and to feel the same sense. “Self-transformation” could
be the abstract border, which is the core problem that the author fixed and used as the
writing material. A lot of immigrants’ fates are controlling by the irrelevant. For every
one of them, no matter what kind of comfortable life they got from this “new
wonderland”, the trauma of self-transformation is everlasting and unchangeable.
Xu 1
Chang Xu
Alexandra Itz
Writing 111
5 April 2018
Rhetorical Analysis
The mainstream culture in any context may be attributed to the creation of popular
notions and assumptions related to language usage, fluency, standards, and effectiveness in the
public domain. In the United States, the dominant public culture of American English may create
a system of binaries whereby a person who does not speak fluent Standard American English
may be viewed as incapable of effective communication and limited in many other disciplines
other than communication. Amy Tan, in the article “Mother Tongue,” demystifies this notion and
attempts to persuade her audience to appreciate non-standard forms of English especially
developed and used by most immigrants from non-English speaking countries.
In this article, the purpose of the author is to create confidence in the normative
communication of English speakers who are not fluent and persuade the reader that the fluency is
not attached to the people’s competence in other disciplines. Her main claim is that although
many people may downplay different ‘Englishes’ developed by immigrants, the mother tongue
serves the main purpose of communication in no lesser capacity than would be assumed by
people who do not take those speakers seriously. Essentially, the article is based on the writer’s
experiences growing up and living with her mother who speaks English, which is regarded
limited. Her story is a way of promoting the use of the mother tongue and justifying it since it
achieves the very essence of language; communication. Therefore, she seems to support the idea
that one does not need to speak perfect English as seen in the mainstream for them to be taken
Xu 2
‘seriously’ in what they do and that it is a common mistake that most people even in public
institutions make.
The author, Amy Tan speaks from the point of authority and thus presents an informed
view and understanding of language and communication. First, from the article, the author
claims that although she is a writer, she is in no position to command the English language since
she is “not a scholar of English or literature. I cannot give you much more than personal
opinions…” (Tan 83). However, if one knows the history of Tan and from further in the article,
one realizes that she is English major and has beaten all odds of the Asian background to become
a popular writer, especially of the book Joy Luck Club. From this preview, it is evident that she
has the experience and the technical capability to handle the topic on mother tongue and how it
may affect language. Therefore, from the beginning, she presents confidence and inspires the
reader through her credibility to handle the topic.
Furthermore, the author’s audience is people who are in the mainstream when it comes to
the English language and who have probably had problems with people who speak simple
English as seen with most immigrants. To enable her audience to grasp her concept, she provides
an excerpt from a conversation with her mother. The excerpt, which is a videotaped
conversation, portrays her mother’s version of English and provides the audience an opportunity
to compare it with the topic she presents. By presenting the excerpt, she presents an opportunity
for the audience to detach from the assumption that the command of spoken English is akin to
the understanding level of the person. She shows that the “expressive command of English
bellies how much she actually understands” (Tan 84). The use of the anecdote at this point of the
story and others is helpful in illustrating the difference between using the English language for
expression and the speaker’s understanding and command of the subject matter.
Xu 3
Other than using the anecdotes to illustrate, the author makes her message effective by
using the cause-effect, illustration, and opinion forms to deliver her content. The article is in the
form of opinion based on personal experiences. Therefore, the audience can step into the author’s
shoes and understand her point of view. By telling the story from her point of view, her opinions
are further credited by her experiences. The use of real-life experiences is indeed effective in
delivering the message because it presents situations that are relatable to the author’s claims. For
instance, it is often that one encounters a person who speaks English the way Tan’s mother is
presented in the article. Furthermore, her opinions are credited by evidence. By presenting the
illustrations of how she had to be called from the hospital for the management to take her mother
seriously, she exemplifies her claims. The form of delivering the message in her article using her
experiences is highly effective because it presents her opinion as backed by evidence.
Moreover, other than the author’s ethos, she uses other rhetorical appeals to persuade the
readers. First, she uses pathos, which is the appeal to emotions. Her use of pathos presents the
helpless situation that people who cannot speak perfect English find themselves in. For instance,
she claims that she had repeatedly been pushed to take other courses such as engineering and
math because her English was simple when she was in school (Tan 87). By connecting her
experience with other students’ who may be enthusiasts of language but are not given a chance,
she evokes pity on those students who come across as helpless and cornered in most cases. This
expression of the helplessness allows the reader to understand the seriousness of the matter,
which the author discusses.
In addition, the author uses pathos to appeal to the logic of the readers. This appeal is
presented in her logical reasoning whereby she uses inductive reasoning to come up with a
convincing conclusion. Her collection of experiences comes across as the different premises in
Xu 4
her argument. She collects evidence from her experiences and thus presents a final claim that the
‘broken’ English does not undermine the speakers’ knowledge or command of other subject
matters. The cause-effect organization of her argument is also a way of appealing to the logic of
argument. For instance, the logic behind the prompt response to her claims in the hospital is
attributed to her command of spoken English unlike her mother’s limited command.
The author uses rhetorical appeals, anecdotes, and cause-effect approaches to unsettle
assumptions deeply rooted in the mainstream. The use of these rhetorical instruments makes her
argument succinct and credible. The effectiveness of her argument is furthered by her credibility
and clear argument on the subject topic. Therefore, it is correct to say that her article is effective
in persuading the reader to relinquish the apparent notions that the perfect English is a portrayal
of supremacy in the society. From the article, one learns that Amy Tan’s experience is life
changing and that it can be used to exemplify the binaries set in the society regarding language
use and specifically the English language.
Xu 5
Works Cited
Tan, Amy. Mother Tongue.
Xu 1
Chang Xu
Alexandra Itz
Writing 111
25 April 2018
Final Draft
Apparently, several writers and truth-seekers with varying affiliations have researched
the issues which affect the society. This emanates from the fact that there exist social borders, in
both the white and black cultures. While some of the beliefs currently maintained by people from
different culture, religion, race, and gender might not necessarily be their efforts towards its
conservation, others work tirelessly in ensuring that the beliefs and notions are passed on from
one generation to another. The result is a reliable and functioning system which maintains the
ideas as fresh as they were. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created
equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Among these are
life, liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” These words are selected from the declaration of
independence passed by the thirteen states of America in 1776. For all the reformers and
politicians, whatever actions they want to take, like to improve the rights of women and to ban
the racism, one fixed expression must mention to the public is “all men are created equal.”
However, there are various questions which we ought to ask ourselves if we are to
believe in the following articulation. If it the suggestion that “all men are created equal” works in
our society, why do articles such as We Are All Works in Progress, Can We Talk and If Black
English Isn’t a Language, Then Tell Me, What is-exist in our midst? This is early indicationthat
Xu 2
there is a massive difference between what the policymakers and politicians would promise us or
hope to achieve and what happens on the ground.
Feinberg has expressed the opinion based on what the society holds in terms of equity
among members of a community. She has done this through the use of the book entitled We Are
All Works in Progress. She asserts that in spite of the fact that she has a huge list of privileges
which she enjoys in the society, barely no efforts are made in ensuring that she obtains them. She
elucidates that such privileges would not be enjoyed in the society due to the mindset and
cultural orientation of individuals. She is concerned that such rights and privileges should not
only be owned and enjoyed by people like her, but everyone else in the society. Through her
experience, she asserts that the society should make considerable efforts to stop the profiling
others on the basis of gender and sexual affiliations. Notably, she points out that the society
today still tacitly approves that we only have two choices to our gender: male or female. Other
choices turn to illegal automatically. How to vanish the bigotry to these minorities has become a
serious question we have to consider.
The issue of borders in the society is also discussed by Tatum who is concerned about the
racism in the community. She asserts that its existence has brought advantages to some people.
At the same time, some people emerged as the chief inheritors of all negativities emanating from
racial segregation. She finds out that people do their best in an endeavor to avoid and ignore
racism. Others are reluctant and find that racism does not affect their lives, probably because
they are on the befitting side. However, it is apparent that racism is founded deep within the
society, and its continuity and posterity happens even without the consent of people. Sometimes,
racism is like a wave which sweeps across an area, moving everyone with it regardless of their
Xu 3
stance on the issue. The waves do not spare those who notice it and try to avoid it, and they can
rarely avoid its effects.
Tatum argues that people who have to make a difference need to be actively involved in
ensuring they have had a positive impact concerning racism and its impact. But the effort
requires high speed and energy which is directed against the wave (p 96). Tatum questions
whether racism is for whites only or not in the final section of her essay. I believe that part is not
subjective enough since she concludes that not all whites are racist, but they all benefit from the
racism. Even though racism and sexism are a different social issue, their causes always tightly
bound up with prejudice and bias.
Feinberg shares her experience in the emergency room with a long description. She once
got severe fever and drove to the emergency room in a heavy snow night. Everything was normal
until the doctor began physically examining her and found she is a female. “He flashed me a
mean-spirited smirk,” she said. We can we better understand the situation she was facing and the
turning of the doctor’s attitude toward Feinberg with the precise explanation of prejudice in
Tatum’s article. “Stereotypes, omissions, and distortions all contribute to the development of
prejudice. Prejudice is a preconceived judgment or opinion, usually based on limited
information. I assume that we all have prejudices, not because we want them, but simply because
we are so continually exposed to misinformation about others.” (Beverly Daniel Tatum, 91).
About Tatum’s explanation, Feinberg expresses her opinion on the situation and does not
lay the blame on the doctor due to the attitude shown to her. The primary concern, as she points
out, is the way the kids have been brought up in a community. The community is not aware of
any other gender apart from being a male or a female. The community is misinformed about the
issue of gender.When we were small, I believe all of us were taught that there are two genders in
Xu 4
the world: male and female. We do not have any clue about the concept of transgender. What we
cannot deny is that the doctor’s reaction was reasonable, but we also cannot admit his response is
correct. We still do not have a comprehensive sex education that would not limit the recognition
of gender. Children grow up with misinformation about others. That is why we would allow
reasonable and incorrect coexist.
The language of particular gro …
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