I have a business plan for A tooth paste company that need editing to a business plan for a Liquor Store.

I have a business plan for A tooth paste company. I need someone to edit the paper so that it can be a business plan for a Liquor Store. You will remove the Tooth Paste issues, name, productS and replace with Liquor Store products. Just simple work.

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I have a business plan for A tooth paste company that need editing to a business plan for a Liquor Store.
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Business plan
Subject Name
Lecturerâ??s Name
Business Plan
Due date
Date Submitted
Business plan
Table of content
1.0Business Description��������������������3
1.1 Executive Summary��������������������.3
1.2 Product Description��������������������..4
1.3 Mission�������������������������.5
1.5 Legal statusâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦…5
2.0Business Opportunities�������������������.6
2.1 Target Customers���������������������.6
2.2 Buying Patterns and Competition���������������..6
2.3Company Location���������������������..7
2.4 Competitive Comparisonâ?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦â?¦….7
2.5 Future Products����������������������..7
2.6 Competitors������������������������.7
3.0Marketing Strategy���������������������.8
3.1 Pricing strategy���������������������� 8
Business plan
3.2 Promotion strategy���������������������.8
3.3 Sales projections����������������������..9
3.4 Sales assumption����������������������10
4.0 Business operations���������������������10
4.1Distribution strategy������������������ ��10
4.2Personnel plan�����������������������.11
5.0 Financial plan�����������������������..12
Business plan
1.0Business description
1.1Executive summary
Herbal Touch is a start-up enterprise specializing in the production of natural ingredient
herbal toothpaste. The product will provide a complete and lasting oral care to teeth and gums.
The new product will be a good choice for people suffering from bleeding gums, toothaches and
bad breathe.
Different gums and dental problems can be cured using herbal toothpaste (Feenstra,
2014). Inferring from the research conducted by (Botha and Robertson, 2014), 50,000 people
suffers from gum and dental diseases annually. However, when these diseases advance, they
cause inflammation around the tooth. In some instances, gum pulls away forming spaces that
become infected. Body response to infection and bacterial toxins starts breaking down the
connectivity tissues holding the tooth in place and bone. Herbal toothpaste has an advantage over
the synthetic laden pastes because they do not contain harsh chemicals.
1.2Product Description
The product contains artificial and dyes flavorings (Billingham, 2013). It compositions
include clove, neem, cinnamon, mint and other herbs. Clove is very rich in vitamin C and
calcium. Further, it is useful in the reduction of pain. Mint kills bad breath as well as killing
bacteria in the mouth. Neem is a significant component in healing gum and teeth problems
(Amatucci and Grimm, 2011).
These ingredients regularly fight the bacteria thus protecting the teeth from decaying
(Akhundov, 2012). The herbal Touch product that contains the natural ingredients gives as much
cleaning as paste loaded with chemicals. Tooth brushing act is the most effective method of
Business plan
cleaning debris and food that gets in teeth.
1.3The mission
The mission of the herbal touch is creating value for customers through the reduction of
gum and dental diseases as well as promoting health through using the herbal toothpaste. For the
business plan to succeed there should be patent protection of production concept. However, the
mission is achieved through creating the herbal paste that sooth, cleanse and heal the customers.
The main objectives are to develop a prototype that meets regulatory standards as well as
specialty toothpaste of choice. The entity aims to attain $5 billion sales annually.
1.5Legal status
The legal status of the Herbal Touch will be S Corporation. S corporation is a business
enterprise that for tax purposes is treated as a pass-through entity by internal revenue service
election. The shareholders will be protected from the liability. In S corporation, asset owners, for
instance, bank accounts cannot satisfy liabilities of the business.
Further, the company will be passing it loss items and incomes to the shareholders. The primary
aim of choosing this legal status is to avoid double taxation. The business structure protects the
shareholders personal asset (Bullard, 2011). S corporation has tax-favorable income
characterization thus allowing the shareholders to become companyâ??s employees and draw
salaries. There is a free transfer of interest without adverse tax consequences (Brandes, 2013).
Additionally operating in this business structure will allow heighten credibility with all potential
employees, customers, partners and vendors.
Business plan
2.0 Business opportunities
2.1 Target market
The primary target market for the herbal toothpaste is hotels and restaurants. The herbal
toothpaste can be used in accommodation rooms by the customers. Herbal Touch Corporation
has different packaging thus giving every customer an option to choose the most economical
package. Further, hospital and schools have a tremendous market.
2.2Buying patterns and competition
Timeliness and quality are significant factors in becoming successful in this industry
(West, 2013). Delays in delivery greatly affect the customer profitability because there will be
losses due to stock outs. Quality is one of the marketing tools, particularly with toothpaste.
Customers have a trend of remaining loyal to the brands that they have proved to be of high
quality. According to the study conducted by Schutz, Rezg and Léger (2013), customer
satisfaction and product popularity are significant selling points.
2.3Company location
To run the business operations, the management team will first use the residential
building in parklands. After one year, the operation will be relocated to rented offices.
Distribution of the product will remain outsourced.
2.4Competitive comparison
The Herbal Touch toothpaste offers higher value alternative compared to other chemical
toothpaste. The product is manufactured by natural ingredient thus it is friendly to the
environment. Chemical toothpaste has chemical such as chlorine and fluorine that have adverse
effects. The herbal toothpaste contains components such as neem and clove that have the ability
to cure gum and dental disease. Further, the product controls bad mouth breath.
Business plan
2.5Future products
Inferring from Miller (2012) for further growth a company should seek to satisfy the
changing need of the consumers. Additional products that will be manufactured with natural
ingredients, complying with the regulatory minimums for effectiveness and strength in their
respective potential markets will be designed mainly to address restaurants, hotels and hospitals.
One of the most promising market opportunity for products manufactured with natural
ingredients is the retail market. However, this will be among the top priority when the business
enterprise gets financial resource adequate to mount a distribution system and a national
advertising campaign.
2.6 competitors
The company assesses the weakness as well as the strength of potential and current
competitors. Competitor analysis gives Herbal Touch a defensive and offensive strategic to
identify threats and opportunities. According to the research conducted by Mcgovern (2013),
competitor analysis is a significant corporate strategy component. The natural ingredient
products are relatively new, and there are some companies entering the marketplace. Some of the
potential competitors include IBN, SAP, Vicer, Caliper, and Dellotte.
Business plan
3.0Marketing strategy
The Herbal Touch Company will market its products in hotel and restaurants. The
company will also send some free sample to all potential customers for them to experience the
quality. Herbal Touch website will be created that will be designed mainly to promote the
companyâ??s product.
Further, Herbal Touch Corporation will implement a push factor by convincing managers
within the restaurants that their product gives a solution to gum and dental diseases. Adverse
marketing campaign will create herbal touch as the leader in providing a natural herbal paste that
has medicinal purpose. Significant medical support will encourage the customer to use the
naturally made toothpaste.
3.1Pricing strategy
The pricing for herbal touch toothpaste will be $34 per a package of 250 gram commanding a
27percent price premium over the conventional chemical toothpastes. However, price sensitive
customers will not be able to enjoy the value of the product. The market for the natural
ingredient toothpaste is expected to be inelastic, but the toothpaste offers differentiating
advantages over the current toothpastes.
3.2Promoting strategy
In launching a new product in the market, it is significant to create positive publicity
(Wilkin, 2013). The company will develop awareness to promote the paste by avenues. Further,
it will peruse a positive perception by government endorsements promoting benefits of the
product. Herbal Touch will capitalize on solution novelty provided by the paste by seeking
media coverage and local news to assist in creating awareness. Samples will be distributed to
potential customers. Medical support of the paste will be garnered through demonstrations, free
Business plan
trails and direct mailings. To speared awareness sticker will be designed describing the
procedures to use the paste.
3.3 sales projection
Hotel and restaurant
Total Sales
Cost of Sales
Hotel and restaurant
Cost of Sales
$238,168 $460,620 $866,177
$238,168 $460,620 $866,177
$95,867 $188,351 $331,031
$95,867 $188,351 $331,031
Sales assumptions
It is assumed that in the startup period there is no payroll expense. Further, customer will cater
for the shipping expenses. To meet the customer need and avoid stock out, the corporation will
maintain a certain minimum stock level of product at warehouse. The company will increase the
market segment to address thus sale and marketing expenses are anticipated to increase.
Business plan
4.0Business operation
According to Mendoza (2011) every business enterprise has its day to day operation.
Mcgovern (2013) gave a similar idea where he expressed that the daily operations of business do
not change regularly. To carry out the operation a company needs to hire some employees (Judy,
2011).To set a operation plan Herbal Touch company has to visualize all the process that are
involved in development of product, purchasing of raw materials , distribution and marketing
(Jones and Penaluna,2013).
4.1Distribution strategy
According to Grimm (2003), distribution involves movement of the product from the
producer to the final consumer. The distribution strategy of herbal touch company will have a
combination of direct sales and distributors. The company will maintain a good relationship with
Northwest distributors to increase potential users and promotional reach. This gives the company
clarification on the main marketing elements as well as mapping out objectives, direction and
business activities. In future, distribution will be outsourced because the company will have
expanded. For a business enterprise to succeed it should have a good distribution strategy
(Finnell and Holmes, 2014)
4.2Personnel plan
The company will employ 10 production staff and two product managers. Product
manager should have more than 8 years working experience in a management level. Further, the
manager should have the necessary skills and knowledge in herbal products so that he/ she can
guide the company in producing products of high quality (Rebekah, 2013). There is possibility
Business plan
that the company will recruit other employees after the end of the first year. This is due to the
growth of the company as when product its product becomes more famous.
Personnel Plan
Product manager
10 Production employees
P/T Production employees
Total employees
$40,000 $42,000 $44,000
$50,800 $54,000 $58,000
$90,800 $96,000 $125,000
Staff functions and line functions
The line groups helps in accomplishing the activities that are directly related to achieving
the objectives of the company (Valdez, 2011). The line group will be involved in the production
of the natural ingredient toothpaste. By doing this, they will be adding value to Herbal Touch
company specifically by helping it to generate income.
In Herbal Touch, staff group will support the line groups. They will be creating as well as
maintaining the infrastructure of the business entity. Further, they will be providing advisory
services to the line groups.
Business plan
5.0Financial plan
Inferring from the market research the business is anticipated to grow at 35 percent
monthly for the first year, after which it will grow at 87 percent for the next two years. The
business operation will be maintained with the cash buffer that the business has from the start up
due to the low initial costs of investment. The entity will generate cash that will assist in covering
the unforeseen expenses.
Financial indicators
1. Sales- the company sales are anticipated to grow.
2. Gross margin-as the company grows and gains economies of the scale becoming more
efficient, the management will increase the profit margins.
3. Operating expense-in 2016 and 2017 the company expects an increase in operating expenses
such as payroll, promotion, advertising and marketing expenses.
4. Inventory turnover- To meet the customer need and avoid stock out the Corporation will
maintain a certain minimum stock level of product at the warehouse.
5. Collection days- the company credit collection period will be 60 days. After the company
establishes a strong financial base, it will increase the period.
Cash flow projection
Herbal Touch is anticipated to generate enough cash. However, cash balance is also
determined by the level of stocks maintained at the ware house. The company aim to pay back
the initial investment after five years. The company has a dividend payout ratio of 5 percent
Business plan
Cash Flows
Sales revenue
$372,031 $697,858
Cash borrowed
Operating expenses
Marketing expenses
Total expenditure
Cash outflows
Cash inflow
The cash balance
Projected loss and profit
The Company anticipates that the fixed cost will not change over the year. Due to the
economics of scale, manufacturing cost increases with a falling rate. During the first year
advertising cost will remain constant. In the year 2017 and 2018 the expense are expected to
Business plan
The cost of sales
Total sales cost
Gross margin
Gross margin
Employees salaries
Payroll Taxes
Depreciation expense
Rent expense
Travel expenses
Other expenses
Total expenses
Profit before tax and interest
Tax expense
Profit less expense
Net Sales
Business plan
Akhundov, A., 2012, Oct 04. ADB to update business plan on operations in Azerbaijan till 2015.
McClatchy – Tribune Business News.
Amatucci, F.M. and Grimm, R., 2011. ‘Reinventing’ the Business Plan Process for Sustainable
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through the rendering of a business plan. South African Journal of Economic and
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Business plan
Grimm, E., 2003. Your business plan: A roadmap to success whether you’re a start-up or existing
company. The Colorado Springs Business Journal (Pre- June 2, 2012), , pp. 1.
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Up or Grow Your Business, Vaughan Evans. Teaching Business & Economics, 17(1), pp.
Valdez, C.D., 2011. Building a Sustainable Business Plan, Prescott College.

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