Journal entry

I’m volunteering at Tri City Volunteers food bank. My daily tasks are helping clients with food selection, carrying selections to client’s car, resupplying food items, and sorting through food donations. Please research about this organization and write a journal entry at least 300 words answering all the questions in the Instruction document I also attached the Volunteer Manual which includes the dress code section that you might need.


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Journal entry
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

Students should provide an introduction to the organization that they are interning in.
What is the name of the organization? Identify its goals and mission. In addition,
students should summarize the history of the organization. Finally, each student should
describe the culture of the organization–dress code, level of formality, physical structure
of offices, how staff interact, and anything else s/he has been able to observe so far.
Each student should conclude with their projections on whether s/he perceives this will
be a good internship for him/her and the reasons why or why not; finally, each student
should explain what s/he hopes to gain or benefit from this experience.
The writing for these entries must be professional and must adhere to the following
Criteria for Journals
1. Each entry must:
2. Consist of: at least 300 words (word limit excludes journal prompt)
3. Use Times New Roman font
4. Use 12 pt. font
5. Be double spaced
6. Have 1″ margins (on all sides)
7. Not contain spelling or obvious grammatical errors
8. Be written in student’s own words (paraphrased) without any quotations
9. Respond to prompt and/or other instructions
10. Critically reflect on learning based on experiences in internship (rather than an
itemized list of activities completed in the internship)
Volunteer Manual
January 2017
Thank you for volunteering at Tri-City Volunteer Food Bank + Thrift Store
Welcome to TCV Food Bank + Thrift Store! We would like to take this opportunity to tell you how
pleased we are that you are able to volunteer on our team.
With limited staffing, our food pantry relies on committed volunteers to operate. Volunteers contribute
hundreds of hours every month and have a key role in helping us fulfill our mission.
As part of the Food Bank or Thrift Store team, you will be making an important difference in the lives of
a great many people. While our work is not easy, it is highly satisfying and extremely meaningful.
About the Handbook
TCV’s staff works to a standard of excellence that shapes all that we do. The purpose of this handbook is
to introduce you to TCV and provide an overview of the policies and procedures that help ensure the
tradition of excellence. We strive to provide a safe work environment, necessary job training, supervision
and recognition.
Who we are
TCV Food Bank + Thrift Store is a food/clothes source for people in need. Collaborating with Alameda
County and the cities of Fremont, Newark and Union City, our organization provides resources to people
who face significant food insecurity. TCV Food Bank + Thrift Store seeks to build a community solution
to a community problem by leveraging produce from a multitude of sources and redistributing it.
Program Guiding Values
? Above all else, we will be respectful and responsive to our clients and serve them in a caring and
sensitive manner.
? We value and protect our clients’ privacy and ensure a safe environment for our clients,
volunteers and staff.
? We honor our client’s dignity by offering usable, nutritious food and distributing it in a
convenient and equitable manner.
? We bring our full resources to bear on the problem of hunger and collaborate with other agencies
to best serve our clients
? We are committed to providing quality healthy food in the most cost effective manner.
? We will be well managed, sustainable and a good steward of resources.
Community Centered
? We believe in being culturally competent and understanding the needs of the diverse cultures
representative in the clients we serve
? We acknowledge the accountability we have to our community and our partners by striving to
maintain the highest reputation for integrity and respect for all people.
? We honor and appreciate the contributions of our donors and volunteers.
Volunteer Policies and Procedures
General Rules:
? Please be on time. Our warehouse is always running and operating to serve clients. Having a
small staff to volunteer ration, staff will only be able to do a training once per shift. If you are
more than 10 minutes late, we will ask you to reschedule your shift.
? We depend on our volunteers to make this organization run. Please set up schedules and let us
know when things change.
? In order to keep an accurate record of your volunteer hours you must sign in and out in the
assigned location.
? No eating or drinking in the Warehouse or Thrift Store.
? No cell phones or ear buds. These compromise your ability to hear the moving parts of the
warehouse and thrift store sorting area and present a safety concern.
Who can volunteer?
? Be at least 16 years old if working alone (parental consent required for those under 18 years of
age), or have a parent present at all times during your volunteer hours.
? Possess the physical ability to carry, sort and stock food.
At TCV Food Bank + Thrift Store, we depend on our volunteers to serve the community. We ask that you
schedule ahead of time the dates and shifts you plan to work. We cannot promise there will be work for
you to do if you do not set up a schedule. We also ask that you be on time for your shift. If you will be
absent, please call the volunteer coordinator or agency manager to inform them of the change.
Orientation – Community Volunteers
Every volunteer is required to attend a volunteer orientation before the first shift. No shift can be
scheduled until orientation is complete. Should you take a break from serving for more than a year you
will need to re-attend the volunteer orientation. No exceptions!
Every Wednesday at 10am
& Every Thursday at 1pm
Warehouse & Thrift Store Volunteer Hours:
Mondays to Thursday-
7:30 am to 4:00 pm
Fridays (Thrift Store Only) –
7:30 to 3:00 pm
Group Volunteers – Scheduled Appointments only
Community and corporate groups are scheduled by session and have specific projects prepared for them.
Groups will receive a 30-minute orientation and instructions on the project they will be working on.
Group sizes are limited to 20 volunteers.
Solicitation by non-staff or staff members for any reason on TCV property is not allowed.
By California Law smoking is prohibited inside our building. We also ask that you take your smoke
break at the end of the facility on Joseph St. At least 25 feet away from any entrance.
Volunteers who are also clients of the food pantry
Please follow these procedures for food distribution
? Please pick up your food at the beginning of your volunteer shift and store it in the office or in
your vehicle.
? Volunteers may not take extra food or have food that is not part of that day’s distribution.
? Please report any suspicious activity that you may notice.
Volunteers Code of Conduct
? All clients must be treated with patience and respect. If you are experiencing difficulty with a
client, please call on the staff supervisor where you are working.
? Be courteous, friendly and cooperative.
? Follow the instructions of your supervisor; be courteous to all staff and fellow volunteers.
? In the warehouse, you must follow the food distribution plan for the day. This plan was developed
to help us ensure we are able to continue to provide similar amounts of food on a continuous
basis. Because of this we cannot provide extra food.
? Any injury, accident or incident where you might have experienced harm while volunteering must
be reported to your staff supervisor or the Volunteer Coordinator.
? Please let us know if you have any restrictions that prevent you from lifting or if you are unable
to stand for more than an hour.
? If you are asked to perform a task or have a situation that is uncomfortable for you, please speak
with the Volunteer Coordinator or Agency Manager.
? Assist all donors with their donations into the building. Welcome them and thank them for their
donation. Inform supervising staff of donation received in order to provide a receipt or store the
items appropriately.
? Monitor public areas for safety, cleanliness and order at all times. If you see something out of
place either, clean it up or inform the supervising staff member.
? No eating or drinking in the warehouse.
? Sign in when you arrive on both the daily sign in sheet and wear a name tag so your assigned
supervisor knows who you are.
? Keep personal belongings in designated areas (we are not responsible for stolen items).
The following behaviors are not permitted. Individuals who exhibit any of these behaviors will be asked to
leave and will not be allowed to volunteer in the future.
? Offensive or derogatory comments or jokes, including epithets or slurs.
? Yelling, intimidation or threats.
? Pushing, hitting or any physical contact with a client, staff or other volunteer.
? Questioning a client’s right to food distribution or preventing a client from receiving food.
Use of Equipment
? All vehicles and transportation equipment will be used by authorized personnel only.
? Electrical equipment will be used by authorized personnel only.
? Company vehicles (trucks, trailers and forklifts) are to be utilized only by designated employees
there are no exceptions.
? Certain volunteers may be designated to use pallet jacks and scales. Do not use this equipment
unless authorized to do so by a TCV staff member.
Dress Code
The majority of your time will be spent in the warehouse and for this reason proper dress is required.
Keep in mind the warehouse temperature changes with the temperature outside. Keep safety in mind as
well when choosing your outfit for the warehouse.
? Pants: Long pants must be fitted at the waist. Must have no holes or rips, and wear a belt if
necessary. No sagging pants are allowed.
? Shorts and skirts: No short shorts or short skirts are allowed – managers discretion.
? T-shirts: No offensive pictures or slogans. No tank tops, or midriff-baring/low-cut tops.
? Shoes: Must be comfortable and practical. Boots or sneakers that tie. No open-toed shoes, heels
or sandals. No flip-flops.
? No gang-affiliated clothing is allowed.
Keep in mind that failure to adhere to the dress code may result in being sent home to change your
clothes/shoes. Your safety is of the utmost concern to us, and as such, we require you to abide by these
dress code rules.
Substance Abuse
The possession, use or sale of illegal drugs is never acceptable in our environment. The abuse of
prescription and other the counter drugs and alcohol can/will compromise your job performance, conduct
and safety.
We recognize that substance abuse can be successfully treated. Seeking help or assistance is not
considered grounds for discipline, but refusal to get help may be. It is your responsibility to get
professional help to improve your performance or conduct.
Dispute Resolution
Problem-Solving Procedures
When a group of people work together, problems may arise. It is important to all of us that such problems
are resolved as quickly as possible. If it becomes necessary, disputes will be investigated in detail. The
following is a list of guidelines for dispute resolution:
1. When possible, it is advised to first try to resolve the dispute with the parties involved.
2. If the first step is not successful or is not possible, please take the issue to the Volunteer
Coordinator or Agency Manager.
3. If either the Agency Manager or Volunteer Coordinator are unable to resolve the dispute the
situation will escalate to the Executive Director.
4. If the grievance is still not resolved, you are requested to contact the Board of Directors Chair.
Conflict Resolution Procedures
We strive to provide an environment where all volunteers have an exceptional experience. In that, we ask
that volunteers treat staff, clients and other volunteers with respect and follow our safety policies.
It is our commitment to ensure volunteers have a safe place to serve in the community. Attempts to
reconcile situations will be made before dismissal of a volunteer is considered. These are some of the
steps that will be taken to come to a resolution:
Step 1: Oral warning
Step 2: Written warning with clear corrective action expected
Step 3: Chronic disruptive behavior will result in dismissal/termination.
Dismissal of volunteers is a very serious consideration and not one we take lightly. Before dismissal,
many attempts to reconcile the situation will be made. Chronic irresponsible, disruptive, inappropriate
behavior and unsafe practices will lead to dismissal from the volunteer program.
Health and Safety
Your health and safety are very important to us. Please make sure you understand these rules and follow
them. Failure to practice safe work habits can result in dismissal.
? Our warehouse is both the heart of our operation and the area of our greatest need. You will be
trained to conscientiously check, clean, label, sort, and box food items, which will then be made
available to our clients. You will also help keep the warehouse and thrift store organized and
? No running or pushing
? No throwing carts. Always walk them to their destination.
? Bend at the knees when lifting boxes. For items greater than 25 lbs., find someone to help you.
Proper body mechanics is important to avoid injury. Lift with your legs rather than your back. If
you are asked to lift anything heavier than you are comfortable with, please inform a supervisor
or ask for help in carrying it.
? Be aware of your surroundings! We often have a motorized forklift moving throughout the
warehouse, and you must pay attention to its location when it is in motion. Give the forklift driver
a wide berth, and stay away from the forklift or move out of the way and stand still if the driver
needs to pass by you.
? Do not move too quickly around the warehouse, so as to not endanger others.
? Keep aisles, walkways and doors clear of clutter and obstructions.
? Work stations and counters must be cleaned and wiped down when you are finished with them.
? Keep floors swept, mopped, and clean of debris, food and trash at all times. Wet floor cones/signs
must be used any time a floor is mopped or if there is a spill.
? If a spill occurs or you notice a mess, clean it up as soon as it happens!
? Wear protective gear like gloves or eye protection when necessary.
? Anyone who has been assigned to handle food MUST wear gloves at all times.
? Always wash your hands before and after working, eating, or using the bathroom.
? Any injuries must be reported immediately to a TCV Food Bank staff member or the Executive
On occasion, members of the press visit us with specific questions regarding our organization or about the
work we do in our local area. We ask that you direct all members of the press to the Executive Director to
field all those questions.
Social Media
We are aware of the power of social media today! We would definitely appreciate your assistance in
spreading the word of who we are and what we do! Please like us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
We do ask, however, if you should see negative information or discussions that you do not participate and
let appropriate staff manage the dispute. We want to maintain a high reputation of being a light in the
community and this is best done by letting staff members handle difficult conversations.
Thrift Store Purchasing
We encourage all volunteers, clients and staff to make purchases in our Thrift Store. We rely on the
revenue from the store to keep our doors open.
We know we get some great donations and sometimes have great sales. In efforts to be fair and equitable,
we ask that you adhere to the following procedures:
1. Purchases can only be made before or after a working shift.
2. Only a TCV staff member can complete the sale.
3. If, while working in the Thrift Store you see an item you wish to purchase you can ask the
manager to hold it for you until the end of your shift. If it is not purchased at that time, it will be
returned to the floor.
Volunteer commitment:
? Adhere to all preceding requirements, responsibilities, TCV’s sexual harassment policy,
confidentiality agreement, and other rules.
? Clear communication with staff.
? Serve community with dignity and respect.
Our commitment to you:
? Orientation covering emergency procedures, program procedures, and facility tour.
? Supervised training from our warehouse or Thrift Store staff. Committed staff members who will
support you and happily answer all questions.
? A safe and supportive environment for you to serve in.
? Continuing education throughout the year; mentoring from experienced team-members.
? Potential referrals or letters of recommendation for exceptional volunteers.
? Providing Certificate of Completion upon finishing your community service with us.
By signing the paperwork given to you, you certify that you have read the Volunteer Manual in full, and
that you agree to abide by TCV Food Bank policies.
Thank you for being a volunteer with us! We appreciate your help, and hope you enjoy your time helping
us eliminate hunger in the Tri-City area. Please do not hesitate to ask us if you need anything, or have any
Appendix A
TCV Food Bank + Thrift Store prohibits sexual harassment of its employees, volunteers and applicants for
employment by any employee, non-employee or applicant. Such conduct may result in disciplinary action up to and
including immediate dismissal. This policy covers all employees, volunteers, clients and associates. TCV will not
tolerate, condone or allow sexual harassment, whether engaged in by fellow employees, volunteers, associates,
clients or other non-employees who conduct business with us.
Sexual harassment is any behavior that includes unwelcome sexual advances and other verbal or physical conduct of
a sexual nature when:
1. Submission to, or rejection of, such conduct is used as the basis for promotions or other employment decisions;
2. The conduct unreasonably interferes with an individual’s job performance or creates an intimidating, hostile or
offensive work environment.
TCV employees are entitled to work in an environment free from sexual harassment and a hostile or offensive
working environment. We recognize sexual harassment as unlawful discrimination, just as conduct that belittles or
demeans any individual on the basis of race, religion, national origin, sexual preference, age, disability, or other
similar characteristics or circumstances.
No manager or supervisor shall threaten or imply that an employee’s refusal to submit to sexual advances will
adversely affect that person’s employment, compensation, advancement, assigned duties, or any other term or
condition of employment or career development. Sexual joking, lewd pictures and any conduct that tends to
make employees of one gender “sex objects” are prohibited.
Employees who have complaints of sexual harassment should (and are encouraged to) report such complaints to the
Executive Director. If this person is the cause of the offending conduct, the employee may report this matter directly
to the President of the Board of Directors. Your complaint will be promptly and thoroughly investigated.
Confidentiality of reports and investigations of sexual harassment will be maintained to the greatest extent possible.
Any manager, supervisor, volunteer or employee who, after appropriate investigation, is found to have engaged in
sexual harassment of another employee or tutor will be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including immediate
TCV will not in any way retaliate against any individual who makes a report of sexual harassment nor permit any
employee to do so. Retaliation is a serious violation of this sexual harassment policy and should be reported
immediately. Any person found to have retaliated against another individual for reporting sexua …
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