Discovery Writing ( Personal Foreign Experience ) fix my paper

let me make it clear and simple for you but you have to read everything first.this is the requirements for the homework that I have done already, my professor have review the work, and wrote some one ( i have uploaded 2 pictures for you got the note ) one of the main things that she point for me the paper is so general so she want me to fix it and make it more Specific and clear.also I have uploaded the original file for you to edit.please make sure to follow all the requirementsIn your individual inquiries for your final paper, you will use your own personal experience to identify questions related to the topic for this course. What does it mean to be foreign? How does belonging to a space potentially shape identity? At the beginning of the semester each of you will meet with me to determine what your inquiry will be for this course. Once we have decided on the topic, you will spend the rest of the semester developing the project doing substantial research related to your specific inquiry on identity and foreignness. 8 pages and 8 sourcePaper FormatThe format for papers will vary, but unless otherwise indicated, the standard format is as follows:double-spaced throughout (with no extra spaces between paragraphs)readable font (12 point, no italics except for titles or emphasis)one-inch margins on all sides, left justifiedyour name, my name, the section number for the course, and an indication of the draft number (first, second, final) in upper left cornertitle of the paper center justifiednumbered pagesWhen you cite information, you should follow the MLA style guidelines appropriate for the topic or situation.


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Discovery Writing ( Personal Foreign Experience ) fix my paper
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name 1
Course: Discovery Writing
Date: April 26, 2018
Personal Foreign Experience
The condition of being foreign has so many interpretations. Being foreign refers to a
person who does not belong to a country (Code of Federal Regulations Page 611). The term also
describes a person who does not fit in a specific forum. A person is a foreigner if he does not
come from a certain place. The person can also get an alien status if he does not speak the native
language. Being foreign can either be frustrating or joyful depending on the experiences. The
foreign status comes about when the person moves to a new environment. A person who is
foreign is unfamiliar to the people living in the location.
The foreign status comes as a result of various causes. For instance, a person who
migrates to another country and lives there is a foreigner. This is because the person does not
pledge allegiance to the new country. The person moving to the new environment and can find it
difficult to assimilate. People migrate to other countries because of many reasons. Some are
foreigners because they are looking for education. People go to study in a new country because
organizations and government have financed their programs. People always aspire to study
abroad because there is quality education. Additionally, a certification from an institution located
abroad helps the student get a good job back at home. Foreign students stay in the country only
for the duration of their studies.
Surname 2
A lot of people move to other countries in such of jobs. This is because they find it hard
to develop their careers in their country of origin. People move to foreign countries because of
the lucrative payment scheme. They migrate because they perceive that their lives will be better
if they find employment in the new country. Other people become foreigners because they
cannot practice their skills in their country of origin. A person can also opt to move to another
country because their country of origin lacks employment opportunities.
Others become foreigners as a result of war and natural calamities. People migrate to
escape war-prone areas. This is because war destabilizes the normal lives of the inhabitants.
People, therefore, move to other countries to seek refuge from conflict. The people who escape
to another country as a result of war enter the country as refugees. They live in one place and
they cannot move from the camps. Other people move because of natural calamities such as
earthquakes, tsunami, and storms. The natural calamities destroy the houses and other structures
forcing the people to move to places that are safe. Countries provide the displaced people with a
place to stay as their country undergoes rehabilitation.
People also attain foreign status as a result of health issues. People who are suffering
from conditions that cannot be adequately treated in their country of origin move to other
countries in search of better health services. This is because there are countries which have
invested in providing quality healthcare services than others. These people stay in the new
country until their medication process comes to an end. People who are suffering from rare
conditions move to counties that are popular when it comes to research and medicine.
People also become foreigners because of the historical activities such as slave trade. The
African Americans in the United States have faced discrimination for a long time because the
Surname 3
white perceive them as foreigners. They came to America as a result of the slave trade that was
prominent in the nineteenth century. These people did not migrate out of their own volition.
They cannot go back to their countries of origin because America is their home. These people
have fought for incorporation and until now they have not attained it. There are still
neighborhoods that only accommodate either the blacks or the whites because the whites are yet
to accept their counterparts as citizens.
Tourism also makes people attain the status of a foreigner. The people migrate to other
countries to see new phenomena. Most people from Europe move to Africa to see the wildlife
and the features that are not in their country of origin. The Africans move to Europe and America
to see the developments that are absent in Africa. People also move from their countries of origin
to visit their friends and families in foreign countries. This is because they want to reunite with
their friends and family who they have not met for a long time (Bodvarsson, Örn, and den Van
Page 28).
Moving into a new neighborhood makes a person feel like a foreigner. This is because the
new neighborhood presents a new environment. When people move to a new neighborhood they
have no friends. They have to familiarize themselves with the new neighborhood so that they can
fit in. People have to make new friends so that they can fit into the new social circles. People
move to new neighborhoods because it is more secure than their previous neighborhood. They
also move because the new neighborhood has better amenities compared to their old
When people move to a new school they are also regarded as aliens. This is because they
are not conversant with the routine and the school culture. It is easy to notice new students
Surname 4
because they are different from the other students. The new student is practically alone because
he has no friends in the new school. The student has to make new friends and find a way of
fitting in the new school. Sometimes the new students suffer bullying because the other students
are not welcoming.
An employee who has moved to a new job falls under the category of as an alien
especially when the employee is moving to an entirely different sector. The employee is a
foreigner because he is new to the organization. The employee has to fit in the new organization
and make new friends. The employee has to learn about the organizational culture and the
routines. This will help the employee to fit in and lose the foreign status. People are also
regarded as foreigners when they get appointed to work in the embassy as diplomats. This is
because they are working for the sending government and therefore do not owe allegiance to the
receiving state. They act as the representatives of the sending state and cannot become
assimilated into the new country.
Identity creates a person’s image and makes a person unique. The personal beliefs,
personality, and qualities make up a person’s identity (Gedro and Julie, Page 1). There are many
aspects that form a person’s identity. For instance, gender identity makes a person sensitive on
how he relates with other people in the society. The racial and ethnic identity relates to the aspect
that influences a person based on ancestry and place of origin. Religious beliefs shape a person’s
religious identity. A person’s career path shapes their occupational identity.
There are various aspects that shape a person’s identity. People who isolate themselves
from the social order find it hard to develop their identity. Human relations make the most
impact in the shaping of the personal identity. The family members and friends are important in
Surname 5
shaping a person’s identity (Burke, Peter, Timothy Owens, Richard, Serpe, and Peggy, Thoits
Page 79). Factors such as culture and the environment also contribute substantially to the
development of a person’s identity. Some of the factors have a huge impact on the personal
identity while others have a negligible impact on a person’s identity. Personal interests also
influence the development of a person’s character and identity. The virtue of being in a space is
important to the formation of identity.
The family institution shapes a person’s identity once they are born. The family instills
values that shape a child’s behavior even in adulthood. The family contributes a lot to the
development of identity. A child develops the sense of belonging first because of the family. A
child learns so much from being in a family setup. It is from the family that a child studies about
ethics. The child discovers what forms right and wrong behavior.
The child is also taught about responsibility by the family members. For instance, if the
case where a child requests for a pet he learns responsibility because he has to be accountable for
actions of the pet. The child also learns about self-image from being in a family. The parents can
commend the child’s bodily attributes and this helps the child develop a strong self-image. The
child learns about the culture and the traditions that the family follows. The family also
contributes to the socialization of the child in the society. The child acquires knowledge about
gender and the duties relating to each gender as a result of societal constructions.
The child also develops self-esteem when they are being raised by the parents. If the
parents regularly criticize how the child looks, the child grows up with self-esteem issues
because he discovers that he will never be good enough. If the parents always compliment how
the child looks, the child will develop a strong self-esteem and will not seek approval from other
Surname 6
people. The child also learns about virtues such as kindness, etiquette, love, and care from the
parents and the caregivers at home. The family also contributes to the development of the child’s
cultural identity.
The school also contributes to the identity of a person. The institution through the
teachers instills discipline in the students. The student learns to obey the rules and the routines
created by the school. The school also teaches the student how to treat other students because
they have to coexist in the school. The student is able to observe that a student with discipline
issues face punishments and a disciplined student rewarded. The student is also taught to respect
authority in school which helps the student in the outside world. The student learns about hard
work and studies. The student learns that nothing comes easy in life and this creates a person
who is responsible and hardworking.
The student is also taught how to cooperate in the school. Most of the exercises in the
school entail teamwork. The student is able to work together with the other students in
completing tasks. Teamwork helps the student to respect views and opinions extended by other
students. The school also teaches the child the ethics involved in the competition. Since the
students are all competing to get a good grade, the school advises them not to use cheating
schemes in order to emerge winners. Therefore the school churns out students who are
competitive, hardworking, disciplined and team players. Most of the people attest that they who
they are because of the impact of the learning institutions.
Friends also participate in shaping a person’s identity. This is because relationships
people create contribute to the development of identity (Perry and Michael, Page 96). Friends
expose us to new things that end up shaping who we are. The friends influence a person’s
Surname 7
interests for instance in music, clothing, and social activities. A person can commit to a certain
event or program because of the influence of friends and the commitment can change the
person’s life completely. Friends can also introduce a person to people who end up becoming
their mentors. People tend to change a lot because of their friends. People should take care not to
allow the friends to influence them to adopt negative personal identities. Friends also shape how
we treat and relate to others. Some people propound that a person can tell the kind of person you
are by looking at your friends. We also share experiences with our friends.
A person’s personality is also shaped by the place in which the person lives in. A place
can create a sense of belonging based on what a person has experienced in the place (Altman,
Irwin, and Christensen, Page 27). People connect with places that have shaped their personal
identity. The social status associated with the neighborhood a person lives in affects the person’s
identity. Moving a lot from one place to another may affect a person’s identity. This is because
the person experiences so many cultures. Moving from one place to another makes it hard for
people to develop a sense of belonging.
The environment around a person to also shapes the person’s identity. What people
experience daily the smells, the structures and other environmental factors affect their personal
identity, (Buckner and Jocelyn Page 70). The change of environment affects a person’s identity.
The person has to start the process of blending in with the new environment all over again. The
environment also determines the culture that shapes a person’s identity. An environment filled
with conflict affects so many relationships that could have shaped the identity of a person. The
environment at home, school, work, place and around the person shapes the person’s identity.
Surname 8
Research has shown that people’s identity is closely related to the work they do. People
figure out the kind of person you are from the work you do. This is because people spend a lot of
time working. Different jobs require different values and expertise. A person’s values tell so
much about his identity and personality. Based on the work a person does, people can tell
whether a person is patient or impatient. The work a person does determine how the person
relates to other people (Kozlowski and Steve Page 259). The career path shapes a person’s
Most people pursue their areas of interests as their career path. A person’s identity is also
shaped by the status the person has at work. If a person is a leader, his identity changes to
accommodate the leadership position. Work experience also contributes to the shaping of a
person’s identity. A person who has an extensive experience is more confident compared to a
graduate who is taking the first job. People change their values and behaviors based on their
career path. People adopt a behavior that is likely to make them succeed at work.
In conclusion, the foreign means that a person does not belong to a place or a social
circle. There are so many reasons that contribute to the condition of being foreign. A person’s
identity refers to the character, values, and personality that make a person unique. Belonging to a
place contributes to the development of a person’s identity. The family and friends contribute so
much to the development of a person’s identity.
Surname 9
Work Cited
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