Case study essay for Sports Professional franchise operation class

Case Study Over the course of the semester, you will create a comprehensive case study of a selected franchise. This case study will examine one or more critical issues facing the selected franchise and its performance against a variety of metrics of your choosing. The case study also may analyze the effectiveness of ownership and managerial structures, key personnel, organizational innovation and structural advantages or disadvantages of the franchise.The written case should be 10 pages in length. It should contain significant amounts of statistical or comparative analysis in addition to a textural overview of the franchise selected. At a minimum, 25 reputable sources must be used for the case study plus a comprehensive Works Cited page in MLA format.Measurement analysis As a precursor to the Case Study, on four occasions you will select several articles or sources and develop a brief analysis on a key business topic and analyze your franchise against this key metric or topic. These metrics will include: Gross Revenue and Ancillary Revenue; Attendance vs. Capacity; Market Challenges and Opportunities; and Player Costs and Acquisition Philosophy.Below i attached my measurements analyses,This are what i analyzed during the year


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Case study essay for Sports Professional franchise operation class
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Lincoln Mok
Professor Kahn
Professional Sports Franchise
4 April 2018
Cleveland Brown Measurement analyses
According to the article About Us – FirstEnergy Stadium, Home of the Cleveland Browns, the
FirstEnergy Stadium is the franchisesâ?? home. The facility was constructed in 1997 and opened in
1999 during the teamsâ?? rival game with Pittsburgh Steelers. The stadium was originally
Cleveland Browns Stadium, housing both Cleveland Browns and Cleveland Indians. The
stadium was renovated in 2013 to accommodate 67,895 people with 143 suites on average of 1416 seats. Club seating is 8,801 and premium sub seating is 1,100. Reed shows that the Browns
would play home games in the corporate named stadium, benefiting from the revenue stream that
the team owner directed to increasing the competitiveness of the team.
According to Pinckard, hometown crowd reach is used to rate the percentage of a
metropolitan area demographic that were in attendance, watched and/or listened to a game.
Moreover, crowd reach encompasses three year stadium attendance with regards to stadium
capacity, merchandise sales, and social media reach. The article posits that the franchisesâ?? fans
arrive at the FirstEnergy Stadium to tailgate prior to watching a team that has not won since 2007
or made a playoff appearance since 2002. The website Cleveland Browns Tickets, the Browns
pricing for regular season NFL games has been relatively constant in the franchisesâ?? recent
season. In the NFLâ??s last season, according to Kleps, the Browns averaged an announced
attendance of 60,034 or lower, being 7,000 below the capacity of the stadium. Kleps cites apathy
among fans owing to the franchisesâ?? losing streak. However, fans still afford the $110 pricing for
games on the Brownsâ?? website and $50 on Ticketmaster. When the NFL team valuations were
released in 2017, Browns had increased their revenue by $18 million, 14% being due to gate
According to the website Cleveland Browns Team History, the Browns were created in
Ohio, Cleveland in 1944 and were the best in the All-America Football Conference with a 52-4-3
winning record. Despite the teamâ??s plan to move to Baltimore in 1996, the Browns have
remained in Cleveland and returned to the NFL in 1999.
According to the website Cleveland, OH Demographics, there are 389, 165 people in
Cleveland, making it the 48th largest city in America. The city has a population density of 5,009
for every sq. mi with a median age of 36, below the 39 average of Ohio. Cleveland residents
have 34% over 15 year olds who are married, 87% of the population are English speakers, 8%
are Spanish. Sargent shows how Cleveland Browns, in a city that is divided among three teams,
the Browns are dominant in the northern counties. The Cincinnati Bengals are prevalent in the
southwestern region and the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the middle and southeastern parts of Ohio.
In a poll taken on the social networking site Facebook, the results showed that Cleveland Browns
are purging young fans, who make the bulk of participants in social media.
The website Consumer Expenditures for the Cleveland Metropolitan Area: 2013-14
shows that households in Ohio metropolitan spend an annual average of $49,789, compared to
the average $52,284 in the United States.
According to the article by Jersey Watch Team, the franchise is a lucrative team for
sponsorship due to its fan base and their affinity. Moreover, based on the NFL fan avidity, the
Browns have emerged among the top teams. Brands aligning with the Browns benefit from a
unique access to the passion of the franchiseâ??sâ?? fan base in Northern Ohio. Brands seeking to
partner with the Browns will benefit from increased sales in a way that does not take from their
brand equity. Intellectual property is the most sought after asset from the Browns for
sponsorships. Brands can benefit from the teamâ??s marks and logos, advertising campaigns that
bear the teamâ??s mark. Some of the prevalent forms of advertisement include signage or radio
advertisements where clients can leverage the teamâ??s mark for their key performance indicators.
The Cleveland Browns brand is the most sought after asset. The team has some competitive
categorized depending on the geographic footprint of corporates in Cleveland, with some
prevalent sponsors being banking and automotive, beverage, and healthcare.
There is a collection of professional sports teams and state-of-the-art arenas in Cleveland
and fans enjoy sports for every season. The football team Cleveland Browns, the Cleveland
Cavaliers, Progressive Field hosts the Cleveland Indians and the Lake Erie Monsters. The
Cleveland Gladiators are the American Conference Champions stars. According to the website
Sports â?? Ohio, the Cleveland Browns and Cincinnati Bengals are Ohioâ??s National Football
League teams and the Pittsburgh Bengals, competing for fan base in the larger Ohio area. From
the sources, we are able to notice that Cleveland Cavaliers generate much more revenue than the
Cleveland Brown, this is because of their overall team results and their main key player LeBron
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Next Year,
Lincoln Mok
Professor Kahn
Professional franchise operations
Measurement Analyses for Cleveland Browns Operations
In the recent past, the total attendance at the National Football League regular season
games has been consistent at over 17 million per season. The NFL comprises of 32 teams with
each team playing eight home games in the regular season to make 256 games per season. On
average, the attendance for an NFL game during the 2014 season was 68,000. The average ticket
price for an NFL game is $78.38. During the 2012 season Cleveland Browns ticket was $54.20
and were the least expensive in the league. Compared to other North American sports league and
the industry in general, the NFL registers the highest attendance rate, a trend that can be
attributed to the capacities of NFL stadiums, but the trend has not been replicated to the
Cleveland Browns franchise that has registered a dismal performance, both in attendance and
The website highlights the total regular season home attendance that the
franchise Cleveland Browns had between 2006 and 2017, averaging regular season home
attendance of 511,060 persons. In 2017, the franchise averaged attendance at home games of
63,882. According to an article published in the Crainâ??s Cleveland Business, the Browns
averaged crowds of 62,032 and 59,061 during their last two home games of 2017. During the
2017 season, the Brownâ??s attendance was 24th in the NFL, at 63,989, which is seen as the lowest
ranks since 1984. The article compares Browns Are on Pace for Lowest Attendance in a Season
since 1984 compares Brownsâ?? ticket sales from 2015 and the diminishing capacity of the team to
sell out over the years since 1984. Considering in the past the team averaged 70,000 persons per
team, the attendance averaged in 2017 was 64,388, which was a stark drop. According to an
article by McManamon, the average ticket sales are not reflective of the actual crowd sizes, with
the estimated 2017 home finale having had 35,000 actual attendances on the seats.
In the recent past, according to an article Browns Aren’t Raising Ticket Prices, but Their
Sales Pitch Is One We’ve Heard Before, the Browns have not experienced sellout crowds even
after the FirstEnergy Stadium capacity was reduced. In December, the Browns took the initiative
of announcing the franchisesâ?? season ticket pricing would remain flat. Considering the teamsâ?? 016 streak, the franchise recognized the need to make their tickets the cheapest in the league. In
the last 10 years, Browns have maintained their ticket prices, save for 2015
Although the Browns have had the lowest priced ticket prices in the NFL, the team has
continued to register low attendance. In 2017, the team reduced the capacity of the FirstEnergy
Stadium but despite, according to an article in the Crainâ??s Cleveland Business, the franchise
having over 55,000 season-ticket holders.
A comparison of Cleveland Brownsâ?? ticket sales since 2006 to 2016 shows that the
franchise has averaged a price of $48.79 in 2006 compared to $69.13 in 2016 according to an
article Cleveland Browns Average Ticket Price 2006-2016. The Browns recorded historical
losses in the 2016 season that saw the prices of seats average $5 per NFL game. The franchisesâ??
ticket market has been dubbed the lowest since the return of the Browns in 1999. After the
renovation of the FirstEnergy Stadium where the capacity was reduced to 67,431, the attendance
was reduced by 5,569 compared to the 2007 70,000 attendance.
In the final three home games in 2017, the Browns tickets ranged $30 and $50 for the
Chargers and Giants respectively with a median price of $44 for the Bengals. During the 217
season, according to Suttell, the Browns-Ravens game reported the worst home crowd since
1995. The team has registered games since 2016 that have been announced with crowds barely at
60. Reported crowd totals that are a reflection of ticket sales did not correspond to the actual
gatherings at the field that are much worse. According to the NFL attendance rankings, the team
averaged 63,882, which is regarded the teamsâ?? worst since 1984. The Dallas Cowboys averaged
the highest attendance in the NFL at 92,721 followed by Green Bay Packers at 78,092 for home
games. The Cleveland Browns were ranked, for the 2017 season, at 24th position in the league
having averaged 63,882 attendances according to the website NFL Attendance â?? 2017.
A comparison of the Browns will be the Cavaliers who play in the NBA. In an article by
Mueller, the Cavs and Browns, albeit from the same state, Ohio, have registered distinct
performances. On one hand, the Browns dismal performance in tickets and attendance, which has
been attributed to several factors among them losses. On the other hand, the Cleveland Cavaliers
have gained popularity due to LeBron James, who is credited with the teamsâ?? winning
percentages, has increased the teamsâ?? attendance 20,562 per game.
According to an article by Kleps, the Browns in the recent past have registered a bad
season that affected ticket sales, less attendance and the impact has been felt in the teamsâ?? local
TV ratings. Kleps cites a source citing the franchisesâ?? 16 regular season games at 11.7% in 2015,
which was significant in the 18-49 demographics. The broadcasts for the franchise in WOIO,
WJW, and WKYC according to the article fell 10.1%.
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Lincoln Mok
Professor Kahn
Professional Sports Fracnhise
26 April 2018
Cleveland Browns: Player Costs and Acquisition Philosophy.
In WKYC, it highlights the woes that the Browns have had with front office. The source talk
about blames toward DePodesta,chief strategy office for Cleveland Brown for letting key free
agents go, delaying picks of franchise quarterbacks on numerous picks, and failing to execute
trades properly prior to deadlines. The piece suggests a change in culture in the Cleveland
Browns franchise to reduce the gap between the coaches, executives, and front office. The key
goal of all personnel should be winning and re-establishing the franchise as a flagship franchise
in pro football.
According to Ruiter, the article shows that considering the constant failure of the franchise
on the field, the Browns do not have a choice but to make changes to the strategies of the team.
Blame has been heaped on head coach Hue Jackson for game management, the team roster.
Criticism is directed towards executive vice president Sashi Brown for stripping the roster of
talent in 2016, lack of assistance to Jackson, and trade deadline issues. Browns have made steps
aimed at reconstructing the team roster that according to Ruiter, include 20 trades and 24 draft
players in the last 2years, positioning the franchise in a potential winning offseason of 2018.
According to an article in the Los Angeles Times, despite the changes like analytics, draft
picks and stability that Sashi Brown brought to the franchise, the losing streak mattered the most.
His inability to produce a single win in over two seasons was the reason for Brownâ??s firing him
in December, but retained the head coach Hue Jackson despite a 1-27 record. Cleveland Brown
was replaced by former Kansas City Chiefs executive John Dorsey, who is credited or the
Chiefâ??s renaissance.
Florjancic from WKYC shows that despite the bad history the team has had in the recent past,
the Browns have made four trades, for instance, wide receiver Jarvis Landry with the Miami
Dolphins, quarterback Tyrod Taylor of the Buffalo Fills, Damarious Randall of the Green bay
Packers and New England Patriots for a third-round pick during the 2019 draft. The team include
seven players in free agency, embracing the opportunity to turn the team around with players and
beat the 4-49 streak, the worst in the league in the last four years.
In an article on The Guardian, Carpenter highlights the many solutions over the years that the
Browns have sought. With the new hire of general manager, prediction percentages show that the
Browns will not stay in a losing streak forever, considering the young drafts who are expected to
break the streak. The franchisesâ?? first choice in 2018 draft and fifth will guarantee elite players
that will make up for past mistakes, for instance, Carson Wentz and Jared Goff.
In another article by DeNatale of WKYC, the franchiseâ??s GM John Dorsey has embarked on
restructuring the front office with hires of legitimate football pedigrees. Dorsey, compared to his
predecessor Sashi Brown, has extensive experience in the NFL, 27 years, and his new hires will
make decisions as respected professionals.. Dorsey also included other employees who worked
with him in Kansas in positions of Assistant Director of Pro Scouting, Scout, and Personnel
Further, according to Axelrod of WKYC, the Browns do not intend to only make changes in
personnel and draft choices. In an attempt to look good and play good, the franchise is in the
process of changing their aesthetic by redesigning the teamâ??s uniform. The team is in the
process, according to the owner Dee Haslam, of replacing their orange helmets with white ones
that were originally the franchiseâ??s between 1946 and 1950. From the AS Roma article, we know
that they transited to a better team through analytic and scouting process. On the other hand,
Cleveland Brown is focusing improvement more in the management side of the franchise. I think
that Cleveland Brown is still focusing on using old practice, from the article AS Roma have one
of the most popluar website for their franchise. On the other hand, Cleveland Brownâ??s website is
less appealing and less interaction between fans and players.
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New Front Office.� WKYC, 10 Jan. 2018,
DeNatale , Dave. â??OPINION | For Cleveland Browns to Change Losing Ways, Owners Must
E …
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