Final Course Reflection letter

HI i need your help with this assignment ( Final Course Reflection) for my Writing 101 class the assignment instructions attached . Also i have attached all the essays i have submitted through this course so you have a better idea when writing this essay . please i need it to be perfect . please write at least 4.5 full papers and make it look great


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Final Course Reflection letter
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Eastbound & Down
Mohammad Alkhaled
Montana State University
March 5, 2018
The comedy EASTBOUND & DOWN is a story of a fall from grace. It follows Kenny
Rogers a “has been” in the baseball world. He comes back to his hometown to and finds that he
still cares for the girl he left behind, he moves in with his brother’s family and starts life afresh as
a gym teacher. It is an endearing and very humanizing story that teaches the audience how to
handle failure gracefully.
The comedy EASTBOUND & DOWN is a series based on the life of Kenny Rogers. This
character is a former Major League baseball pitcher who has fallen out of his former glory
mainly due to his self-destructive behaviors. He is also an obnoxious fellow who is filled with
pride and drunk over fame. In relation to rhetors, Kenny Rogers in the series has been seen to
bring about the aspect of crassness due to his non-religious behaviors. In terms of humor, we can
definitely say he has orchestrated his role well as his crudeness is filled with uncanny humor.
With his foul mouth, he is able to deliver humor in a way that most people cannot think of. Other
rhetors in the series include Dustin, his brother and Cassie his wife, Kenny’s sister in law. The
couple and their children bring to the show the comfort of family and the expectations that they
have towards a person. This family also offers Kenny a home when he down hence shows the
untiring support of family even when we are at our worst (McBride, 2009). This show therefore
resonates with a lot of the American audience as it incorporates American family values with a
little dash of rebelliousness
There are several ways to explain why Kenny is such a huge jerk. One of them includes
the fact that fame and pride got the best part of him. While Kenny has been a super star in the
Major League most of his life, he refuses to accept defeat and the end of his fast-lane lifestyle
which causes him to act the way he does. His crudeness, however, extends to even when he was
part of the Major League which can only be explained as a result of pride since he had achieved
his dreams at that time and could not contemplate anything that would change this. His
motivation in this series is stardom and getting back to his former glory while we as the viewers
are motivated to watch the show in order to see if he achieves his goal of getting back to his
former glory.
Characters like Kenny Rogers are needed to help people understand that the world is a
rollercoaster. One moment you are at a high and the next at a low point. We, therefore, need
shows like this to show people that behavior can highly affect a person’s life both socially and
professionally. It also motivates people to not give up on trying to achieve their goals when
things get rough. This comedy appeals to the needs of people to realize that even in tough
situations people can still find humor. Shows that make people laugh bring about happiness and
reduce stress (McBride, 2009).
The context of this series is based on the former stardom life of Kenny Rogers which
leads to the current situation of the series. After the end of his career life, Kenny is forced to go
back to his hometown to live with his brother and his family. In his hometown, he is forced to
work as a gym teacher in his former high school. Here his life revolves around people in his past
such as April, who he fancied back then and still does and his brother, sister in law and their
children. This shows appeals to viewers as it shows that life has a few curve balls in its front
packet. Life can change in an instant and we need to make the best of the situation. Personally
after watching the show I understood that nothing remains the same, things change and we need
to change our perspective too because failure to do so will leave us trapped in the past and we
will never progress. A positive outlook is important no matter how our circumstances have
The narrative of Kenny’s story can be described from his former life to his transition
from glory and the things that happen in between his struggle back to glory. While his
unorthodox behaviors cost him his career as a baseball pitcher, Kenny returns home to regroup
and plan his strategy back to his career. In his transition from glory, he has to face his past which
includes returning to his hometown and taking up a job that is below his level as a gym teacher.
When he figures he has a chance of redemption, he falls into a series of unsuccessful trials and
plans full of stupidity and hilarious failures. With numerous roadblocks, one after another,
Kenny’s consistent trials are powered by his need to get back to fame and prove to his family he
can make it again. He fails to realize that their love for him does not depend on his fame rather
for just being himself (McBride, 2009).
As a comedy, this series delivers its knowledge in a very unconventional way. The best
way to learn is said to be from mistakes, and this is the main basis of knowledge in this series.
The series is based on unending downfalls in plans and strategies in the first episode Kenny
actually punches a fan because he can no longer throw a pitch under high pressure. Despite these
setbacks Kenny continues making solid efforts to return to his career. While most of the time
Kenny ends up learning something new every time he makes a new mistake, he also seems to
forget these lesson pretty fast. This drives the viewer to remember these teachings and
understand that had Kenny put the teachings into practice he would have avoided other future
mistakes. The use of humor in this series makes us laugh due to the fact that it used in idiocy and
depicts pure stupidity. An example of this is in the second episode of season one where Kenny’s
assistance Stevie fails horribly at appearing threatening toward the local high school pitcher
threatening to steal a spot at pro roster. This is humorous because of how harmless Stevie
actually looks, she is so endearing that you can’t help but find him funny (McBride, 2009). This
therefore shows a viewer that they should never be afraid to stand up for themselves no matter
how unlikely victory is, one should always fight for what they want
In discussing kairos, we will review several things that whose timing could not be
controlled (Wardle & Downs, 2016). The arrival of Kenny back at his hometown when an
engaged April has settled down for a boring lifestyle is one of them. His return, therefore, rustles
things up for her, and she eventually leaves her fiancée. Another thing that happens to Kenny
that is out of control in the first season is the cancellation of the contract he had worked so hard
to get at the last moment. Timing also affects humor as in episode four of season one when
Kenny tries unsuccessfully and hilarious to draw people’s attention at the barbeque party. He
struggles to get their attention and it is hilarious how can be ignored at an event that is meant to
celebrate his lifetime achievements, after the party fails to go to plan, he is forced to leave the
party but after making a dramatic exit his jet ski runs out of gas and he is stranded.
McBride, D., Hill, J., Best, B. (Producers) & Ferrell, W., McKay, A. (Director). (2009).
Eastbound &
down. USA : Warner Bros Television.
Wardle, E., & Downs, D. (2016). Writing about writing. Bedford St. Martins.
Spring 2018
WRIT 101 Final Reflection Letter
Semester Course Goals:
? Understand the nature of writing and your own experiences with writing differently than when
you began
? Increase your ability to read rhetorical situations and make rhetorical choices in writing
? Know what questions to ask when entering new rhetorical situations in order to adjust your
approach to writing to meet that situation
? Be a more reflective (mindful, self-aware, thoughtful) writer
? Build your ability to collaborate in communities of writers and readers
? Take risks in new writing situations
? Increase your control of situation-appropriate conventions of writing
? Expand your research literacy
Assignment Description and Instructions:
Wow! You have done it! You have completed a full semester of College Writing I! That is something to
be celebrated; it is also something you should reflect on. Think back to the very first day of class.
Consider how you saw writing and how you saw yourself as a writer. So much has happened since then!
For this assignment, I would like you to write an honest letter directly to me thinking about your
experiences through the duration of this course. It should be 2-3 pages double-spaced beginning with a
salutation to me (ex: Dear Cassi). Carefully review the semester course goals listed above, think back
over the day-to-day happenings of this course, consider the writing you crafted, reflect on your student
conferences with me. Take all of that into consideration as you write this letter. Use the questions below
to guide you as you discuss your growth as a writer and thinker over the course of the semester. You
should refer to specific activities, assignments, readings, discussions, feedback, and revision activities to
substantiate your claims:
What do you know about writing now that you didn’t know before, or how do you think
differently about your writing?
How has your awareness of yourself as a writer changed throughout the semester? What
specifically has caused your awareness to change?
What kinds of risks did you take in regards to writing styles, expressions of voice, structure and
format decisions, and evaluations of content?
What kinds of collaboration did you participate in this semester? How did these collaborative
activities affect your concepts not only of rhetorical interaction, but your understanding of the
writing process?
In what ways were you able to integrate source material into your writing? How did you think
about this differently than in comparison to what you have done before?
How did input from your instructor, peers, or other readers help shape your writing?
Is there anything, in general, that you would do differently if you were asked to take this course
again? Is there anything, in general, you think the instructor should change about the way the
course works?
Again, this is about honesty. Do not write what you think I want to hear. Write your reflection genuinely.
You will receive credit for this assignment as long as you turn it in. Feel free to include things in this
letter you wish me to know about the class that the questions do not cover.
Drafting Process:
DUE: 2-3 page letter by Monday, April 30 at 5 PM.
Vegan and Vegetarian Diets
Every human being has a right to eat whatever diet he or she feels is appropriate and
that they like. Eating decision depends on the ethical, moral and religious reasons of an
individual. People should make dietary decisions based on the environmental impacts and not
on the ethical and philosophical issues. The foods we consume must also be good for our
health. Both the vegan and vegetarian diets are appropriate as long as they do not affect the
environment. However, both vegan and vegetarian populations engage in practices that result
in damage to the environment. Different damages occur to the environment because of the
vegan and vegetarian practices (Hopkins & Patrick, 267).
Population holds the movement differently. Populations believe the vegan and
vegetarian eating habits are appropriate and require adoption by all the human populations.
They believe the movements are appropriate for every person’s dietary planning. They also
associate the movements with different health and ethical benefits. However, this notion is
off the mark. The movements help mitigate some of the environmental problems associated
with food consumption patterns (Schüpbach & Ruth, 287). The movements, however, are not
capable of undoing the damage caused by the meat industry. It also comes at the cost of its
The consumption of both the animals and animal products affect the environment.
According to the environmental vegans, industrial production of animal products damages the
environment and is unsustainable. They also believe the unplanned use of animal products
results in different diseases that affect the health of human beings. Vegetarian diet mainly
focuses on the consumption of plant products. The ethical drive behind the
The major reason to why people go vegan is to protect the animals. According to the vegans,
all animals have a right to freedom and life. Non-human beings also need freedom and to
avoid danger and any bodily harm. Animals always suffer in every system regardless of the
welfare standards required by the different movements. Vegans believe animals require
freedom from thirst, hunger, and malnutrition. They also require freedom from injury,
disease, and pain. Discomfort to the animals is an infringement of their rights according to
the vegans. Animals require freedom from distress and fear and should live in a free
environment where they can change their natural behavior. Vegans and vegetarians primarily
do not focus on the food on the plate but the respect for every life. They believe in the
protection of the right of every living organism. According to the vegans, every living
organism requires equal treatment and respect within the environment.
The movements seek to protect the environment and guarantee safe and healthy
surrounding while also protecting and conserving the lives of the animals within the
environment. The movements advocate for the prohibition and elimination of the
consumption of animal products. According to the movements, global warming is a primary
environmental concern in the global economy. The major causes of global warming are the
emission of gases from the manufacturing and service industries (Bradbury & Kathryn, 178).
The use of animal’s products as raw materials in industries results in the release of gases that
accumulate and leads to global warming.
The movements also advocate for the protection of animal lives to guarantee the
existence of nature parks. Nature parks promote tourism and are a major source of adventure
and leisure to human beings. The movements believe the animals require protection in an
environment where they are free to interact and behave accordingly. They also state that
animals living in the ex-situ are free and behave accordingly without restrain. Animals living
in-situ experiences constraints to appropriate movement and limit appropriate behavior of the
animals. Positive behaviors are fundamental in the life of every living organism. The
provision of conducive environment and protection of the animal life leads to the
development of positive behavior among the animals those results in the development of
positive health (MacInnis, Cara & Gordon, 729). According to the vegan and vegetarian
movements, watching animals while in captivity has no educational value. Animals living in
captivity cannot freely display the natural behavior.
Cosmetic companies use animals in conducting various research activities that affect
their business. Using animals to conduct research is inappropriate and affect the living
conditions of the animals. Animals as living organisms require the respect for life. The
movements believe the protection of the animal life guarantees a free society. Protection of
animal lives guarantees an effective interconnection between the human beings, animals and
the planet earth. The vegans and vegetarians movement believe the only way of ensuring the
appropriate environment is by protecting the animals. Going vegan is, therefore the most
appropriate way of responding appropriately to animals and helping the animals in the best
way possible.
Creating an emotional attachment to animals is a significant way of advocating for
going vegan. It makes one respect the animals and actively participates in the protection of
the animal’s lives. It also prevents the exploitation of animals by the human population.
Animal also love life, want to live, and they fear death. A vegan diet is nutritious and
contains all the requirements of a human diet. The movements believe the consumption of
vegan diet leads to sustainable living conditions. Animal agriculture affects both the
environment and the climate. Animal agriculture leads to the destruction of rainforest and
pollution of freshwater sources. It leads to air pollution, extinction of species and loss of
Identification of rhetoric involves the means by which the vegans and vegetarians
establish shared attitudes, values and interest with the audience. `The vegan and vegetarian
movements use ethos and pathos to convey the information about the protection of animal
rights. The movement alludes to emancipation proclamation to acquire credibility of the
movement’s policies. By using the authority of animal rights, the movement establishes the
common ground and trust with the audience. The movement illustrates the health benefits of
protecting the lives of animals and going vegan. They also postulate the environmental
effects of animal consumption and production of animal products. They depict the impact of
the industrial production of animal products and animal agriculture to global warming. The
use of pathos evokes the emotional response from the readers by appealing to their desire to
protect the animals and evoking the fear of having bad health by consuming animal’s
products (Arnold, Taylor, Jessica & Carol, 274). The use of highly connotative words also
evokes an emotional response from the public and helps in advocating for the protection of
animal rights.
Change the perspective of other people using communication creates a rhetorical
situation. The vegans and vegetarians create rhetorical situations by the use of
communication and appropriate language to change the perspective of the public towards
animals. They create a rhetorical situation to enable the public to realize the dangers of
disrespecting animals and the side effects of using animals in the industrial production of
production of products. By explaining the impacts of the industrial production of animal
products to global warming evokes the feelings of the public and helps them in identifying
the significance of protecting the animals. The main aim of the movement is to protect
animals and change the culture of human beings towards animals. Schmidt, Julie, 138). It
aims to enable human beings to appreciate the existence of animals in the society.
Understanding the significance of vegetarians and the vegans helps the public to comprehend
the environmentally beneficial strategies and the appropriate measures of protecting the
animals. A proper understanding is, therefore, fundamental and necessary to ensure that
practices necessary to sustain vegetarian and vegan populations do not damage the
environment but promote balance in the environment.
Work Cited
Hopkins, Patrick D. “Cultured meat in western media: The disproportionate coverage of
vegetarian reactions, demographic realities, and implications for cultured meat
marketing.” Journal of Integrative Agriculture 14.2 (2015): 264-272.
Schüpbach, Ruth, et al. “Micronutrient status and intake in omnivores, vegetarians and
vegans in Switzerland.” European journal of nutrition 56.1 (2017): 283-293.
Arnold, Taylor, Jessica Knurick, and Carol Johnston. “Vitamin B12 Deficiency Defined
Using Total Cobalamin, Holo-Transcobalamin II, and an Algorithm of Both Total
Cobalamin and Holo-Transcobalamin II in Vegetarians, Vegans, and Omnivores.”
The FASEB Journal 30.1 Supplement (2016): 272-8.
Bradbury, Kathryn E., et al. “Serum concentrations of cholesterol, apolipoprotein AI
and apolipoprotein B in …
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