Research Project outline

please use the following: research proposal and the annotated bibliography to write the outline, and please don’t use any outer sources, and only use the sources that can be found in the annotated bibliography. use the research proposal sample attached and the outline rubric to to right this outline.


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Research Project outline
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Is Trump’s Travel Ban Good for Immigrants?
A series of travel bans, issued by the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump,
has already caused controversy. Trump’s policy is blamed as racist and unfair, but it also finds
some supporters. Nevertheless, as the prohibition is currently active, there is a need to consider
the issue from the perspective of evaluation of its outcomes. Thus, despite the common criticism
of President Trump’s order, I am still not acknowledged enough about what areas are influenced
the most and how. Furthermore, there is a need to investigate how the order changed lives of the
affected people.
According to the Gumball video, which states the United States should stop the
immigrants flows from the poor countries to adjust the poverty in those countries. For example,
Roy Beck mentioned that if the United States took 1 million immigrants from one of these, the
number of poor people will increase 6 million in a short time. So, there is no benefits from taking
immigrants to help the poor countries, the solution should be from the poor countries themselves
not from a foreign country. However, Trump travel ban should not follow the Gumball video
because the Gumball video targeting the poor countries not the countries that facing wars. In
Trump travel ban the banned countries are facing wars not poverty. So, the United States should
not be an obstacle to the immigrants that are escaping from wars. Because those immigrants are
forced to escape, and they are not migrating for jobs, but to survive.
For this paper, I am limited in time and other resources, so the central method of my
research is a literary review. Although the choice of sources is discussed below, there is a need to
comment on the general framework of the work. For example, although the research is on the
relatively recent issue, its importance has already caused some scholars to publish texts about the
topic, so both academic and news resources have to be checked. Therefore, I will use such
databases as Google Scholar and Google News respectively. As the topic is highly controversial,
I have to be attentive to the credibility of sources and avoid an uncritical perception of biased
publications. Regarding my primary research question, I also must find appropriate keywords for
web search queries. Thus, such queries as “Trump’s travel ban,” “Trump immigration order,” or
“Executive Order 13769 outcomes” deliver promising results. Moreover, this search queries can
be tailored with adding of additional keywords to investigate particular aspects. For instance, to
find more information about the impact of the travel ban on education or healthcare, the
keywords “health care” and “education” can be used respectively, as well as a number of other
specific word combinations. Also, there are many questions that I am going to discuss in my
research. For example, is travel ban good for immigrants? Does the travel ban going to stop the
terrorist flows? What is the fate of the banned countries, will they get any exception in the
As it was already mentioned, in my research, I will use both academic and news sources.
Due to the nature of academic publishing, an article needs some time to be reviewed and
eventually printed. As a result, although scholarly publications are more credible and are written
according to stricter requirements, they are not always up to date with burning issues. In this
way, news sources are able to deliver information significantly faster while the policies of major
news outlets ensure fact-checking and avoiding bias. Among scholarly sources, only a limited
number of publications is available at the moment, as for the majority of disciplines, the time
span is too tiny to offer any significant findings. Nevertheless, some studies have already been
conducted, while editorials and other types of expert statement are also highly relevant. In
contrast, the diversity of news sources is incredible because the travel ban has hit the
international headlines for several times. In order to collect credible data but with some
surprising twists, I am intended to focus on such news outlets as BBC, Vice, and The Guardian.
Both academic and news publications are mostly secondary sources, as the text of the executive
order is not able to inform about the order’s outcomes.
In the research, I am intended to test the hypothesis that Trump’s travel ban is a negative
factor for immigrants. Although this suggestion might seem to be obvious, I need solid evidence.
The study will consider the outcomes of Trump’s policy in general, but education and academic
issues will be an area of special interest. In addition, there is a need to trace some personal stories
and highlight the effects of the ban on lives of particular individuals.
The research is significant both in the aspect of the development of my skills and due to
its political implications. The evidence for negative outcomes of the current immigration policy
can be used as an argument for reform. On the other hand, I have a great chance to practice more
in academic English writing. The primary areas of improvement are my skills of analysis of
sources and argument-making.
10/3-15/3: choosing my topics
15/3-18/3: Research proposal process
20/3: Research Proposal due
22/3: choosing articles for the research project
23/3-29: Annotated Bibliography process
30/3: Annotated Bibliography due
1/4-2/4: making an outline
… Outline due date
3/4-10/4: Working on Research first draft
11/4-20/4: First draft review
15/4-19/4: making research presentation
… First draft due date
20/4-21/4: Feedback Reflection
21/4-22/4: Proofreading the second draft
22/4: Research (final draft) due
Annotated Bibliography
Jolin, Lucy. “Trump’s Travel Ban Deters International Students”. The Guardian, 2018, Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
The news article claims that President Trump’s travel ban has caused the remarkable
harm for the number of postgraduate students in the US. As the author notes, for the first
time for almost 15 years, both the numbers for postgraduate application and enrollments
have decreased what is a result of uncertainty about the future of the field. For my
research, this publication is useful for its analysis of the statistical data.
Reardon, Sara. “How The Fallout From Trump’s Travel Ban Is Reshaping Science”. Nature, vol.
543, no. 7644, 2017, pp. 157-158. Springer Nature, doi:10.1038/nature.2017.21579.
Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
The article discusses the negative impact of President Trump’s executive order that
prohibits entrance to the US of citizens of certain countries. As the author claims, the
travel ban caused many scholars to reconsider their intentions to visit or leave the US
while many organizations are questioning their research plans. As a result, the prohibition
might have a long-term effect on education and science. For my research, the article can
serve as an illustration of the negative influence of Trump’s policy on opportunities of
immigrants in the academic field.
Works Cited
“Trump’s US Travel Ban: What’s The Full Story?”. BBC, 2017, Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
Gökariksel, Banu. “The Body Politics of Trump’s “Muslim Ban””. Journal Of Middle East
Women’s Studies, vol 13, no. 3, 2017, pp. 469-471. Duke University Press,
doi:10.1215/15525864-4179133. Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
Hoffman, Meredith. “The Nightmare of Trying to Get Around Trump’s Latest Travel Ban”. Vice,
2018, Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
Jolin, Lucy. “Trump’s Travel Ban Deters International Students”. The Guardian, 2018, Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
Ng, Eddy S., and Christina L. Stamper. “A Trump Presidency And The Prospect For Equality
And Diversity”. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion: An International Journal, vol. 37, no.
1, 2018, pp. 2-13.
Reardon, Sara. “How the Fallout From Trump’s Travel Ban Is Reshaping Science”. Nature, vol.
543, no. 7644, 2017, pp. 157-158.
Research Paper—Outline
I. Introduction: Vegetarianism is Growing and Should Continue
to Grow
A. Hook: A brief anecdote about the fact that October is
International Vegetarian Awareness Month and the fact
that vegetarians are growing in number.
B. Thesis: When it comes to many environmental concerns,
skipping meat is an effective way to reduce our personal
ecological footprints.
C. Implications: How does vegetarianism compare to other
ways that individuals can preserve the environment? In
what way does eating meat harm the environment and
contribute to climate change?
II. Direct Impact on Climate Change
A. Cause: Energy input overall is greater to produce animal
protein than plant protein due to the many steps
B. Effect (and impact): Emissions of certain greenhouse
gases are extremely high (Source: Kathy Freston’s
“Vegetarian Is the New Prius” in the Huffington Post on
January 18, 2007).
9% of U.S. CO2
37% of U.S. methane (23 times more powerful
than CO2)
67% of U.S. nitrous oxide emissions (296 times more
powerful than CO2)
III. Other Environmental Impacts
A. Meat production requires huge inputs of water.
i. Context: 100Å~ more water per gram of animal
protein than plant protein (Source: David and Marcia
Pimentel’s “Sustainability of Meat-Based and PlantBased Diets” from American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition in January 2003).
ii. Context: Comparison of meat’s water usage to
showering, drinking shows it is a much larger water
user (Source: Mike Sage’s “Meat is the Huge Water
Waster” in the Sierra Club April 2014).
iii. Suggested solution: Even skipping one hamburger
can help as much as not showering for six months
(Source: Lynn Hasselberger’s “Veganism and the
Environment: By the Numbers” in Elephant Journal
on February 23, 2013).
B. Meat production pollutes water.
Context: Livestock waste (130Å~ that of humans)
is not treated and runs off into local water
sources (Source: Worldwatch Institute’s “Is Meat
Sustainable?” in January 2013).
Context: Nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides used to
grow vast amounts of feed for livestock runs off into
rivers (Source: Roddy Scheer and Doug Moss’s “How
Does Meat in the Diet Take an Environmental Toll?” in
the Scientific American on December 28, 2011).
Impact: Water pollution affects ecosystems but also
hurts human health.
C. Land dedicated to producing meat is large and displaces
other activities.
Context: 30% of ice-free land on earth is dedicated
to feed-growing and grazing land for livestock
(Source: Bryan Walsh’s “The Triple Whopper
Environmental Impact of Global Meat Production” in
TIME Magazine on December 16, 2013).
Impact: This land is often cleared forests, which act
as carbon sinks (removing CO2 from atmosphere).
Impact: Land use can cause habitat fragmentation
that harms biodiversity.
IV. Approaching a Solution
A. Argument: Dietary choices are something that we all have
personal control over so it has a greater impact.
Supporting Claim: comparison to voting as civic duty
Supporting Claim: linear contributions make a
B. Argument: Polarized political climate necessitates that
we act on our own.
C. Conclusion: We all can make a difference in whatever level
we choose to cut our meat consumption.
Context: Although vegetarianism is increasing
as a percentage of the population, total meat
consumption is increasing faster (Source: Kathy
Freston’s “Vegetarian Is the New Prius” in the
Huffington Post on January 18, 2007).
Supporting Claim: This makes it more important to
cut meat now, and it means we can make more of a
difference not less.
Supporting Claim: If every American cut one serving
of chicken, it would be equivalent to taking 500,000
cars off the road (Source: Lynn Hasselberger’s
“Veganism and the Environment: By the Numbers” in
Elephant Journal on February 23, 2013).
Final claim: Individual action is effective because it
improves the situation regardless of what happens in
any other sphere of action.
Al Mashari 1
Mohammed Al Mashari
Ronald Arbisi
AMH 2020
5 April 2018
Effects of World War 1 and World War 2
The United States of America did not take part in the World War 1 until later in the year
1917 when Catt announced that the National American Women Suffrage association would be
participating in the war. Catt who had for an extended period campaigned for women to
participate in elections and acted as the leader of the association reasoned that taking part in the
war, women would finally have the rights to vote. This war affected all the countries that
participated including the United States. One of the effects was the Great migration where the
African-Americans relocated to areas such as New York and Chicago because they were
promised jobs by the northern employers. As a result of the war, the economy became terrible
and most people had to depend on plantation owners in the southern area for survival. The
workers would be provided with food commodities that made them be in debt with the plantation
owners who overworked them since they could never repay their debts. Therefore, these workers
took off to the north without the knowledge of their employers.
As a result of the war, there developed a lot of inequality between the blacks and the
whites. The black people were poorly treated despite the whites having used them to fight in the
war. While the white soldiers were compensated, the blacks were left to die in poverty and had to
work for the blacks. This inequality created a lot of hatred between the two races hence causing
increased criminal cases. From the year 1919, many workers linked the issue language of
Al Mashari 2
wartime to democracy and freedom. This thought led to approximately four million workers
engaging in the strikes. This period caused the most considerable labor unrest in the country
affecting the economy. The wave of these strikes reached its peak with the steel strike where
workers formed unions to demand higher wages and working for eight hours a day. Before
America was involved in the war, managers of the steel mills suppressed any effort by the
employees to form unions. However, the unions collapsed after 1920 when native-born workers
abandoned the immigrants.
After the World War 1, the events sparked the importance of civil liberties among some
reformers. A group of pacifists and progressives were not happy about the violation of rights for
Americans, and they formed what was known as the American Civil Liberties Union in the year
1920. Some of the issues that this union catered for including the freedom of speech, press, and
assemblage. The union deliberated on various rights including those given to workers to
participate in strikes, right to a fair trial and issues dealing with search and seizure and lastly
immigration, deportation and passports form immigrants. These effects of the World War 1 were
different from those of the World War 2 that took place between 1937 and 1945. In the year
1947, the Congress through Truman embraced the Soviet communism which became the
foundation of foreign policy in America. America offered to assist any anticommunist regime in
the world in an attempt to fight against the Soviet Union. This situation led to the fall of all other
nations apart from the Soviet Union and the United States.
The other effect that the United States faced was the cold war that followed the Trauman
Doctrine in the year 1950. A communist power was formed in China, and the Soviet Union was
able to make an atom bomb. These events established the National Security Council to allow U.S
advocate against communism all over the world. The effects of the aftermath of the first and the
Al Mashari 3
Second World War were similar since they both caused a negative impact on the economy. Since
it was difficult for the economy to be stable, most citizens ended up suffering from the
destruction that the wars caused. The other similarity is that in both cases unions were formed
which tried to deliberate the profit of being at war as gaining freedom over various aspects such
as higher wages and freedom from colonialism.
However, these wars had some differences because while in the First World War citizens
in the United States fought between themselves, the Second World War led to the rise of two
powers including the Soviet Union and the U.S which was fighting against the communism of
Soviet. The strength of the solution sought after World War 1 was that the American Liberties
Union was able to advocate for the rights of the citizens in light of the events of the war. The
failure to grant rights to the workers to form unions that would enable them to be paid better
wages and less working hours was a weakness because it distracted the economy. The strength
of what the U.S did after the Second World War is that coming together as a nation made the
country stable and although other governments collapsed, the U.S remained the most influential
nation that would face the Soviet Union. However, the fight against communism and especially
the support provided to countries against the Soviet Union have had an impact with the countries
suffering from war even to-date.
Annotated Bibliography
Gökariksel, Banu. “The Body Politics of Trump’s “Muslim Ban””. Journal Of Middle East
Women’s Studies, vol 13, no. 3, 2017, pp. 469-471. Duke University Press,
doi:10.1215/15525864-4179133. Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
This article is states that after president Trump passed the Muslims ban in 2017 there was
anti Muslims wave in the United States. Many Muslims Women report they faced a lot of
harassment from White males after the law was passed. Also, because of the law the American
see the Muslims as they are terrorists, which affect the Islam and Muslims reputation. The author
of this article is the Association of Middle East Women’s Studies, the Association is known by
publishing many articles that talking about the problems that the Muslims faced around the
world. This source is vital because it contains important information that would make writing my
research easier.
Hoffman, Meredith. “The Nightmare of Trying to Get Around Trump’s Latest Travel Ban”. Vice,
2018, Accessed 20 Mar 2018.
The source is talking about the issues that the immigrants faced after Trump travel ban
has passed. The main issue that the article focused on is families’ dispersion, for example; if you
were from one of the eight countries and living in the United States without having a U.S,
passport or green card you cannot go to visit your family and return to the United States also
them cannot visit you. However, the United States government started to allow some of the
citizens from the banned countries to apply for the waiver program, but most of them get dined
without clear reason. For instance, after the travel ban went in effect, 8,400 people applied for
the waiver program in the first month, but only two of them got accepted. The author of this
article is Meredith Hoffman, who is an immigration reporter and interested in immigrant’s news.
I am going to use this source in my paper because it shows how is the travel ban shatters the
families of the immigrants that from the banned countries, also, because it’s contains valuable
Jolin, Lucy. “Trump’s Travel Ban Deters International Students”. The Guardian, 2018, …
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