I need to fix Grammar and Punctuation for 5 pages

i have 2 essays, each of them is 5 pages. i need to check my grammar and punctuation. Please highlight every thing you change.

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I need to fix Grammar and Punctuation for 5 pages
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Analysis Essay
7 Years
Today, there are many songs talking about life, only few of these songs are both conveying a
valuable message that is worth listening to and are presented in a unique and beautiful way. The
song “Seven Years” is one of these songs that everyone should listen to, it makes you think about
your life and about growing old. “Seven Years” is the first single for the Danish band Lukas
Graham. The band was named after the real name of the main singer of the band “Lukas
Graham Forchhammer” (Aspell). According to the video on YouTube, the song was first
published on December, 2015.
If anyone listens to this song, it is going to be hard for them to describe how they feel;
everyone is going have different feelings based on their own lives. However, this shows how this
song achieved its goal, which is touching the audience feelings by reminding them of their
childhood or of what their lives going to look like when they grow up. The lyrics of this song
deeply describe life, the video and the music are well produced and are phenomenal as well,
which are the reasons why it is a successful song.
The lyrics in this song are unique and different as the song starts with talking about how it
felt being in a really young age “Once I was seven years old my mama told me, go make yourself
some friends or you’ll be lonely”. (7 years). Starting to talk about a young age such as seven
years old directly suggest that the song is not about love, betrayal, or anything like what most
songs are about, this first sentence clearly shows what the song is about. Additionally, Lukas, the
singer of “7 Years”, started learning about music since he was only eight years old (Bio). Which
shows that he had that particular passion for music since he was a little child, and it also can be
indicated that maybe he did not care that much about having friends which made his mother feel
concerned about her son’s social life, which any other mother would think about if she had a
seven-year old child. Given that, it can be inferred that this song talks about the story of Lukas’s
The video is really well made for this particular song; almost all the video is in black and
white which gives the idea that this song is both talking about memories and that it is a sad song.
A young black boy is used in the first part of the song to represent the young age. In addition,
choosing a black boy here is not representing Lukas specifically; because if the goal was to
choose someone to play the role of young Lukas, a white boy would be chosen. Thus, the goal is
to represent any person who once was in that situation.
The song’s second section of the talks about children and the way they see life when they start
growing up. Lukas expressed this period of life saying, “It was a big, big world but we thought
we were bigger, pushing each other to the limits, we were learning quicker” (7 years). Children
tend to think that they understand a lot about the world, they usually are enthusiastic about the
world and about anything they like. When children are “pushing each other to the limits”, it is
thought that they may be doing things they should not do, or they are could be experiencing
some things that they knew nothing about before (7 years). Coupled with this part, the video
shows a street sign with “NO PHOTO” written on it, which emphasize the idea that children like
to do what they are not supposed to do. However, since parents generally care about protecting
their children, they may prevent going beyond what they are used to do. Accordingly, this can
give children the idea that if they do something new or something they are not predicted to do,
that they are doing something bad. On the contrary, children only learn by trying out new things
and the evidence here is “we were learning quicker” (7 years). Furthermore, before and during
talking about being seven years old, the music used here is similar to kids’ music, which brings
the listener to the moment that is being talked about.
Parents can also make mistakes when their children are teenagers or younger a little bit, they
do not only make mistakes at the beginning of their parenting life. Lukas says here, “Once I was
eleven years old my daddy told me, go get yourself a wife or you’ll be lonely” it is obviously not
realistic for a father to tell his eleven-year old son to go and find a wife (7 years). It can be
implied that what led the father to say something like this is that he was separated from his wife
and that he was struggling to live without her. In other words, the father may think that by saying
that, he could be preventing his son from making the mistakes that he did.
Lukas had the same dream his father once had; even though parents make a lot of mistakes
while they raise their kids, kids will still love their parents and see them as their role models no
matter what. This is exactly what happened with Lukas that made him say, “I always had that
dream like my daddy before me, so I started writing songs, I started writing stories. Something
about that glory just always seemed to bore me, ‘Cause only those I really love will ever really
know me” (7 years). In this particular part, Lukas is openly telling his dream in life. This part
shows that Lukas was working to achieve the goal that not only him but also his father wanted to
fulfill, which proves that Lukas was greatly influenced by his father and the way he thinks.
Scenes showing Lukas performing on a stage are being displayed throughout the video, which
shows how this part of the story means a lot to Lukas. Equally important, there is a part where he
says “So I started writing songs, I started writing stories” (7 years). During this part, the video
shows with a paper, there are two possible things inside this paper, it may be a song that he has
written or a letter to his father who passed away. Because “the band released this song which
deals with Lukas’ feelings and emotions after losing his dad” (Aspell).
Achieving goals is something important in everyone’s life, and it is considered to be what
people live for. The normal age that people tend to achieve what they dreamed on is usually
between twenties and thirties. It can be told here that Lukas is really ambitious that he did what
he wanted to do in an early age, “Once I was twenty years old my story got told, before the
morning sun when life was lonely” (7 years). This part of the song has a big importance because
now Lukas is talking about how he made his dream true. It can be understood from this part that
the success he made was noticeable by everyone, and the implied meaning of “before the
morning sun when life was lonely” can be that his story was being told during the really early
hours of the day, which is the time that usually people feel weak (7 years). In other words, the
reason behind that this success story was told to people who felt disappointed to make them
believe that good thing can always happen. Furthermore, because of the fact that the pervious
part is one of the most affective parts in this song, a great majority of its audience people who are
around the age of twenty, this song can be really inspirational for those people who are still
trying to find their own way in this life. there is scene in the video that shows the paper burning,
meanwhile; the song reaches “I was writing ’bout everything I saw before me”, which emphasize
the idea that the paper contains things about Lukas’s life.
People’s near future is known as the most thing that concern them; next in the song, Lukas
starts to talk about his near future saying “Soon we’ll be thirty years old, our songs have been
sold” (7 years). Which defiantly tells that Lukas’s age is somewhere between twenty and thirty,
and using plural verbs here says that now he is not just talking about himself, but about his band
and him. This shows how much important is this band to him. During this part of the song, the
video shows Lukas with his band drinking and laughing after a band for them, which implies that
they are not only working together, but that they are friends as well.
Life changes, this happens not only because people grow older, but because everyone is
always working towards changing their lives to the better. Here is Lukas talking about his
present life, “I’m still learning about life, my woman brought children for me, so I can sing them
all my songs and I can tell them stories” (7 years). This part gives information about Lukas
having his own family now that he should care about, this is absolutely can prevent him from
working and traveling as he used to do before with his band. This part also implies that no matter
how old someone is, he or she will always be learning new thing about life.
People eventually get old and this time can be the hardest time of someone’s life, as they as a
person in this age will need both physical and emotional care. Likewise, the last and the most
emotional part says “Soon I’ll be sixty years old, my daddy got sixty-one” in this part the main
idea is about being and elderly and about being an old father (7 years). “I made a man so happy
when I wrote a letter once, I hope my children come and visit once or twice a month” even
writing a letter to one’s father can mean a lot for him (7 years). What is also meant here by
saying “I hope my children come and visit once or twice a month” is that he is not sure if his
children are going to visit him of not and that it is hard for an old father not to have at least his
own children around him, because older people usually tend to be emotional and as someone
reaches the age of sixty, he or she will need more care. Similar to the seven years old part; in the
last part, that talks about being sixty years old, there is an old man that represents being sixty
years. Here, there are sad expressions on both the old man’s and Lukas’s faces, this shows
Lukas’s sadness toward this particular age, that reminds him of his father. Meanwhile, the video
there also shows an explosion with paper burning in it behind Lukas, this explosion can be
understood as angriness or sadness because this last part of the song is talking about Lukas’s
father who passed away. This particular scene may be telling that nothing could be change even
if Lukas himself reached sixty years old, not the letter that Lukas wrote to his father before,
neither the dream that his father wanted to do. Because Lukas cannot bring back his father to life.
All the components of this song came together to help it succeed and be popular. Although it
sounds like a sad song, it contains many messages, ideas and lessons as well. This song also
brings a lot of emotions to the audience and make them think about their own lives, it may also
make people who are listening to it think about periods of life that they have never thought
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“7 Years” Lukas Graham Official Website, www.lukasgraham.com/music/7-years-20871.
Aspell, Nathan. “Who Are Lukas Graham? 9 Facts About the Chart Topping Danish
Band.” Capital, 14 Mar. 2016, www.capitalfm.com/features/lukas-graham-facts/.
“Bio” Lukas Graham Official Website, www.lukasgraham.com/bio.
TheForchhammer. “Lukas Graham – 7 Years [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO].” YouTube,
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Exploratory Essay:
Is Social Media Harming us?
The new way for people to communicate with each other is through social media. In other
words, social media has become more important way for people to exchange information about
each other; never the less, it has also begun to be a main place that people meet new people on.
Although social media has changed a lot in the world in a positive way. A great deal of
teenagers and adults are facing many problems in their lives that were mainly caused by being a
part of social media. On one hand, there are people who are attached to social media and who
only consider all the positive effects of it. On the other hand, these people might be the victim of
the improper use of social media, and who are dealing with problems in their lives because of
their use to social media. In fact, social media has become a really important thing that cannot be
gotten rid of; the types of problems that social media causes should be well know, just like the
advantages are well known, and should also be treated. Thus, these problems are something that
societies should know how to deal with, because of the bad effects that they have not only on
individuals but also on the whole societies.
The majority of social media users, especially teenagers, are very obsessed with social media
that they can feel so bad if they do not check their favorite websites or applications constantly. A
thirteen-years old girl expressed her feeling saying “When I get my phone taken away, I feel
kind of naked”, Another girl said “I literally feel like I’m going to die” (Hadad). These examples
show how horrible is these teenagers’ situation when they spend some time away from their
phones that connect them with their other society that consists of some websites and
applications. Teenagers always want to be informed about every single news about their friends,
celebrities, and people that they have met online. One reason why they do not want to miss any
single information is that they do not want their peers to talk about something that they have no
enough information about. These girls are examples who f8ushow that nowadays teenagers have
two different lives that they want to be good at the two of them, which is hard to achieve, which
makes them end up struggling in their real life that they should be taken care of. In addition,
what is making the situation worse is that teenagers normally struggle in their lives, so their lives
would be really hard to deal with if the struggles are more because of social media.
There are a lot of downsides for using social media for a long time. first of all, if people used
social media to communicate with other people instead of communicating with them in real life,
the next generations are going to have a lack in manners and etiquette when they meet people in
person. Second, sicknesses like having poor eyes, and the body to human being also can be
affected by the use of phones, tablets, and laptops. “The most common complaint is pain or
numbness in the hand— especially in the ring and pinky fingers” (“Effects of
Smartphones”). Third, the consequences of spending too much time on social media includes
being an unproductive person. Students, between the ages 8 and 18, that are using more time on
media tend to have worse performance in school, unlike other students who doesn’t use media as
much (Panek 562). Talking about these bad affects that are caused when people spend too much
time on social media, people should be aware of the bad things that are likely to happen because
of their improper use of social media. The reason is that social media is a new thing and these
problems that started to happen because of it are not really well known as they should be.
Since Facebook and other social media websites started, people have always liked the idea of
getting together with people while they aren’t really getting out of their house. Thus, social
media websites allowed people to make new connections, get quicker news, and know more
about the world outside. At the beginning, people thought that when they were doing that, they
were socializing more with people. “Things like groups allow you to get some of that feeling by
joining. That’s probably the reason why groups/pages are so popular on Facebook” (“What Can
Psychology Tell?”). when people post photos, tweets, and other things on Facebook, Twitter and
other social media websites, their purpose is to get other people’s attention as a study showed
that “61% of teens said they wanted to see if their online posts are getting likes and comments”
(Hadad). These examples can clearly show that people are putting a lot of importance on social
media and that social media has become a way for people to feel their worth through others’
opinions; however, this phenomena harms people more than its helping them, because this keeps
them away from the real life.
Unfortunately, people were getting isolated while believing that they were making new
friends. What people believe to be their friends and just names on their screens. In addition, what
can be inferred from knowing that a lot of people had the urge to see others interactions with
what they post on social media can actually tell us that these people wanted to be noticed. In
other words, people escape to social media in order to get the attention that they were supposed
to get in their real lives, that they no longer can get after they have devoted their lives to
electronics. By the same token, Devon, a woman who has lived through the social media
evolution, expressed frustration when social media first enter her life when she used to be a
college student saying “It seemed to me that more laughter was directed at some words on the
screen than at a joke between us”, she also admits that even though technology have made life a
lot easier, she says “I want to focus on quality, not quantity. I’ll keep choosing in-person
community first” (Bonady). People who have lived before and after social media, are the best
people that can decide what life is better, because they can actually compare things that they
experienced themselves. Doven is a good example that gave us the real facts about how social
media is affecting life.
Since Instagram came out, the meaning of beauty has changed, and not only women, but
also men wanted to look attractive. Everybody started taking much more care of their appearance
than they used to do before the new standard of beauty has emerged. Kevin Carnell is one of the
thousands examples who changed their appearance and now they are Instagram stars, “old photos
of myself and I’m so happy to see my journey
I’m happiest knowing I was able to chisel the
way I viewed myself and value the importance of my self-worth” (Artavia). As a result, those
people who are famous now are being watched by thousands or maybe millions of people that
are learning and influencing from them. Even though people can learn good things from other
people on social media, what is happening in social media is that a lot of people are presenting
unhelpful content. In this case, even social media stars are being harmed in this situation,
because they are being watched and everyone knows what changes happen in their lives, which
make them eventually think only about their appearance and forget that it is important to talk
about issues that are more beneficial for societies.
Even though the new social media life has a good influence on societies, people nowadays
are being worse off when they evaluate themselves based on what they see on social media.
Chariss Jones wrote an article talking about how social media is affecting people today, “and
childhood seems to have become downright terrifying” She admits (Jones). The reason why
children started acting like grown up is due to the fact that what they see on social media are
adults who have millions of people that adore them, which make those children wonder if they
can be loved as much as those famous people. It is also mentioned in the same article that
posting pictures all day is really upsetting. It can be seen that the new beliefs in social media
generation are not only preventing children from living their age, these ideas are also making
adults think of themselves as not beautiful or attractive enough while they look really good in
other standards.
Getting compliments via social media is one of the reasons why people post things like
selfies, their kids’ …
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