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Running head: GRAPHIC DESIGN
Graphic Design Final Report
Student Name
Henry Ford College
Executive Summary
Graphic design is the art of being able to combine numbers, letters, and pictures together
to make unique art. Graphic design is also known as communication design and the form of
communication can be physical or virtual, and may include images, words, or graphic forms.
Depending on your career, designers can find themselves with a number of different job titles.
Graphic designers can join publications, institutions, or agencies. Although graphic design may
seem like a fun and easy career choice, it isn’t for everyone, and at times it can be challenging
and/or stressful. As a graphic designer, keeping up with the technological advancements is
essential in creating new designs. Learning new software and graphic styles are highly important
for you and employers who are looking to hire. This report will contain an overview of the
graphic design field, a look at the education and skills needed to stay relevant with graphic
design, a look at the pros and cons of graphic design, and the companies that would be worth
working for. By the end of the report, it will be shown why a career in graphic design is feasible
and worth pursuing.
Table of Contents
General Overview
Career Outlook
Skills and Education
Pros and Cons
Companies of Interest
General Overview
A graphic designer has played an important role for major businesses and corporations
across the globe, and will always be needed to help promote, communicate, and inspire unique
ideas to the general public. Graphic designers help develop the overall layout and production
design for brochures, magazines, and various advertising instruments. Becoming a great designer
is a skill rather than a talent, and like all skills, it can be learned. However, the field isn’t for
everyone, and should be taken seriously only by those who have a creative mind and isn’t afraid
to express their ideas. Many companies today that are in need of graphic designers look for
applicants who are willing to learn new design software constantly, so that they can keep up with
new trends and advances. No matter what the profession is, one of the biggest concerns anyone
has when pursuing a new career path is whether or not they’ll be able to find enough jobs. If job
availability is the reason that’s holding you back from becoming a designer, no need to worry,
employment is projected to grow 7% from the years 2012-2022(Truity).
There are also many benefits in becoming a graphic designer, which includes, having the
luxury of working in your own home and being able to portray your creative ideas to the public.
An entry level graphic designer on average will make roughly 40k a year, whereas a senior
designer can expect a 25% increase in pay. Regardless of pay, graphic designers should only be
interested in their work. Pursuing a design career isn’t easy, employers are often picking
candidates who have some sort of degree under their belts. Earning a bachelors or associates
degree in design is highly recommended since employers prefer candidates with some sort of
educational experience. While anyone can learn the basics of design software, a degree shows an
employer that you’re serious enough to invest your time to get a job done. Without even seeing
your portfolio, having a degree listed on your resume exhibits commitment to evolve as a
professional. One of the main characteristics in becoming a successful designer is your ability to
constantly learn new material and being able to communicate to clients effectively. Furthermore,
graphic design is important because it helps communicate ideas and messages to the public, and
allows you to establish an identity which will help you influence people’s perceptions.
Career Outlook
An important step in becoming a graphic designer is establishing the type of work
environment you would like to work in.
In-house Design:
Working as an In-house designer allows you to work for an established organization. You would
probably be working with a team of designers or possibly be the only one to complete the needs
of the company. In house designers typically favors the corporate environment, and prefers to
have an established schedule. Andrew Matthews, a graphic designer at Sewell Development
Corp stated this, “The pace of work is more bearable, the workload steadier and the hours more
conducive to leading a life outside of work” (Malvik). Some cons with being an in-house
designer is that you lack variation, and work can become stale for some designers.
Agency Work:
Another option for a graphic designer is to work for a specific agency. Working as an
agency graphic designer allows you to work with a multitude of clients, and will help you build
connections. An agency will also allow you to work with others so that you can branch ideas off
each other. Marie Sonder, graphic designer at EZsolution stated this, “The variety of clients
keeps graphic designers on their toes so it’s not the same old thing every day” (Malvik). The
downside with working for an agency is that occasionally you will encounter a difficult client.
These clients have unrealistic deadlines, and are real picky. The best way to deal with a
“Nightmare client,” is to simply act professional. A bad client may tempt you to not put in your
best effort, which is understandable, but not advised. You always want to preform your best
work for a client, so that you avoid future bad clients.
Freelance Work:
Finally, we across the freelance graphic designer. Freelance graphic designers are selfemployed and are responsible for business, marketing, and client relations. This career option
allows you to work in the comforts of your own home. Working as a freelancer you can choose
when you want to work and the type of projects you want to work on. This allows for much more
flexibility, more vacation time and overall, an arguably better way of life. Rachel Vane, owner of
RC Vane stated this, “As a mother of young children, she loves that she has the ability to control
her own schedule and workload. She adds that being able to choose who she works with also
makes her job more enjoyable” (Malvik). The only negative in becoming a freelancer is that it
can be very difficult and stressful at times.
Skills and Education
If becoming a graphic designer is in your interest, then there are at least four
essential skills you must obtain.
Incorporating artistic elements according to contrast, spacing, scale, color and
Sharpen technical skills, including computer aided tools
Develop people skills to communicate effectively with others
Understanding budgeting and business skills
Graphic Designers usually need a bachelor’s degree in that field or in something similar
to that field. Many schools around the country include classes that deal with graphic design,
including; studio art, computer graphics, website design, etc. Many of these courses provide
students with the opportunity to create and build a professional portfolio that they may use when
applying for a job. In addition, students should also consider taking writing, marketing, and
business courses, which are all helpful for designers to work effectively and efficiently. Graphic
Designers may also look into getting a license or a certificate in graphic design which are usually
available online or through software product sellers. Getting this type of certification will give
you a competitive advantage to a jobseeker.
Career Pros and Cons
The Graphic Design Industry has evolved tremendously within the last ten years and
being able to keep up with the technological advances is hugely important. In today’s world,
graphic designers may find it tough to keep themselves up-to-date with the newest design styles.
Designers always have to keep up with the latest software so that they stay on top of trends.
Since much of the industry has changed from hand drawn based projects to more of a computer
oriented approach, being technology inept and not being able to keep up with the latest design
software could be detrimental. The best approach to not falling in this category is to familiarize
yourself with a computer and understand that technology is advancing at a lightning speed pace.
As a graphic designer, you should constantly be educating yourself with the latest software and
sharpening your skills so that you progress in your career and not fall behind. The advantage of
this is that you are constantly improving, and like I mentioned before in this industry, you will
fall behind. Keeping up with and expanding your portfolio, knowledge, and designs will benefit
you in the end.
A collateral problem to not keeping up with the technology race is that your designs will
start to become old, boring, and dry. Often graphic designers are finding it difficult to find jobs
since their artwork isn’t up-to-date (artwork style becomes repetitive).Rather than focusing on a
typical routine, designers are taught to expand their horizons constantly and experiment with new
design ideas so that they can stay ahead of the industry. While developing your own unique style
is important, trying new intriguing concepts will capture the minds of many customers. recommends reading many books and magazines, and states,
“graphic designers should always yearn to find new sources of inspiration and better tactics for
improving your designs.”(GraphicDesigndegreehub)
A Graphic Designer normally meets with various clients or an art director to discuss the
scope of the project. The burden that is typically placed on a graphic designer is not just being
able to solve the problem for the client, but also to convince the client that their solution is the
right one for them, their company, or their product. Sometimes a client will have very specific
ideas for what they want to see, or they have unrealistic deadlines. Other times they have
absolutely no idea in what they want and totally rely on the designer to create the best thing they
have ever seen with nothing to go on. The best way to deal with a “Nightmare client,” is to
simply act professional. A bad client may tempt you to not put in your best effort, which is
understandable, but not advised. You always want to preform your best work for a client, so that
you avoid future bad clients. The best approach to not having to deal with a bad client is to
establish a good relationship with him/her. Acquiring effective communication and creativity
skills are highly likeable, and will get your client to choose you again in the future. When you
first meet with a client, try to explore the challenge that is being faced. Make sure you clarify the
problem with your client, so that you understand what needs to be addressed. Then, together,
generate many plausible ideas that would help strengthen your solution. Finally, listen to what
the client is saying; don’t be a teacher.
Companies of Interest
One of the best things about being a graphic designer is that there are a broad range of
possible companies or organizations you can work for. One of the best and hardest companies to
work for is Google. It’s pretty well known that Google has a unique culture. With an average of
2.5 million applications a year, you can easily tell that Google is the company to work for. The
company’s success stems from the diligent work from the Human Resources department. Google
relatively has a small team of employees, more than 300,000 workers. Google is constantly
trying create an arena where the workers can be brought together to increase innovation. If
maybe one day Google is the company you want to work for, it’s advised to do a lot of research
about company and their products. When applying, employers want you to “frame your
strengths”. If you are that lucky individual who lands a job with this company, many benefits are
included as well. Benefits including free health and dental, meals, haircuts, etc. Googles main
benefit, depending what department you work in, is your salary. If you become an entry level
graphic designer for Google the average pay is $45,000 a year. Amazingly, if you continue to
work for Google and move up the ranks to more of a senior type position, you’re looking more
around $90,000 a year. As a Google employee, you would be asked to design one or more of
Google’s popular consumer products, communicate efficiently in a team, and present ideas and
designs effectively so that information is easy to read and find. Google will also ask you to
market and promote their products and features so consumers will understand the benefits of
what their getting.
Pursuing the graphic design career is definitely a feasible option for the openminded, visual, and creative thinkers. Although Graphic Design may seem like a cool job to
have, it is not for everyone. A graphic designers verbal, visual and written communication skills
should be flawless as well. Graphic Designers also need to have a strong portfolio that showcases
their best work so that employers will strongly consider you for hire. Design is constantly
changing since the technology around us is constantly changing. It tends to go through cycles of
being simple, to being complex, to being simple again, and right now, graphic design is shifting
away from a simple style, to a rather a more complex and creative style. Perhaps one of the most
astonishing shifts of graphic design is now becoming more about accurate, traditional graphic
design in that the design truly sends the message, but in a much more creative way than ever
before. If graphic design is in your interest make sure that your designs are easily recognizable
and creative so that employers will want you on their team. As a freelance designer you work
independently and must meet strict deadlines, so the ability to manage your time and stay on
schedule is very important! Business and sales skills are also valuable for this career, especially
for graphic designers who are self-employed. In summary, graphic designers will always be
needed in the future (See appendix), and there are thousands of legit opportunities out there to
become a great one.
Bladon, B. (2014, December 14). Nightmare clients: How to deal with clients who think they can design.
Retrieved April 12, 2016, from
Clohessy, D. L. (2011, January/February). Using Creative Problem solving techniques in Graphic Design.
Retrieved April 12, 2016, from
Hickey, A. (n.d.). The 25 Worst Things About Being A Graphic Designer Today. Retrieved April 12,
2016, from
Hoff, B. (n.d.). The Design Cubicle. Retrieved April 12, 2016, from
Malvik, C. (n.d.). Is a Graphic Design Degree Worth it or Worthless? Retrieved April 20, 2016, from
Oliver, O. (n.d.). 10 Copyright Laws Every Graphic Designer Should Be Aware Of. Retrieved April 12,
2016, from
ENG 135 Students
Steve Sosnoski, ENG 135 Instructor
March 22, 2018
Final Research Report
This memo is to inform you on your final research report, which will see us including a cover page, a
table of contents, appropriate headings, and an appendix for the final copy. Requirements:
Must be submitted with a minimum of 1500 words of report body content (roughly 5 pages).
Developed responses that pertains to the content requirements of this paper
Readability in terms of coherent sentences and thoughts along with a unity of ideas revolving
around the research topic.
Relatively free of basic grammar errors
Uses APA formatting for the paper
Total Points Possible: 200
This report will be a culmination of other assignments, such as the prospectus, and will allow you to
develop a full report as the final project in the course.
Content: Worth a maximum of 170 out of 200 points
Your job for this assignment is to provide information in several distinct content sections of the report:
an introduction that gives an overview of the field as a whole; a discussion of various aspects of a
particular job in the field (presumably the one that you want); an explanation of the pros and cons of
said field as well as a problem within the field; a potential company of interest to work for within the
field with explanation of why you are attracted to it; and a formal conclusion highlighting your primary
points of your research with a reference page. See notes for further details of how to construct parts of
the report as well as additional content areas for consideration.
Additionally, your report must have: a title page, table of contents, executive summary, headings, a
visual aid, an appendix, and proper report style (all of which will be discussed later) for any chance at full
Fulfilling these sections with detailed, precise, and concise information will make for an easy to read and
understand report. Your most difficult job here will be in how you structure the information effectively
for the reader.
Grammar: Worth a maximum of 30 out of 200 points
For this paper, I am looking for you to be able to follow the format guidelines above as well as produce a
paper that has few obvious grammatical errors (such as fragments, run-ons, misspellings, etc.). This
report should also be formatted according to APA guidelines as discussed in class, including rules for
citations and headings. However, provided the paper can be read and the ideas understood with a
minimal amount of re-reading, and provided that the format guidelines above are adhered to, students
should expect to receive most if not all of the points possible.
Possible questions to ask to fill content in the report:
Requirements to work in the field
Requirements to advance in said field
Where can one advance in the field (in other words, is there one path or many that one can
take once they are in the field?)
Pay questions (amount one can make starting, max pay with no advancement, etc.)
Re-location questions (do you have to move; where are the jobs; etc.)
Benefits of the field (see cons below)
Cons of the field (long hours, stress, opportunities, pay)
Outlook for the field long-term?

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