5 pages Comparative Analysis Essay

In a 5 page essay, compare and contrast those texts to prove your chosen point/topic.MLA format with 12-point font size in Times New Roman, double-spaced with 1″ margins all around. For this essay, select 3 pieces of literature from the selection:Play: “The Importance of Being Earnest” by Oscar WildePoetry:â??Laundryâ? by Bruce SmithShort stories: “Why I like country music” by James Alan McPhersonI have posted three analysis papers for each literature, please read those paper firstcompare them find the different or similarchose one or two Literary Lens to analysis it (Ethnic Studies/ Formalism/ Gender Studies/ Marxist/ New Historicism/ Psychoanalysis)


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5 pages Comparative Analysis Essay
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Why I love Country Music by James Alan McPherson
In this short story, James explores the lifestyle as purely based on the race and the resource difference
between the races in the US. In this short story, he shows how the old-fashioned attitudes about races developed
challenging them simultaneously. This is observed by his strong emphasis on the characters nature as he introduced
them. He emphasizes that Gweneth was from South Carolina a section of Brooklyn where he was sent by her parents
to live with the Uncle Richard Lawson. According to McPherson, in Brooklyn, the prevailing conditions would probably
not allow her to learn the folktales in South Carolina and so probably that was the reason she was sent there to live
with the uncle (6). The differences in the race and the lifestyle were so significant that mothers would advise their
children that if they behaved and attended the church they would go to New York. Mrs. Boswell was both tough and
humorous would occasionally say “Now you little brown bunnies,” she might say, “and you black buck rabbits and you
few cottontails mixed in, some of you starting to smell yourselves under the arms without knowing what it’s all about.”(
8) The emphasis made on the race is a clear depiction that the race is of great significance in relating individual
actions most probably to the regions they occupy.
The theme of racial segregation of knowledge is highly demonstrated in the story. In school, the lesser light
students seemed to be more exposed to the real-life questions that were relevant in classwork. For instance, Leon
Pugh who a peanut brown boy was took pride in having answers to real-life questions and whenever such topics
were introduced by the teacher she would seem very happy as he waved his hand (9). In his responses to providing
answers, Leon would make phrases like â??My dad told meâ?¦â?¦â? (10) signifying the source of his knowledge. The
teacher would emphasize on ignoring him for other students to supply responses, but none seemed to be worthwhile
coming and she would turn back to him. To emphasize even the more he would add that my daddy and my big
brother from New York��. (10). This shows that in New York life was far much better than in the south, no wonder
mothers compared New York to heaven. For this, the author found Leon and other lesser light a threat for the
affection of Gweneth Lawson (11).
The author also demonstrates a high level of cultural stereotype between those living in the country and
those in the city. The individuals from the north are taken to be very cultured by those from the south. Gloria would
not seem to get interested to understand why the narrator loved the country music. She seemed not to like the south
probably because of the stories she had received about south from the refugees who camped in North (3). Gloria
being a third generation of the North demonstrates how much the tales from those who had moved in the first
generation had been changed. These stereotypes create a very wide gap between the individuals from the North and
those in the south despite being all black comparable to that of Ibo and Yoruba. There seem to be very extensive
assumptions made about the black folk and the authors’ challenges them as though he cannot dance he still enjoys
the country music. From the south the individuals had great assumptions of how cultured the Northerners were and
the narrator works closely to challenge all these stereotypes as he pursues to get Gloria during others like Leon from
the North who seemed to be a major threat (11).
Much significantly demonstrated by the author is the social division and segregation that occurred. This
segregation is demonstrated between those from the North and those from the South. As the narrator follows his
queen in the bus Leon would claim that the seat was reserved for the girl from Brooklyn (12). This demonstrates that
there was much segregation on social grounds between individuals from different regions. The segregation was much
significant in that it was extended to those from the city and the country folks even in the same region. The social
segregation is demonstrated even further as the students are separated into Maypole dancers and square dancers
(14). The narrator is working hard to cross the lines to get near to Gweneth. When placed in the Square dancers
group he claimed he could not dance and through his father intervention through a note he was transferred to the
Maypole dancers (16) and this creates more trouble when Gweneth is transferred to square dancers to equalize the
teams. He made efforts without success to follow her without success leaving him with no choice but to watch them
dance with Leon what she seemed to enjoy (17).
In the story, the author also illustrates the youth as an instrument of change. Through his determination, the
narrator pursues to get to Gweneth. He follows her to the bus to close the gap between them. He faced challenges as
Leon would always scare him away. The attempt to block him out completely by the teacher clearly depicts his great
determination to get what he wanted. Towards the end of the story depicts a high level of youthful courage as he
leaves his Maypole dancer group to join Gweneth in the square dance. This followed the failures on attempts to be
moved back to the team as his father could not assist him further. In his courage, he defines the foundation for
individuals to close the racial and social segregation lines that block them from getting what they want. The author
defines that a simple act of courage by the youths is a great symbol of change. The use of the youth characters
would be symbolic as they are very likely to integrate into various institutions of learning. The author shows that the
youth should use these opportunities to create room for change in the social and racial segregation practices
including the various stereotypes.
The characters are symbolic of the social and racial segregations that exist among the Americans and more
closely the Black Americans. The segregation is demonstrated as individuals closely identifying themselves as either
southerner, Northerners and most probably unique features of western and the eastern regions. Characters like Leon
and Gweneth represents the group that would be considered more modernized and cultured while the author would
be considered as among the least informed. The narrator is also symbolic of an instrument of change as he works to
close various segregation lines drawn in the classroom. He strongly pursues to get Gweneth irrespective of the
barriers that existed between them. Mrs. Boswell is symbolic of the authority within which the segregation is
propagated (7). As she brings forth the various questions and teaching mechanisms she demonstrates intensively
how some boys would not afford to demonstrate the quality of getting a wife. She propagates the character even the
more as the groups the students into the various teams. Leon is depicted as a symbol of change that has significantly
occurred to those individuals in the Northern regions. As he quotes his father and big brother possession of the
understanding to blow ones whistle it’s clear that the change had roots (10). The Narrators father is symbolic of the
force propagating the generation in the South towards change as he admits to his son’s demands though declined
later (18).
The authors illustrate closer lines of segregation that occurs between racial groups of even closer
relationship such as in the black Americans. This is unique in that most authors concentrate on the extreme social
and economic variations between the White and the minority groups, a demonstration of much earlier literature.
Though he uses traditional plot setting and attitude he demonstrates a current scenario of the social setting. As
individuals of various races occupy different regions either in the cities and in the country, they would possess unique
cultural characters and stereotypes of others.
A theme is an idea that is expressed in the poem or that the poem uses subjects to
explore. In poems, a theme is seen as a lesson about life that the human nature in the
poem expresses. Themes are used to tie together what is happening in the poem and the
character and they also help in bringing out the meaning of the poem. In most cases,
poems will have a hidden meaning, therefore, it is critical to understand the themes that
the author uses in the poem to understand the message that the author is
communicating. The main theme in the poem is sacrifice, the end results and the
outcome of the sacrifice justifies the challenges that the family go through.
Bruce Smith is known for his poems, in which he uses different symbols one of them
been themes. In Laundry, Bruce Smith uses themes to make it meaningful. There are two
main themes that can be seen clearly from the poem, that is, sacrifice and humanity vs.
nature (Laundry by Bruce Smith). A theme shows the key idea or the central idea which
the author explores in the whole text. Without a theme, the poem is made up of just
events and characters. The poem talks about picking up dirty laundry to take it for
cleanup. It uses different phrases to emphasize how this is a hard task that not everyone
can do but due to the need for money, the family has no option but to do the job.
Delivering the clean laundry does not seem to be much of the problem. Picking those that
are dirty is where the problem comes in this is because the narrator goes further to
explain the situation in which the dirty laundry was in. The key point of the poem is to
show how hard the task of picking up dirty laundry is, Bruce makes use of themes to
emphasize this point.
There are several things that are symbolic of the poem, that is, the cops, working on a
Sunday, the truck, the job itself and the laughter from the Bolshevik Jews who laughed.
The themes use all these symbolisms to bring out the meaning of the poem. All these
symbols are used to emphasize how hard the job that the family is doing is. Most people
do not work on a Sunday, but this family had to, in the poem cops are superheroes that
can do so many things, but they cannot carry out the same job (Laundry by Bruce Smith).
The sheets are described to be so dirty that other people would not be willing to touch
them regardless of this, the narrator and the father still must pick them up. The laughter
is symbolic since it shows that the family will not give up because of being ridiculed. In
most cases, when people laugh as they seem to be demoralized and demotivated, but
this does not stop the family.
Bruce uses several themes in this poem to show the level of difficulty in the job and the
amount of sacrifice that a person needs to have. The poem can be explained to refer to
carrying out another tough chore not necessarily picking and delivering laundry. For a
person to be able to complete a hard task successful they must be determined and not
give up because of any challenges that they face. One of the themes that represent itself
in the poem is a sacrifice. The narrator and the father seem to need money that they
could do anything to get the money that they need to survive. They work on a Sunday, a
day on which most people term as a rest day (Laundry by Bruce Smith). In fact, the
author compares this to the cops who would not do such a thing on Sunday. They did not
care that the people they delivered to the laundry laughed at them and ridiculed them.
Other people would have given up when been ridiculed and viewed this degrading and
demoralizing. Another thing that shows sacrifice in the poem is the fact that the truck did
not belong to them and it was also used for other purposes, for instance, as an
ambulance. They had to borrow the truck in order to do their job.
Another theme that is present in the poem is humanity vs. nature. The family is struggling
against nature so that they can survive in life. Despite facing some challenges, they have
to do a job that they really do not like so that they can get money. The poem shows a
struggle for survival, at the beginning of the poem the narrator describes their job as
something which the cops cannot do. In the poem, cops are seen as superheroes, those
that can do anything that they want to. But they cannot do the job of picking and
delivering clean laundry of a Sunday. Nature seems to be against the family and wants to
hinder them from accomplishing their job, but they do not. Some of the things that show a
fighting nature is; the lack of owning a truck, working on a Sunday, having to collect
extremely dirty sheets and been laughed at does not stop them.
The themes in this poem are used to show the struggle that the family is going through
and how much they need to take up in order to make it. After reading the poem, I am able
to tell that this is the message that the themes are passing along because of the
comparisons in the poem. On several occasions the author makes comparisons which
leaves picking up dirty laundry and delivery in Philadelphia seem like a tough task. For
instance, when the author compares with what the cops do. Another thing that makes me
come to the conclusion of the theme is when the narrator talks about how much the
Bolshevik Jews laugh at the situation in which the sheets are in. The families have to
sacrifice doing other things on Sunday so that they can work and make some money and
the have to struggle and overcome the challenges that they are facing in order to be able
to do the job.
Themes are one of the ways in which stories and poems are able to bring out their
meaning clearly. The authors in a poem use them to show the momentous of one thing
when compared to another. They are also useful when it comes to bringing out the
hidden meaning in the poem. Themes also make the poem interesting and the reader
has the urge to keep going on. Bruce uses both themes to bring out the point that he
wanted to. Through the themes, the author can easily understand the difficulty of the job
under discussion. Poems can be difficult to understand mainly because a lot of literary
are used, such as themes, symbolism, similes, and motifs among others. Having an
understanding of the themes is important since it helps to know the meaning of the poem.
â??An engagement should come on a young girl as a surprise, pleasant or
unpleasant, as the case may be� (The Important of Being Ernest act I).
Oscar Wilde is known to be a fun and a witty writer. Wilde can display his natural wittiness in the play. The play is a
hilarious play that talks about the Victorian age and hypocritical values that the people had. He is able to expose the social
belief as well as the ideals that the people had. The main characters of the story are Jack who is a protagonist. Jack seems to
be responsible and respected but leads a double life. Algernon is a secondary hero. He is charming, idle and a bachelor.
Gwendolen is also the main character, a cousin to Algernon. She is a model and an arbitrator of high fashion. The characters
only come together due to the social and economic fitness not only because they love each other. Oscar makes use of themes
and symbolism in the play.
One of the themes that Oscar Wilde uses is the nature of marriage. It becomes a motivating force to the plot. The
question of marriage appears first between Algernon and his butler. Algernon and Jack seriously focus on the aspects of
marriage to great length. At one point they even disagree about how a marriage proposal should be. Lady Bracknell as well
speaks of marriage though her statement when she says, â??An engagement should come on a young girl as a surprise,
pleasant or unpleasant, as the case may be� (The Important of Being Ernest act I). Another theme is the constraints and the
morality. This is one of a favorite topic of the conversation. Algernon is the belief that the servant class should be a guide of
morals to the upper classes. “Lane’s views on marriage seem somewhat lax. Really, if the lower orders don’t set us a good
example, what on earth is the use of them? They seem, as a class, to have absolutely no sense of moral responsibility� (The
Important of Being Ernest act I). There are so many restrictions which suggest that there is a strict set of morals in the
Victorian society.
Hypocrisy vs. Inventiveness is another present theme. Despite Jack and Algernon having the same deceptions, they
differ when it comes to morality. The fourth theme that is evident from the play is the importance of not being “Earnest”.
Earnest means seriousness and it does not go well with morality in the play. There are several forms in which earnestness can
take, such as, self-righteousness, solemnity, complacency, among others. Wilde saw these as hallmarks of the Victorian
Character. The persons in the play are used to the word serious to mean trivial. Algernon is the idea that it is shallow for
people not to take their meals seriously. According to Wilde, earnest stands for the idea of morality and false truth. Jack and
Algernon have to come up with alter egos so as to evade the strictures of decency as well as propriety.
Oscar Wilde uses motifs in the play to help in developing and informing the major themes. One of the motifs is puns.
The title of the play itself is a pun, the earnest joke touches on the Victorian notions of duty and that of respectability. For
instance, Gwendolen is so determined to get married to a man whom she does not know his earnestness. She is also very fast
to forgive Jack deception. The other motif is an inversion, the play uses a number inversion, that is, character, situation and
thought. Women in the play stand for an inversion that is accepted in the Victorian practices concerning gender roles. The
other motif that Oscar uses is Death. There are jokes about death frequently in the play. Lady Bracknell comes to the stage
talking about death, according to Miss Prism one can learn quite a lot of death, Algernon and Jack discuss occasionally on
how they are to kill Jacks, imaginary brother. The jokes about death in the story connect to the notion of life been a work of art.
Most characters in the play think they have control over death.
There is also symbolism in the play. Jackâ??s life showcases a person of two lives; he has this imaginary brother called
Ernest. He uses this as a device to escape the social and moral obligation, this makes Jack appear to be responsible and
moral than he is. Algernon also has an imaginary invalid friend called Bunbury. Bunbury helps him to escape the country and
he is able to impose on people who do not know him. Another symbol that Oscar used in the play is empty promises. The two
characters that have been made up by Jack can be used to symbolize empty promises. Another symbol that is used is the
diaries and the Miss Prismâ??s three-volume novel. They show writing as a personal activity that normally leads to a creation.
Writing is an expression of oneself.
Another symbolism that is present in the play is food, fighting over food can be seen to
represent the desire for other things such as sex.

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