Writing Assignment #1

I have this weekly writing assignment for my COMM 2500 class and you get to choose the topic you want to write about out of 15 easy topics. Nothing hard just lazy and way too busy. I have the textbook and can send it immediately. Would love some help


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Writing Assignment #1
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COMM2500: Interpersonal Communication Writing Assignment Options
Listed here are the writing assignment options for this class. You will need to pick four of these options, which
are worth 50 points each. Choose the options that interest you and turn one in on each due date listed on the
course syllabus. Each analysis should follow these guidelines:
â?¢ Each writing assignment should relate to the concepts discussed in class and at least three terms,
concepts or theories from the textbooks, readings, videos or class discussion. Define the term(s) and
apply them to the assignment, making sure to explain why the terms relate to the specific writing
assignment option. NOTE: Be sure to cite your textbook or class material when defining terms (so your
textbook or some other source used to define terms, concepts or theories will need to be listed on the
reference page).
â?¢ To back up your analysis, find three additional sources (at least two scholarly sources and one other
source such as newspaper, websites, documentary, etc.). If you pick an option that pertains to a newspaper
article or movie, those sources cannot count as one of the three sourcesâ??you will still need to find a
minimum of three other sources to back up your paper.
â?¢ Cite all sources using APA or MLA style within the text and on a reference page (meaning treat these
assignments as research projects, not just journal entries or basic opinion pieces).
â?¢ There is no specific length to these assignments, but to set-up the analysis (~1 page), define terms (~2
pages), apply sources (~2 pages) and then offer an overall analysis (~1 page) will probably take a
minimum of ~5 pages. (NOTE: I grade more on quality of analysis, not quantity of pages submitted.)
â?¢ Type your assignments in 10 or 12-point type, double-spaced lines and 1-inch margins. Submit them to
the class site based on the dues dates noted on the course syllabus.
1. Communication Cartoon: Find a cartoon from a newspaper or magazine that illustrates a communication
concept (non-verbal communication, listening, self-fulfilling prophecy, etc.) Include the original cartoon or a
copy. Do not just describe the obvious action in the cartoon, instead focusing on the communication
2. Magazine or Newspaper Article: Locate a magazine or a newspaper article that deals with any
communication topic. Write a brief summary of the article and include how you might use this information or
how your understanding of communication has been increased.
3. Listening Logs: Write about a communication situation that was either effective or ineffective, specifically
identifying the type of listening experience. Specify the date, time of day, setting, and people involved.
Record all the meaningful data about the listening situation. State whether the communication process was
effective or ineffective and why.
4. Self-Concept: Write a plan of action to change a part of your self-concept that affects your communication.
Be specific. Use concrete ideas. Do not suggest broad generalities. Implement this plan and report on your
progress. You must provide some proof of your plan in action. Be creative.
5. Language: Ask someone whose native language is not English for examples of expressions from his/her
native language that are difficult to translate into English. List three and try to explain why there may be
difficulty in translation. What cultural values might these expressions represent? Also list three English
idioms that may be confusing to an English second language speaker. Explain these phrases to your partner
and see if there is a similar expression is his/her language. Report your findings.
6. Slang Language: List 10 current slang or â??inâ? words. Try to KEEP IT CLEAN! Give a dictionary definition
of each word or urban dictionary of the terms are so new to not be included in a dictionary. Discuss how the
meanings you assign to these words differ from the meanings your parents or grandparents assign to them.
7. Nonverbal Communication: Describe in detail a situation in which the way you were treated was affected
by the clothing you wore.
8. Nonverbal Communication 2: Choose a culture different than your own and write a report comparing the
nonverbal behaviors of four common messages. Example: greetings, signs of affection, space, touch.
9. Take Time Log: Set aside 10 minutes to listen to someone you usually donâ??t listen to effectively. Spend that
10 minutes really trying to focus. Summarize the conversation and the difference between just hearing and
instead listening.
10. Interpersonal Communication: Assume a creature from outer space arrives on Earth. It seeks you out as a
consultant on how to establish good relationships with Earthlings. Draw up a guide to â??getting along with
Earthlings.� Include at least 10 tips.
11. Interpersonal Communication: Describe the communication climate in another class or even a work
environment. Label it confirming or disconfirming and explain the label. (NOTE: This is not an opportunity
to complain about a teacher, subject or work setting. This is a chance to observe and evaluate how different
people communicate within a class setting.)
12. Interpersonal Communication Conflict: Describe a recent conflict situation in which you believe you
â??wonâ? or â??lost.â? What contributed to the outcome? Did you have any control? What skills mentioned in class
might have improved the means of resolving the conflict?
13. Family Communication: Using your own family, give an example of the following types of family rules:
activities, standards of intimacy, and control. Include three for each category, explaining family issues that are
present (or not).
14. Group Communication: Describe the most cohesive group to which you have belonged. Refer to the factors
contributing to group cohesiveness listed in class and/or your textbook. Which of these factors applied to your
experience? Be specific.
15. Gender Communication: Communication between the sexes is a little different. Give an example of how
men and women communicate differently. Include verbal and nonverbal style. Explain why the sexes
communicate differently.
16. Stereotypes: Stereotypes are a major part of how people are looked at and perceived. How do you stereotype
people? What are some ways you have been stereotyped? Give at least 3 specific instances and describe how
it affected the way you communicate both verbally and non-verbally.
17. Gender Stereotypes: List 10 different ways men are stereotyped. Then list 10 different ways women are
stereotyped. Why do these stereotypes exist?
18. Race Stereotypes: Write a short story in which the main character is treated negatively due to the stereotype
given by race and/or culture.
19. Race Stereotypes 2: How do you stereotype people of different cultures? Why do you do this? How can
you change your behavior to treat differences better?
20. Persuasion: Refer to a recent â??Letters to the Editorâ? section in a Sunday newspaper. Choose two letters to
analyze. Include copies of the letters. Analyze the persuasion attempted in these letters. Which do you think is
most effective and least effective? Why? Identify organization, specific appeals, or use of evidence.
21. Film Review: Review a film; include an analysis of the communication interaction in one scene from the
film. Discuss how the language and non-verbal aspects of the film combine to create a reality for the
22. Public Speaking: Analyze yourself in terms of what gets and holds your attention. How would you instruct
someone to construct a speech in order to get your attention and help you retain the information presented?
Include at least 5 specific examples.
23. Broadcasters: Pick one newscaster and watch him or her for one week. After that one week, write a brief
essay answering the following questions: Did they have any bad speaking habits? What were they? Were they
always understandable? Did they seem to know their topics? How often did they appear to be reading?
24. Do you have other options? I am open for other ideas, so share your possible ideas that are not listed earlier
in this handout! But remember it MUST pertain to interpersonal communication and be something that will
require additional research and expansion of your critical/creative thinking skills. See me with ideas before
pursuing or turning them in.
Writing Assignments Rubric (50 points)
purpose and
main ideas
Purpose is clear. Clearly
presents a main idea and
supports it throughout
the paper.
Shows awareness of
purpose. There is a main
idea supported
throughout most of the
Shows limited awareness
of purpose. Vague sense
of a main idea, weakly
supported throughout
the paper.
No awareness of
purpose. No main idea.
Good overall
organization, includes
the main organizational
tools but needs a bit of
development in some
There is a sense of
organization, although
some of the
organizational tools are
used weakly or missing
and/or needs more
development in some
Some paragraphs have
clear ideas, support from
examples may be missing
and/or transitions are
Content is somewhat
sound and solid; ideas are
present but not
particularly developed or
supported; some
evidence, but usually of a
generalized nature.
Shows limited to no
awareness of purpose.
Little to no sense of a
main idea, weakly
supported throughout
the paper.
There is little to no sense
of organization; some of
the organizational tools
are used weakly or
Most paragraphs are
missing clear ideas,
support from examples
may be missing and/or
transitions are weak.
Content is not sound or
solid; ideas are present
but not particularly
developed or supported;
some evidence, but
usually of a generalized
Paragraphs lack clear
ideas and/or transitions.
Sentences are not clear
and may have awkward
structure or unclear
content; there may be
major punctuation errors.
Sentence structure is
non-existent; too many
punctuation errors for
college-level writing.
There is little to no
attempt at style; reads as
No attempt at style
Organization: Well-planned and wellthought out. Includes
title, introduction,
statement of
transitions and
& Style:
All paragraphs have clear
ideas, are supported
with examples and have
smooth transitions.
facts, details
supported by
and sources
Exceptionally wellpresented and argued;
ideas are detailed, welldeveloped, supported
with specific evidence &
facts, as well as
examples and specific
Sentences are clear and
varied in pattern, from
simple to complex, with
excellent use of
word choice,
There is clear use of a
personal and unique
Most paragraphs have
clear ideas, are
supported with some
examples and/or have
Well-presented and
argued; ideas are
detailed, developed and
supported with evidence
and details, mostly
Sentences are clear but
may lack variation; a few
may be awkward and
there may be a few
punctuation errors.
There is an attempt at a
personal style but
Sentences are generally
clear but may have
awkward structure or
unclear content; there
may be patterns of
punctuation errors.
There is some to little
attempt at style; reads as
No sense of
organization; formatting
Content is not sound;
ideas are not
particularly developed
or supported; little to
no evidence.
tone, flow
style of writing, suited to
audience and purpose;
the paper holds the
readerâ??s interest with
writing may be awkward
or unsuited to audience
and purpose; the reader
may lose interest in
some sections of the
Large amounts of specific Some use of specific
examples and detailed
examples and detailed
descriptions integrated
descriptions. May have
extended examples that
go on for too long or not
fully related to sources.
& Source
Sources are exceptionally
well-integrated and they
support claims argued in
the paper very
effectively. Quotations
and references conform
to APA or MLA.
Sources are well
integrated and support
the paperâ??s claims.
There may be occasional
errors, but the sources
and references conform
to APA or MLA style.
Document cites the
number or even more of
sources outlined in the
assignment. Citations are
formatted correctly in
the document and
reference listing.
Grammar &
Excellent grammar,
spelling, syntax and
Document may have less
than required number of
sources or too many
unscholarly sources.
There are a few
formatting errors in the
documentâ??s citations
and/or reference listing.
A few errors in grammar,
spelling, syntax and
punctuation, but not
flat and perhaps
uninteresting in content,
which is usually
generalized and clichéd.
flat and perhaps
uninteresting in content,
which is usually
generalized and clichéd.
Some or little use of
specific examples and
details; mostly
generalized examples and
little description;
details/examples need to
be more related to
Sources support some
claims made in the paper
but might not be
integrated well within the
paperâ??s argument. There
may be a few errors in
APA or MLA style.
Little to no use of specific
examples and details;
mostly generalized
examples and little to no
details/examples need to
be related to sources.
No use of examples
The paper does not use
consistent or adequate
research or if it does, the
sources are not
integrated well. They are
mostly not cited correctly
according to any style,
nor listed correctly on the
reference page.
Document contains under
the required number of
sources or unscholarly
sources. There are many
and/or frequent
formatting errors in the
documentâ??s citations
and/or reference listing.
Continuous errors. Could
also be a sign of lack of
The paper does not use
consistent or adequate
research and the
sources are not
integrated well. They
are not cited correctly
according to any style,
nor listed correctly on
the reference page.
Document is under the
number of required
sources. There is little
or no adherence to APA
format in the document
and/or reference listing.
Document may have less
than required number of
sources or too many
unscholarly source. There
are multiple formatting
errors in the documentâ??s
citations and/or
reference listing.
Shows a pattern of errors
in spelling, grammar,
syntax and/or
punctuation. Could also
be a sign of lack of proofreading.
Way too many errors
for college-level work

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