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Annotated Bibliography
Studentâ??s Name
University Affiliation
Annotated Bibliography
Albanesi, S., & Å?ahin, A. (2018). The Gender Unemployment Gap. Review Of Economic
The Authors Look At The Existing Unemployment Gap In Terms Of Gender While
Relating To Past Statistics. The Rate Of Unemployment Between Men And Women Has Always
Differed Over The Years With Female Individuals Feeling The Most Impact After Registering
The Highest Number Of Unemployed Individuals. The Authors Further Address The Various
Changes In The Gap That Have Existed While Comparing The Efforts That Have Been Made To
Mitigate The Same. Additionally, The Author Looks At Past Evidence That Point Out The Rates
Of Unemployment As Well As How The Rates Have Been Increasing And Increasing Over The
Years. A Difference Large Difference In The Gap Is Likely To Have A Negative Impact On The
Economy Of Any Country Is Not Addressed. Three States Are Used In Uncovering The
Difference That Exists In The Gaps.
Bieda, A. S. (2011). Closing The Gap Between Career Education & Employer Expectations:
Implications For Americaâ??s Unemployment Rate. The Accrediting Council For
Independent Colleges And Schools, Washington, DC.
With A Large Number Of Graduates Entering The Employment Market Yearly,
Employers Are Keen On Absorbing The Best. To Qualify For The Available Employment
Opportunities, One Must Demonstrate The Ability To Have The Proper Set Of Skills. Bieda
Evaluates The Expectations That Employers Have With Regards To The Employees That They
Are Targeting. Also, The Author Links The Expectations Of Employers To The Current Rates
Of Unemployment Being Experienced In America. To Address This, Colleges And Institutions
Of Higher Learning Should Train Students To The Best Of Their Abilities So That They Are
Able To Meet The Expectations That Employers Have, While At The Same Time Increasing
Their Opportunities Of Landing The Available Job Vacancies. However, It Becomes A Tall
Order Especially For Those Who Graduate Without Meeting The Expected Standards.
Hakeem, L. A. (2016). Research Proposal Solutions To The Problems Of Unemployment
Statement Of Purpose.
The Research Focuses On The Problem Of Unemployment As Well As Some Solutions That
Should Be Adopted With The Aim Of Addressing The Issue. Unemployment Has Been A Major
Issue That Has Contributed Significantly In Negatively Affecting The Economy Of Many
Nations All Around The World. The Scarcity Of Job Opportunities Has Been The Central Issue
Behind Unemployment. The Research Focuses On How Increasing Employment Opportunities,
Especially For The Young People, Can Help In Mitigating The Problem. Furthermore, It
Highlights The Position Of The Government Concerning The Matter. The Government Is The
Body Tasked With The Obligation Of Availing Employment Opportunities For The Citizens.
However, Most Governments Have Significantly Failed In Tackling The Issue As Promises
Made Often Go Unfulfilled. The Research Explores Various Ways Through Which
Unemployment Can Be Addressed.
Hout, M., Levanon, A., & Cumberworth, E. (2011). Job Loss And Unemployment. The
Great Recession, 59-81.
The American Economy Heavily Depends On Employment. Through The Salary That People
Earn, They Are Able To Keep The Economy Running By Spending It On Purchasing Necessities
And Paying For Services. Through The Article, One Is Able To Clearly See The Value Of
Employment To The Economy Of A Country. The Authors Focus On The Great Recession And
How It Had A Significant Impact On Employment. For A Proper Balance To Exist In The
Economy, A Balance Must Exist Between The Amount Of Money That People Earn, And The
Amount Of Money That They Spend. It Is For This Reason That Various Governments Will
Consider All The Possible Strategies To Ensure That They Guarantee Their Citizensâ??
Employment Opportunities So That They Can Be Able To Afford A Living.
Kelly, N. J., & Witko, C. (2014). Government Ideology And Unemployment In The US
States. State Politics & Policy Quarterly, 14(4), 389-413.
Kelly And Witko Take A Look At How Various American Governments Have Been Able To
Address The Unemployment Issue. From The Authorsâ?? Point Of View, It Is Evident That
Different Governments, Both Democrats, And Republicans Have Different Policies When It
Comes To The Issue Of Unemployment. The Article Offers A Deep Insight Into How The
Government Addresses The Issue Of Unemployment, In Relation To The Policies Held By
Different Political Parties. It Is Vital To Understand What A Political Party Stands For And How
This Position Is Likely To Affect The Issue Of Unemployment. Furthermore, The Article Looks
At The History Of Unemployment In America Through Looking At The Influence Each Party
Has Had Over The Years.
Phillips, J., & Land, K. C. (2012). The Link Between Unemployment And Crime Rate
Fluctuations: An Analysis At The County, State, And National Levels. Social
Research, 41(3), 681-694.
Unemployment Has Been Linked To Various Social Vices In The Society. This Is Always As A
Result Of People Trying To Make A Living By Resorting To Earning Money Through Means
That Are Considered To Be Illegal. Julie Phillips And Kenneth Land Take A Look At How
Crime Rate Has Been On The Rise At Different Levels Which Are The County Level, State
Level, As Well As The National Level. For The Rate Of Crime To Decrease At The Different
Levels, Swift Action Should Be Taken, The Key Being The Creating Of Employment
Opportunities For The Young And Productive Members Of The Society. It Is Mostly The Young
People Who End Up Engaging In Criminal Activities, Thus Risking Their Lives And Losing
Their Precious Productive Years By Serving Jail Terms.
Tanveer Choudhry, M., Marelli, E., & Signorelli, M. (2012). Youth Unemployment Rate
Impact Of Financial Crises. International Journal Of Manpower, 33(1), 76-95.
Financial Crisis Is Directly Linked To Unemployment. When Young People Lack A Means To
Earn A Living, They Are Bound To Land Into Financial Crisis. This Is A State Where They
Cannot Be Able To Afford The Most Basic Necessities Or Pay For The Cheapest Available
Service. The Authors Look At The Youth Unemployment Rate (YUR), And How It Relates To
Financial Crisis. They Further Look At The Different Types Of Financial Crises That Include
Systemic Banking Crises, Currency Crises, Non-Systemic Banking Crises, As Well As Debt
Executive Summary
A. Various sources addressing the issue of unemployment
A. Brief look at the issue of unemployment
B. History of the problem
C. Thesis
Body Section
A. Extent of the problem
1. What has contributed to unemployment?
2. How bad is it?
B. Who has been mostly affected?
1. How much have they been affected?
2. Examples of those affected.
Body Section Two
A. Causes of unemployment
1. Due to unemployment, the following has happenedâ?¦
B. Repercussions of unemployment
1. Likely outcome if the issue is not addressed.
A. Relating back to the introduction.
B. Restating the thesis statement.
Surname 1
Studentâ??s Name
Professorâ??s Name
Course Title
Unemployment is one of the major problems that most countries are dealing with today. With the
increased number of students who are graduating on an annual basis from various institutions, it
is the duty of the government to try and ensure that they get places where they can practice what
they learned while earning money. Incoming governments have always driven the narrative of
creating employment opportunities especially for the youth once they take over the office. With
the young people constituting over fifty percent of the registered voters, campaign teams have
always targeted them with these kinds of promises. However, disappointment has always been
the order of the day since most of the leaders abandon the promises they made once they occupy
office. In the end, the private sector is left with no option but to try and absorb the high number
of unemployed individuals within their ranks.
The role of this research is to address the current state of unemployment while trying to come up
with innovative ways to mitigate the same. The research will also address some of the measures
that have been adopted by various stakeholders in a bid aimed at addressing unemployment. The
issue of unemployment is one that majorly impacts the young people. Ideally, it is the youth who
have been heavily impacted by the current statistics. With most of them trying to make a decent
living, it has been a difficult experience for them especially citing the fact that they lack a decent
source of income. Arguably, it is the desire of any young unemployed person to have a stable job
that can enable them to do what they desire as far as living a decent life is concerned. The same
would be the desire of any government towards ensuring that most, if not all of the citizens are
employed. This report is, therefore, targeting various stakeholders in the employment sector, who
include government officials, managers, and directors in companies, as well as the unemployed
individuals who mostly comprise the young people. The issue of unemployment affects not only
the unemployed individuals and the government but various organizations too. For instance,
organizations run the risk of not having enough clients to subscribe to their services or buy their
goods since a good number of the people they are targeting lack a stable source of income.
The risk of having a large number of unemployed people is that it increases the chances of social
vices existing within the society. In situations where people cannot find a reliable source of
income, they tend to resort to other means of earning a living, which is illegal. Unemployment is
one of the causes of increased rates of crime. Therefore, finding a solution to the issue will ignite
a long chain of positive reactions such as reduction of crime. As a young person, I fall into the
category of the group of people who have been heavily affected by the current rate of
Surname 2
unemployment. Having lived through the experience, I believe I have what it takes to conduct an
original research that is not only based on facts and findings but experience as well. As a person
hoping to excel in my career, it is my desire to have a society where I can secure my desired
employment position. However, for this to happen, the opportunities of employment must exist.
To conduct an intricate report, I will need to have reliable sources of information in form of
written materials as well as interviews conducted with individuals who have been affected by the
unemployment issue. To complete the project, I will require a period of between two to three
months so as to put together all the required information and generate a final report that will
address all the required areas.
In conclusion, the aim of the research is to address the current state of unemployment and the
effects that it has had on all affected parties. It is my desire that the findings of this research will
go a long way in helping mitigate the current state of unemployment by providing a reliable
approach. I, therefore, request your permission to proceed with the research.
Warm regards.
The Formal, Research Report
Throughout the course of this semester you have been working to identify a real issue or problem
impacting real organizations and to theorize solutions to it. In this assignment, the formal report,
you will present your findings. Your formal report should include:
â?¢ A letter of transmittal (i.e., a cover letter) addressed to a member of the organization in question
â?¢ A title page
â?¢ A table of contents
â?¢ An executive summary
â?¢ An introduction, in which you explain the purpose and scope of your report
â?¢ A series of â??bodyâ? paragraphs (i.e., the actual, researched content of the report)
â?¢ A conclusion, in which you summarize major claims and point toward future actions
â?¢ A list of works cited, formatted according to APA conventions
â?¢ Any other necessary back matter (appendices, glossaries, etc.)
The audience for your final recommendation report is your â??clientâ?â??i.e., whomever you are trying
to convince to make a change or to follow your guidance.
The body of your report should include the following information:
Background (1-3 paragraphs): Provide a detailed explanation of the problem/issue and your research
approach. What effects is the problem causing? Why is this an issue and for whom?
Literature Review (2-4 paragraphs): Summarize and synthesize the information that you have gathered
through the course of your research. What are other people saying about this topic? How might you
classify different kinds of responses? If necessary, evaluate the quality of various resources and
explain which ones you believe to be most pertinent and/or credible.
Proposed Solution (3-4 paragraphs): Offer a detailed explanation of your proposed solution, including a
well-reasoned rationale for why itâ??s a good way to solve the problem that you have identified (versus
the other possible solutions). Explain the basis on which you are making your recommendation.
Include possible equipment or resources needed to solve this problem.
Expected Benefit(s) (1-3 paragraphs): Present what you expect will happen as a result of your proposed
The presentation of your information matters. Employ the document design principles we have
learned throughout the term to produce a text that is legible, navigable, professional, and perhaps
even elegant. Certain stylistic choices (which fonts and/or colors and/or spacing methods to
employ) are left up to your discretion. Certain other considerationsâ??especially in terms of
document layoutâ??must conform to the requirements statement below.
Create the letter of transmittal in a separate electronic file and upload it to the dropbox separately..
Within the primary report document, leave the title page un-numbered. Number the â??front matter,â?
which, in this case, only includes the table of contents, in lower-case Roman numerals (i, ii, iii…).
Number the â??bodyâ? and â??back matterâ? elements with standard/Arabic numerals (1, 2, 3â?¦).
Place each major element (listed above) at the start of a new page. Depending on their length, you
may also want to start each new section of the body at the top of a fresh page.
Note, as well, that you will submit the final draft of this assignment electronically, and that your
ability to format the document properly (using automated functions on MS Word) will constitute a
portion of your grade.
In addition to conventional paragraphs, you might consider employing these elements:
â?¢ Short sections with descriptive section heads.
â?¢ Bulleted lists, which make the main points easy to identify.
â?¢ Numbered lists, which are more effective than bullets if the list has a natural sequence or set of
â?¢ Tables, which can replace bullets or numbered lists when items have parallel structure.
â?¢ Graphics, such as charts and photographs, which break up the text and communicate concepts
â?¢ Case studies, which make â??dryâ? facts come alive.
â?¢ Sidebars and/or footnotes, which allow you to pull out interesting material thatâ??s not central to the
Writing Process Tips:
Chapter 11 in our textbook discusses writing formal reports in detail and offers an example on page
375-381. P. 391 offers a helpful checklist to use in revising your formal report.
You might also consider reading simple, step-by-step guide to creating a business report, published
by Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand):
Note: page 23 has a model of a finished report.
Other helpful links:
A Handbook on Report Formats, Purdue Universityâ??s Online Writing Lab:
Writing Across the Curriculum Clearinghouse Tips for Writing Business Reports:

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