Easy short answer questions for Facilities Management

I have attached the lecture and the homework below. Just answer those 7 questions on the homework page. As the lead Facility Manager overseeing the project, you are tasked with presenting a solution to College Administration that at the very least holds FHDA enrollment steady for the coming academic year.What is your plan?


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Easy short answer questions for Facilities Management
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Unformatted Attachment Preview

ES 69A- Intro to Facilities
Week 3- The Facility Management Strategy and
Operations and Maintenance
De Anza FM Degree Class Match to 11 Core
â?¢ Communications- BUS 85, ES 69, ES 69A, ES
â?¢ Quality- ES 58, ES 81
â?¢ Technology- CIS 3, CIS 79, ES 70, ES 78
â?¢ Operations and Maintenance- ES 62A,ES 69A,
ES 71, ES 81
â?¢ Human Factors- BUS 56, ES 64, ES 62A, ES 71
â?¢ Business and Accounting- BUS 10, BUS 65,
BUS 96, ACCT 1A, ACCT105, ACCT 88,
â?¢ Emergency Planning- Bus 56, ES 69A, ES 62A
â?¢ Leadership/ Strategy- BUS 10, BUS 65, BUS 96
â?¢ Project Management- ES 82
â?¢ Real Estate and Property Management- REST
50, REST 53
â?¢ Sustainability and Environment- ES 58, ES
62A, ES 64, ES 69, ES 70, ES 71, ES 78, ES 70B,
ES 71B ES 78B
Quick Discussion About Professional Credentials
The Newest, Most Comprehensive and Up-To Date
Facility Management Credential- ProFMâ?¢ (Profmi.org)
Historical Role of Facility Management
â?¢ Developed over the past 180 years
â?¢ Concept originated in the 1800â??s when the American railroad companies
thought it was better to provide the utility of facilities and not only
Ticketing and advance sales
Food services and sundries
Storage and transportation of goods (Sears Catalog)
Transportation to and from railway stations
â?¢ 1950â??s FM was strictly thought of as building maintenance, cleaning and
custodial services (reactive)
â?¢ Was redefined in the ICT, financial services and media industries with more
effective ways to manage processes and procedures (Data stores to make
business decisions quicker)
â?¢ Relatively new concept to Real Estate, Engineering and Construction
Key Concept: The Organization Needs To Act As An Informed
Client- This is the Role And Responsibility of the FM!
Understanding the organizationâ??s culture
Understanding and specifying service requirements and targets
Brokering services with and amongst stakeholders
Managing the implementation of outsourcing
Minimizing the uncertainty and risks through proactive risk and opportunity
Agreeing standards for control purposes
Surveying end users for satisfaction and service delivery
Providing management reports
Reviewing the scope of services and service levels against end user requirements
Developing, with service providers, delivery strategies for services
Agreeing with service providers, changes to service requirements
Definition of Facility Management
â?? A profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to
ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating
people, place, process, and technology�- International Facility
Management Association- IFMA
â??An integrated approach to operating, maintaining,
improving, and adapting the buildings and infrastructure of
an organization in an effort to create an environment that
strongly supports the primary objectives of the
organization�- Total Facility Management- Atkin/Brooks 4th Edition
Defining the Role of Facility Management
â?¢ Supports people in their work and in other activities
â?¢ Enhances individual well-being
â?¢ Enables the organization to deliver effective and responsive services
â?¢ Making physical assets highly cost effective
â?¢ Allow for future changes in the provision and use of space
â?¢ Provide competitive advantage to the core business
â?¢ Enhance the organizationâ??s culture and image
Rationale for Facility Management
Facilities = Substantial investment
Accommodates and supports a wide range of activities
Regardless the core business, services are needed to be successful
Operational expenditures are a large part of annual expenses- changes in processes and
procedures as well as how the building functions can save money and improve
performance and output
â?¢ A piecemeal approach to cutting cost is typically not effective- it can actually impair the
businesses ability to function
â?¢ Facility Management can be more powerful than property management or real estate
management because it takes a holistic view of the workplace and how it functions
â?¢ Creates an environment that is conducive to the organizationâ??s primary processes and
activities, taking an integrated view of its services and support infrastructure and using
them to achieve end-user satisfaction and best value through support for and
enhancement of, the core business.
For the FM to be successful and
effective, both the â??hardâ? issues
(service, engineering,
maintenance need to be
managed with the â??softâ? issues
(managing people, perceptions
and change)
Planning Strategically
â?¢ After completing this part of the class, students will have a better
understanding of:
â?¢ The importance and objectives of strategic planning
â?¢ Aligning the Facilityâ??s strategic plan with the entire organization strategy
â?¢ Assess Property and services needed to meet current and future
organizational requirements
â?¢ Understand the need to formulate justification for approval of a strategic
facility Plan and/or a facility master plan
â?¢ Understand the need for establishing a strategic plan change process
â?¢ Understand the need to obtain approval and funding of tactical plans
Key Issues to Consider
â?¢ FM has to encompass a diverse range of matters that influence the success
of the organizationâ??s core business
â?¢ Change, or potential change must be factored in- nothing stays static
â?¢ A strategy for FM is needed by all organizations to ensure optimal use of
the facilities over the short, medium and long term
â?¢ Aligned with the organizationâ??s business strategy
â?¢ The strategy should establish the overall approach to facility management
including maintenance of physical assets, end user requirements, service
definitions, service delivery options and performance.
â?¢ Must be updated regularly
â?¢ The strategy should be adaptable and should anticipate change and
respond with processes and procedures to ensure the organization has the
facilities it needs to meet the business goals and objectives
Define Core Business
Relationship Between
Core Business, Non Core
Business and FM
Business Strategy
Business Objectives
Business Plan
Primary Processes
Define Non-Core Business
Primary Activities
Support Services
Sustainable Space
Information and Comm Technology Infrastructure
Define Facility Management
Scope of Services
Sourcing Model
Delivery of Services
A VERY Broad Approach to Facility Management
Develop a strategy for Facility Management
Determine the most appropriate model for sourcing services
Procure the services, where outsourcing or co-sourcing applies
Deliver the services, including mobilization, implementation and
contract management
5. Manage the performance of service providers and or the in house
Defining the FM Role and Responsibility
Develop FM
â?¢ Strategic analysis
â?¢ Solution development
â?¢ Strategy Implementation
Sourcing Model
â?¢ Insource
â?¢ Outsource
â?¢ Co-Source
Procure Services
â?¢ Prequalification
â?¢ Request For Proposal (RFP)
â?¢ Tender Contract
Deliver Services
â?¢ Mobilization
â?¢ Transition
â?¢ Contract Management
â?¢ Service review
â?¢ Performance Measurement
â?¢ Benchmarking
Strategic Planning
â?¢ A scheduled task that is performed periodically but has daily repercussions on
facility management activities as well as stakeholder satisfaction.
â?¢ FM Stakeholders include:
â?¢ Senior executives or clients (depends on whether the FM organization is an internal business
unit or an external service provider)
â?¢ Building occupants, visitors(suppliers, customers, the general community) and regulators
MUST understand the stakeholdersâ?? and the organizations strategic objectives and then form a
complementary FM strategy.
Are the FMs strategic objectives feasible and cost effective and do they demonstrate an
understanding of the needs of end users?
Tactical plans turn the vision into action and activities that have enough detail for execution
Strategy involves LEADERSHIP because it requires clearly COMMUNICATING the organization
and strategic mission, vision and strategic plan to stakeholders
The strategy really boils down to 3 high level tasks
1. Strategic Analysis
2. Solution Development
3. Strategy Implementation
Operations and Maintenance
Operations and Maintenance Module Agenda
1. Facility Operations
2. Facility Maintenance and Repair
3. Operations and Maintenance vs. Capital
In this module, facility managers will be introduced to
key concepts of Operations and Maintenance that
range from interior systems to exterior systems, roads
and grounds.
In addition, this ES 69A module will give the facility
manager a greater appreciation for how proper
planning in the design and construction phase can
increase productivity and reduce overall Operations
and Maintenance costs.
The cost to operate and maintain a facility is typically
second only to personnel salaries in an organization,
and is about three to five times the cost of design and
Operations and Maintenance functions comprise the
majority of the operations that must be managed on a
day-to-day basis. They are the source of a large portion
of the problems a facility manager might face (e.g.,
clogged plumbing, leaks, broken door hinges).
Learning Objectives
At the completion of this module, you will be able to:
â?? Understand facility activities; and match each group of
facility activities to the correct principle area of facility
â?? List at least three common preventive maintenance
practices on building systems
â?? Through class discussion, give examples of situations
where lack of maintenance led to business interruptions
â?? Describe at least three predictive maintenance
techniques used to forecast operational failures
Learning Objectives, Continued
At the completion of this module, you will be able to:
â?? Identify facility expenses, and which are Operations and
Maintenance costs and which are Capital costs
â?? Given a component, look up its Estimated Useful Life
(EUL) for budget planning purposes
â?? Write down, in your own words, what facility â??operationsâ?
â?? Write down, in your own words, what facility
â??maintenanceâ? means
What is Operations and
Work that helps the facility to perform its function
The upkeep of property and equipment
Operations is defined as work that keeps the
facility performing the function for which it is
currently classified. Operations typically include
the management of the indoor environment,
provision of utilities, cleaning and janitorial
services, waste management, environmental
management, and operation of life safety and
security systems . Activities include work reception
and coordination, operation of building systems
and other building-related equipment.
Maintenance is defined as work that is necessary
to maintain the original, anticipated useful life of a
fixed asset. Maintenance is the upkeep of property
and equipment. Activities include periodic or
occasional inspection, adjustment, lubrication,
cleaning (non-janitorial), painting, replacement of
parts, minor repairs, and other actions performed
to prevent unscheduled breakdowns. It does not
prolong the life of the property or equipment
and/or add to its value.
Operations and Maintenance Covers
Four Major Components of a Building
and Building Site
Roads and Grounds Maintenance
Building Structural and Exterior Systems
Building Interior Operating and Systems
Central Plants and Other Utility Systems
Facility Operations
Cost of Operations
Principle Budget Components
â?¢ Utility Services
â?? Electric power
â?? Potable water
â?? Sewage services
â?? Central heating & cooling
â?¢ Building Cleaning and Janitorial Services
â?¢ Maintenance
â?? External building maintenance
â?? Interior systems maintenance
â?? Roads & grounds maintenance
â?? Utility/central system maintenance
â?? Process treatment and environmental
Cost of Operations
27% Janitorial
36% Maintenance
Principle Areas of Facility Operations
Utility Services
â?¢ Electric power
â?¢ Potable water
â?¢ Sewage services
â?¢ Central heating & cooling
Energy Management
On-Site Power Generation
Principle Areas of Facility Operations, Continued
Building Cleaning and Janitorial Services
â?¢ Building cleaning: Exterior and
specialty cleaning activities
â?¢ Janitorial: Facility support spaces
cleaning activities
Principle Areas of Facility Operations, Continued
Building Maintenance
â??Heating, ventilation and air
conditioning equipment (HVAC)
â??Electrical systems
â??Plumbing systems
Other Key Areas of Facility Operations
Managing Facility Waste
â?¢ Normal facility waste
disposal usually is
contracted out
â?¢ Recycling is governed by
local waste disposal
Other Key Areas of Facility Operations,
Environmental Services Management
â?¢ Hazardous waste is a special category of
regulated waste materials
Other Key Areas of Facility Operations,
Life Safety
â?¢ Ensure the facility is a secure place to work
â?¢ Ensure the facility complies with laws and
â?¢ Parking
â?¢ Lighting
â?¢ Surveillance
â?¢ During
parking lot lighting
â?¢ there
Test fire
are hazards everywhere.
â?¢ example,
Conduct regular
at heights,
to observe
any physical
hazard, poisonous gas,
exterior doors
properly)and noise. Only trained
â?¢ personnel
Train all FM
staff be
to continually
engaged for a
particular maintenanceroutine
ES 69A â?? Intro to Facilities Management case study- HW # 3- SPRING 2018
The problem
The Foothill- De Anza Community College District (FHDA) includes over 60 buildings that
support the education of 56,000 students annually. Over the past 4 years, the school district has
experienced a drop in student enrollment due to low unemployment rates in Santa Clara County.
You know that if enrollments donâ??t recover quickly, budgets will be cut, most likely resulting in
layoffs on both of the Districtâ??s campuses, De Anza and Foothill.
The District discovered that the Flint Center parking garage on the De Anza campus does not
meet Californiaâ??s Earthquake Standards and needs to be retrofitted. The Flint Center parking
garage provides parking for over 1500 vehicles and is one of the major parking lots on campus.
You are the Facility Manager in charge of this project. A quick survey of what needs to be
completed to meet earthquake standards indicates the garage will need to be shut down for at
least 8 months. The FALL 2018 Quarter starts in just one month. Shutting down the parking
garage will result in 1,500 less parking spots on campus which will have an impact on
Multiple organizations on campus are concerned:
The VPâ??s of Instruction at both Foothill and De Anza are feeling the pressure of
decreasing enrollments over the past four years
The Chancellor of the District has been considering huge budget cuts as a result of
dropping enrollments
The faculty of the college are concerned that if enrollments continue to drop, some of
them may be laid off
Students are concerned because they need to take classes at certain times of the day to fit
their busy schedules. Ideally, they would like to take classes between 9:30AM and
The college is known for its excellent 4 year college transfer rate. Students are depending
on being able to take the classes they need to transfer next year.
Due to the close proximity of Highways 280 and 85, traffic in and around the college is
very heavy in the morning
Where will students find parking with 1,500 less parking spots on campus?
FHDA is a commuter campus. Over 85% of your student population lives within a 15
mile radius
The neighboring communities have gotten wind of the issue and have worked with the
local city Government to restrict parking off campus in their neighborhoods which are
close to campus.
FHDA wants to maintain its reputation as a progressive and leading edge Community College
District when it comes to four year college transfer of students, retention of students,
environmental stewardship and energy savings/greenhouse gas emission reductions.
As the lead Facility Manager overseeing the project, you are tasked with presenting a
solution to College Administration that at the very least holds FHDA enrollment steady for
the coming academic year.
What is your plan?
Case Study Ground Rules:
1) Feel free to set and use your own assumptions if you feel you do not have enough
information- State and list your assumptions clearly up front.
2) Show evidence that you are addressing and using as many of the 11 IFMA Core
Competencies as you can in your proposed strategy and solution. Italicize them in the
text of the case study solution you submit (we covered the 11 Core Competencies in our
last class session.
3) How will you start, coordinate, manage, measure the success of and communicate
the plan and progress? How will you insure all associated stakeholders are in the loop
and have the ability to provide input?
4) Detail any wins (in general terms) as part of your plan (IE: Cost cuts, energy reductions,
Greenhouse gas emission reductions, stability in FHDA workforce, etc) Explain generally
how these wins will be achieved.
5) How will you measure the success of the plan you come up with? Clearly state how you
will hold yourself accountable to meet the goals you have been given as well as what the
process will be
6) Prepare a 3 page minimum plan (Double Spaced) showing HOW you will address the
issue and meet the desired goal of holding enrollments flat and keeping your â??stakeholder
customers� happy.
7) I am NOT looking for a plan based on hard numbers. I havenâ??t provided you
enough information to do that. I am interested in your thought process. I want you to
identify the steps you will take to develop a Facility strategy to solve the problem
and how you will involve other stakeholders in your plan in an effort to be

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